Tajinder Bagga on I agree (Full Interview)

Meet Tajinder Bagga, founder of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena. He tells us about his work and ideas, with which you may not agree. But Abhinandan Sekhri always will.

Meet Tajinder Bagga, founder of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena. He tells us about his work and ideas, with which you may not agree. But Abhinandan Sekhri always will.

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    • Anant

      the interviewer was asking ‘what if afspa comes to delhi bcos mroe people like bagga start slapping’
      heights of nonsense.
      Even to such a stupid question, bagga gives a logical answer

    • Anant

      I thought the one upmanship was of bagga. He steadily answered every stupid questions and maturely handled the really offensive sarcasm(supposed) of the interviewer.
      The interviewer surely thinks bagga is immature, unread and emotional.. but the interviewer himself appeared like that.

    • Ashish Gautam

      A left leaning journalist can never understand a nationalist or his mindset. This interview proves it.

  • Aman

    This Tejinder Bagga himself seems to be anti national! It’s because of people like him India is backward!

  • Anant

    the heights of nonsense was when the interviewer asked bagga –
    “So what
    is ur career. Obviously you cant live off slapping others right. just

    What was that about?

    This interview is characterised by meaningless offensive sarcasm, supposedly intelligent but actually dumb questions.
    But the beauty is bagga answered and gave perspective even to those dumb presumptive biased questions.

    I dont know who the interviewer is, but hes going to regret it when he gets old mature and wise.

  • Pradip singh

    Abhinandan is asshole…this bastard is useless..i am fed up of this stupid…madhu mam if u are listening please hire some really skilled and guy with required level of intellect. This fucking asshole sucks a lot..u have such a wonderful channel..pls do something.

  • Kartik

    This clearly shows that AFSPA was passed for Punjab in 1983.

    @NewsLaundry: Can’t you recruit a better journalist who has the basic knowledge of the subject and does have basic decency to respect the audience and the interviewee.

    • dinipc

      You pwned the pompous moron!

    • Nishikant Rastogi

      It was passed; but never applied. That’s what Abhinandan said.

  • KK

    Bagga zindabaad

  • TheTan

    Abhinandan is the reason Newslaundry will lose subscribers.

    • Sumedha

      Right you are!!

    • U got it all wrong moron!

  • Sushant Mishra

    Not an interview… Looks like a show of oneupmanship during chit chat at a nukkad… Mr. Sekhri please be more dignified… don’t mock a person and interview him/her only if you deem them worthy… don’t try and mock them… am fond of newslaundry but this is not the way an interview should be conducted…

  • Vinay Mangal

    Sekri! U happen to be one of the promoters of NL. The only reason u r not fired from here I an sure.
    I request Madhu mam to dissect this interview also in your coming CL episode.

  • Sai Deepak B

    Oh God Abhinandan, is this I agree with Abhinandan or I agree with Mr Bagga?

  • Smita

    Respect to Bagga.

  • Ashish Sharma

    Whatever your personal ideology may be. I do not agree with Mr. Bagga at all and his ways. But that smugness and sarcasm in the interviewer is not good. I may not agree with Mr. Bagga but atleast he was genuine in his beliefs. You should first swipe that smugness off your face. I guess , I am not going to watch your interviews now.

  • Akshaygiri Goswami

    Mr shekri.Bhagat singh brought the complete independence of india from british crown and monarchy and for that reason he preferred anarchy over being british servant unless india become a complete Independence which we are for last 67 years.

  • Abhishek
  • Abhi

    not good sekri…by this interview I realise Tajinder is a good guy…may be you think his action is voilent but all the peopl doesnt think in that way…may I know your opinion what is ur view on gilani? prashant bhushans comment? who do you think responsible for farmers suicide?who do you think responsible for people getting died because of mulnutrition, health facilities? these are also voilent Mr sekri…

  • Jaskamal Singh Saimbi

    aaaa… there was 100,000 troops in Punjab .. during 84 !!