#OMG #Trump does Foreign Policy on Twitter #QFT #FOMO

By NL Team

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How does discussing foreign policy on Twitter sound? Very Trump-ish? Well, that’s what the United States President elect, Donald Trump, is doing.

The businessman-going-to-President has been tweeting his love for China something like this:

You think that’s un-presidential and weird? You think it matters what you think? I don’t think so.

We do not know what Donald can achieve with this kind of diplomacy. What we do know is that his entourage thinks he can –resolve way more complex issues, even the most unsolvable one in the world, the Kashmir issue. Too tough for Trump? I don’t think so.

Talking at NBC’s “Meet the Press” yesterday, Vice President-elect Mike Pence said that he felt Donald Trump might help resolve the Kashmir issue with his “extraordinary deal-making skills.”

Mr Trump, whether the popular vote considers you their president or not, we don’t know but if you pull this one off, we assure you the billions in India and Pakistan definitely will. And if you can solve Kashmir you might be able to undo partition too. After four years, you can maybe contest election in an Akhand Bharat.  After all, China is within hitting distance from here, so to speak.