We’re expanding our team – and are super excited about it. We, at Newslaundry, are a group of committed news professionals and are looking for people who share a passion for journalism and story-telling.

We aren’t really looking to fit people into strict beats or roles, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore and experiment across audiovisual and written formats. What we are looking for is energy, and enthusiasm and a commitment towards independent news.


Why Newslaundry?

  • Ability to move anywhere. Flexibility and lateral movement that no one company will give you to maximize your potential.
  • Irreverence that no media house has -- both within and outside. We don't operate within old-school hierarchies.
  • Loads and loads of growth with a truly collaborative approach. We’re a diverse crowd who are never limited to just their roles and positions. Everybody chips in, as we all believe that independent media is the future.
  • With industry stalwarts at the helm, you’ll learn more in a day than you would in months.
  • Daily samosas and unlimited coffee.


Can’t get off Twitter? Addicted to Facebook? Do you firmly believe in the power of social media for disseminating information. We are willing to pay you for what you love.
Applicants should have at least 2 years of experience managing and working with social media, preferably at a media organization. They should have been responsible for creating social media strategies for driving user engagement and interaction.


  • Oversee the posting of Newslaundry’s content across its social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  • Manage and track engagement of Newslaundry’s social media accounts .
  • Create digital campaigns for Newslaundry products and verticals.
  • Work with Newslaundry’s tech and product management team to create highly shareable content across formats that increase traffic and engagement.


  • Graduate, preferably in mass communication.
  • An understanding of new-media and how it works.
  • Solid grammar and writing skills.
  • News junkie with an ability to write on social media trends.
  • Have wit.
Write to us at