Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-up/login? How do I access paywall content?

Click on 'Sign In' at the top right of the website. A pop-up will open.

If you're a new user, choose 'Sign Up', and if you're an existing user, select 'Sign In'. You can use your email account, your Google account, Facebook or Twitter.

To access the paywall content, all you need to do is log in using the same email or login ID you used to subscribe. You can find all paywall content here.

Where can I look for my subscription status and details? Where can I see my current and past subscription purchases?

After signing in, click on 'My Profile' (under the user icon at the top right of the website). Scroll down, and you can see all your subscription details such as past purchases, and the expiration date of your current subscription.

How do I extend my one-time subscription?

If you have an active, one-time subscription that you want to extend, you can simply purchase a new subscription plan. It will kick in as soon as your current subscription gets over, and reflect in ‘My Profile’.

I forgot my password or don't remember the social login I used. How do I log in?

Go to, click on the ‘Sign In’ option. Once you click on it, a pop-up will open. Click on the ‘Forgot password’ option. Enter the email you had registered with. An OTP will be sent to your email. Enter it, and change your password.

If you don’t receive the OTP, email us at Do check once in your Promotions and Spam folder.

How do I renew my subscription?

Once your subscription nears expiration, head to and purchase a subscription of your choice.

What is all behind the paywall? What are the subscription benefits that I get?

As of now, all NL Interviews, Podcasts (NL Hafta, Let's talk about it), special ground reports and comics are behind the paywall. You will get access to NL Chatbox, The Media Rumble, a chance to participate in our podcast NL vs NL.

Apart from all this, you will also get a sneak peek into our new podcasts and video shows. You can access all paywall content, here.

Is there a discount on any of the subscription levels?

Discounts depend on a variety of factors, so keep an eye out on the subscription page for any of our discount deals. We do send an email blast to people in our database every time we put out a discount deal.

How do I get my free NL event passes?

We send a unique RSVP code to each of our subscribers at least two weeks before the event. The subscriber can punch in this code on the event page to RSVP and get their free pass.

What are the ways through which I can make the subscription payment?

We have three payment gateways -- Rarorpay, Paypal and Stripe.

Razorpay is for Indian readers and includes payment methods of Net Banking, Debit and Credit cards, UPI options (Google Pay and BHIM). It also supports wallet options that include FreeCharge, PayZapp, Ola Money, PhonePe, Airtel Money, MobiKwik, JioMoney and Amazon Pay.

PayPal and Stripe accept all major international debit and credit cards.

What is NL Sena, and how do I contribute to it?

While subscriptions are to support everything that we do, NL Sena subscriptions are to power long-form ground reports that take considerable time and are ignored by mainstream media. The idea is to put a story and then crowdfund it. You can contribute to the NL Sena Project, here.

Do you have an app?

Not yet. But we are working on it. It will be out soon.

What is NL Chatbox? How can I attend it?

NL Chatbox is our subscribers-only interaction where you can review and critique our work, and ask questions that we respond to in real-time. You can find all previous Chatbox sessions, here.

Is there a WhatsApp group for Newslaundry subscribers? If yes, how can I join it?

Yes, we have city-wise WhatsApp groups for our subscribers. Write to us at, with your WhatsApp number and the city you live in, we will add you to the concerned group.

How do I get access to subscriber-only, Facebook subscribers group?

You can send a request on the Facebook subscribers group here. You will have to fill the questionnaire there with your email address and when you have subscribed. We will approve your request.

Which subscription should I buy?

We have two levels of subscription plans: Disruptor and Game Changer.

Disruptor: Starting at Rs. 300 per month, you will get access to all paywall content (NL Hafta, NL Interviews, comics) and NL Chatbox, our monthly interaction with subscribers. You will also have access to subscribers' private group on Facebook and all events, including The Media Rumble.

Game Changer: Starting at Rs. 1000 per month, you will get all Disruptor's benefits plus early registration access to all events, including The Media Rumble. You will also have access to NL Baithak, our quarterly video interaction with subscribers."

I want to gift a Newslaundry subscription to a friend/colleague or students. Can you tell me how?

Email us at, with the amount you want to gift the subscription worth. If the subscription is for someone you know, do include their email address. If it’s for a student, we will give it to students who sign up with us, here.

We will send a payment link. Once the payment is complete, we will map the subscription manually.

I am a student. How can I get a student subscription?

To receive a gift subscription, you need to fill out this form. We also put social media posts when someone contributes the amount for gift subscriptions to students.

I am a newslaundry subscriber. How do I access NL Hafta on your website? Can I access Hafta on my podcatcher like Apple Podcast and Spotify?

Since NL Hafta is behind the paywall, it is not available publicly on any podcast platform.

The only way sto access NL Hafta right now is to go to the Hafta article on our website. You can either stream the episode or download it to access it offline. You will find all Hafta episodes, here.

I want to contribute to a NL Sena project. The membership amount is Rs.1000 onwards. Is there a way I can contribute with a smaller amount?

The idea behind NL Sena has always been to keep it separate from our regular subscriptions. While the latter powers all our operations, Sena membership is to power specific, comprehensive stories that mainstream media won’t take up. If you want to contribute with a smaller amount, you can always support us with a subscription or gifting the subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can go to the My Profile Page and click on cancel subscription option. You can also write to us at, we will manually cancel your subscription.

I don’t want to share my phone number to make the subscription purchase. How can I get a subscription without sharing my contact number?

Most Indian banks mandate mobile numbers for domestic payment gateways. So if you’re making the payment via Razorpay, there’s no way to subscribe without entering your contact number. FYI, this mobile number is not saved or accessed by Newslaundry. It’s saved as encrypted data with Razorpay.

However, if you’re using Stripe or PayPal, you can make the payment without entering your mobile number.

I am not receiving OTP

Do check your spam and promotions folder one. If you still can’t find it, write to us at

Can I pay via Google Pay directly? What's the UPI id or phone number?

We do have UPI-based options.

To make the payment via Google Pay, Phone Pay, Bhim or any other UPI-based app, first choose the UPI option and then enter your UPI ID or pay via scanning the QR code.

UPI Payment step 1
UPI Payment | Step 1
UPI Payment step 2
UPI Payment | Step 2

For any other issue, please write to