Media Biascope

No one is totally unbiased or objective. We all have some, however little, predilection, prejudice or leaning. Truly great reporters and editors have a level of self-awareness and open-mindedness where they attempt to correct for their biases and let the facts of a story dictate their reports.

While we have some kind of corrective mechanisms at Newslaundry where we all try to compensate for each other's biases, you can help us too. Hold the mirror to us and, while you’re at it, let’s do the same for others in the news business too. On this ideological spectrum you can plot journalists and commentators based on their commentary, social media posts and body of work.

Where does your favorite journalist lie on the Media Biascope?

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Socio - Political Spectrum Scale

Soldier of Hindutva
Majority Indulger
Majority Sympathiser
Context Free Secularist
Minority Indulger
Minority Fundamentalist
Limited Free Market Welfarist
Free Market Optimist

Economic Spectrum Scale

What biases do these journalists have? Vote yourself and let the world know!

About the Biascope, continued from the top

The process of votes and category description are explained below. You too will come at this task through your own biases, but working together, we can balance things out. It’s not perfect, it’s not as nuanced as we’d like, and it’s potentially reductionist – but it's better than nothing.

The Media Biascope will allow you to plot news professionals on how you see their ideological inclinations and hopefully make them self-aware of how discerning news consumers view them. The overall result may help you identify your own biases as well. Each individual on this spectrum appears in the geometric mean positioning based on how Newslaundry subscribers have plotted each person. Surprise us.


Journalists are placed on the Biascope grid based on votes. Their final position is a cumulative average of all the votes they get. Try it out for yourself and see where your favourite journalist winds up.

Socio-Political Spectrum

Use the sliders below to learn more about socio-political views in each segment of the spectrum.

Minority Fundamentalist

Let all laws be as per minority community – religion or other grouping. Minority community, best community. Privileges to my religion and law as per my religion, and punish anyone who remotely criticises it. For the sake of the community will support any cause or violence, even Osama and Bhindrawale types.

Economic Spectrum

Use the sliders below to learn more about economical views in each segment of the spectrum.


A classless society with no individual property rights. The state controls the means of production and distributes its fruits equitably. Everybody works for the collective good. To each according to his need and from each according to his ability. The Little Red Book is their constitution.