Newslaundry Hindi’s report wins the RedInk Award in the Human Rights category

The value you ascribe to good journalism is an indicator of how much you value democracy itself.

ByMadhu Trehan
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A Newslaundry Hindi report by Rahul Kotiyal has won the RedInk Award in the Human Rights category. The report is on fake encounters by security forces in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district. Rahul spent about a week travelling on-location in the Dandakaranya area before returning to Delhi and writing the story. Newslaundry was set up for exactly this purpose—ground reports that seem unviable for legacy media. We, at Newslaundry, are super proud of what Rahul and Newslaundry Hindi editor Atul Chaurasia have achieved with meagre means. We are also proud of every journalist across organisations who spend time, effort and resources to do one of the most underappreciated and thankless tasks—not just in India but across the world—good journalism. 

We soft launched Newslaundry Hindi on October 2, 2017, with a very small team and few resources. To survive in the news space, one has to be frugal. Also, to survive in the news space one has to have great impact. Tough one. This challenging task was given to Atul Chaurasia, who leads Newslaundry Hindi. He did not have more than one person to begin with to try and establish a presence in the Hindi news landscape. We were aware that this is a very tall order. But then, from the start, Newslaundry has managed to make the most of very little. The Newslaundry Hindi team did not disappoint and since its launch, has done a string of reports that have been impactful and demonstrated great journalism—which was the entire point of starting Newslaundry. The Newslaundry Hindi team has reported on violent Ram Navami processions in different parts of Bihar, the killing of a girl in an orphanage in Muzaffarpur, the alcohol ban in Bihar, the communal hotbed of western UP, among others stories.

We thank RedInk for the recognition. Such awards are morale boosters and contribute in building enthusiasm for the team. There are countless such stories in our country begging to be explored. There are dozens of news organisations that would never be interested in doing them. There are a few that will. They need your support. Newslaundry Hindi needs your support. The value you ascribe to good journalism is an indicator of how much you value democracy itself. We thank those who believe in us and support us. We are proud of you all. We are proud of Rahul and Atul. We are proud journalism still survives. 

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