Comics and Cartoons

So Sketchy

Truth lampoons power


The dummies’ guide to the Naxal movement in India

Kashmir Ki Kahani

A satirical sociopolitical commentary on life in Kashmir

Ache Din

Meet Khal Modi, Lady Sonya Congressi and Arvind Snow

Life & Times of Rahul Gandhi

Everything you wanted to know about the Gandhi scion, but were afraid to ask

Loony Laws

Series of loony laws

TV ki Kahani

Newslaundry tells you a story of all that went in the making of TV news channels and the unmaking on news

Brotips from Babasaheb

Planet Mamata

Introducing Mamata Banerjee and her constellation of crazies

The Khushwant Singh Lit Fest

Strange guests, oddball panel discussions - all presided over by the crypt-keeper herself. And where was Khushwant?

Manmohan Ki Khamoshi


The Dystopian Times

A Day In the Life of Ambedkar

Exalted Editor

The Nation’s Little Princess

Karan Thapar in School

Jholawala Journos

Raj Thackeray Bombay Superstar

Devil’s Advocate

Didi in distress

Dilli Police

Sachin & the Arnab monologue

Yes Boss!

Khurshid ki Adalat

Competing with China