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Modi in Kashmir

Will The Lotus Bloom In Kashmir Valley?

The BJP and Modi have suddenly found prominent space in local media. But will that result in electoral gains...

Mathew Samuel hindu newslaundry

The Hindu Gets It Wrong: Mathew Samuel Has Not Been ‘Sent To Jail’

Tehelka's Mathew Samuel is very much a free man, contrary to the newspaper’s report.

Hisar haryana newslaundry

Journalists Bear The Brunt Of Haryana Police Crackdown

Failing to arrest Rampal, cops end up lathi-charging scribes doing their job.


Time Is Wondering If You’d Like To Ban The Word Feminist

The American weekly gets slammed for including “feminist” to its annual word banishment poll.

Kafkaland counter terrorism

Bias At The Heart Of Counter-Terrorism In India?

Kafkaland argues that lawlessness is the norm with which terror cases are dealt by investigating agencies.

Helmet rule Pune MLA newslaundry

Soft In The Head: Pune Activists and MLAs Object To Helmet Rule

Helmets can cause spondylitis and hair fall according to some activists agitating against helmet rule.

Sterilisation Camps sakshi newslaundry

The Darker India: Sterilisation Camps And Multiple Deaths

The latest sterilisation camp fiasco, and how a simple medical procedure could go so horribly wrong.


Inspired by The Hate Kejriwal Survey, Here is The Like India Today Group Quiz

The India Today group runs a poll titled ‘How Much Do You Hate Kejriwal?’ We try and emulate the...


Our Position On Newslaundry

The method to the madness behind Newslaundry and why it’s time you supported us.


Clothesline – Episode 52

A weekly wrap of the good, the bad and the funny from the world of news. Good news for...

Clothesline – Episode 51

A weekly wrap of the good, the bad and the funny from the world of news. CNN IBN gets...

NL Interviews

NL Interviews Rajdeep Sardesai – Part 1

Rajdeep Sardesai on his relationship with Modi over the years, whether the media demonised Modi in 2002 and Reliance...

NL Interviews Rajdeep Sardesai – Part 2

Rajdeep Sardesai talks about leaving Network 18, the cash-for-votes sting, the fiasco outside Madison Square Gardens, Arnab Goswami and...

I Agree

I Agree With Ved Pratap Vaidik – Part 1

Ved Pratap Vaidik on being a 16-year-old editor, bringing parliament to a halt, championing the cause of Hindi and...

I Agree With Dina Nath Batra – Part 1

Dina Nath Batra on Hinduism & Wendy Doniger, banning books, deciding what we read, Ramayana being history, achhe din...

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