Karan Thapar in School

| Feb 8, 2012 in Cartoons | 12 comments


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    • Sanjeev

      It’s very immature. Sumit seems to have some personal issue with Karan Thapar as Madhu Trehan has.

  • Shreshth

    hahahaha awesome man really awesome….. by God’s miracle only was I able to maintain myself on my char….. or my laughs had in all probability would have taken me dwn on floor like Karan here was taken to his floor. Literally ROFL!! :D :D

  • Soumitro

    brilliantly apt!! :D

  • Suhail A.

    What was the point to this strip? I didn’t get it.

    • ghoda

      you didnt read the second page perhaps :)

  • keshav

    awesome :)

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