#NLRecommends every Sunday morning Jan 28

Here's a recommended list of links, some recent, some pertinent to a subject in the news, others just to get you hooked. Enjoy!

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#NLRecommends every Sunday morning Jan 28
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Why only Haj? End subsidies for all pilgrims

Recommended because the details and specifics of selective pandering get lost in dog whistles and polarised rhetoric.

This is a recommendation by Abhinandan Sekhri @AbhinandanSekhr

Sky-Fox deal not in public interest, says regulator

Fox’s proposed takeover of Sky is not in public interest on the grounds of media plurality, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said. We need such strong regulatory bodies to protect public interest in the era of privatisation.

This is a recommendation by Atul Chaurasia @BeechBazar

Platform ambitions: The story of how iSpirt lost its true north

For whom does the India Stack bell toll?

The bulk of us would know the Supreme Court has ruled that privacy is a fundamental right. That the court is now hearing petitions that have challenged the constitutionality of Aadhaar would be known too. But how much do we know about the private tech ecosystem or rather the entities around which the Aadhaar ecosystem is built? To understand this, I recommend The Ken‘s two-part investigative series on iSpirt and India Stack. Also FYI, the two pieces are outside the paywall.

This is a recommendation by Cherry Agarwal @QuilledWords

David Letterman interviews Barack Obama

Obama’s interview, on Letterman’s first Netflix show, is worth a watch as the former US president talks about his life post-presidency.

This is a recommendation by Raman Kirpal @ramankirpal

Steven Spielberg’s interview in The Guardian

Spielberg talks about the urgency to make his recent movie The Post. Before reading the piece, one should also watch the movie.

This is a recommendation by Rohin Kumar @rohinverma2410

How Chechnya’s Leader Got Banned from Facebook and Instagram
Chechnya’s omnipresent leader, President Ramzon Kadyrov, might have to create his own social media platforms as Facebook and Instagram have blocked him. Here’s how.
This is a recommendation by Amit Bhardwaj @tweets_Amit
Why I am a Hindu
This is a recommendation by Anand Vardhan @anadvardhan26

Jobless growth in India: truth or hoopla? To know the answer, we need better payroll reporting

This is a recommendation by Anand Ranganathan @ARanganathan72
The Post
This is a recommendation by Manisha Pande @MnshaP
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