Swathi murder: ‘BJP Karyakarta’, followed by PM, floats so-called ISIS angle

ByNL Team
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The hatemongers and proponents of ‘love-jihad’ are back to their dirty tricks.

Even as Chennai Police tries to crack the murder of Infosys employee S Swathi, some on social media are out with their own theories. Appropriating the hashtag #JusticeForSwathi, they allege that the murder was carried out in true ‘ISIS’ style by a ‘Muslim’. One such account belongs to Ramki, who in his bio describes himself as an “XLRI Alumni, BJP Karyakarta, Social Entrepreneur, Swayamsevak from Chennai.” Ramki has over 10,000 followers; this particular tweet has been shared 60 times and counting.

The user’s Twitter background image shows him in a photograph with Union Minister Gen (Retd) VK Singh.

What is shocking is that the account is followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal Twitter account (@NarendraModi).

A ‘follow’ from the Prime Minister himself on Twitter only encourages such users. The PM clearly needs to refresh his ‘following’ list to weed out elements like these. Else, his sermons to international audiences, and monologues in TV channels will sound hollow.

Others on Twitter shared an article from a website called The Hindu Sentinel, which calls the murder an act of ‘love-jihad’.

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