Can You Take It Karan Thapar? (full interview)

Karan takes up Devil's case relentlessly, but how does he take to role reversal? Watch Madhu Trehan give him a dose..... of his own medicine. Can Karan take it?

Karan takes up Devil’s case relentlessly, but how does he take to role reversal? Watch Madhu Trehan give him a dose….. of his own medicine. Can Karan take it?












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    • Fakir

      I salute you Captain, You cracked this one. Please handover these evidences to General Madhu for her interrogation. When you two are alive and vigilant, India need not worry.

    • Fakir

      I think karan showed lot of dignity here.

    • Shu

      She was imitating his style of interviewing which she mentioned in the show. This was a special Karan Thapar style interview. Also don’t you think it was petty of Karan Thapar to keep mentioning the awards he had one to prove his point ?

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      • Lazlo

        May be, but two wrongs do not make one right.

  • Seriene Mohammed

    The interviewer comes across as a lengthy questionnaire, albeit one with absolutely no space whatsoever for the respondent to fill in answers. She seems petty (at least on THIS interview) and one gets the feeling that she is out to seek some kind of personal revenge against Karan Thappar.

    Yes, it is true that KT often plays bully on his show. But then, that IS what his show is about! For god sake, the name of his show is “Devil’s Advocate” which means “someone who, given a certain argument, takes a position he or she does not necessarily agree with, for the sake of argument.” He poses questions which the interviewee might face from someone who opposes his ideologies, but it does not mean that he endorses those views. The question she repeatedly asks about why he pleads with Mr. Jatmalani and Mr. Modi even as they are about to quit the interview has a very evident answer to any one with common sense: that he does it because he wants the show to go on.

    Even though she claims that she is not petty and “have more class than that”, she continuously disproves herself throughout the show, playing the part of a spoilt kid to perfection. It seems, after all, that KT hit the nail on its head when he wondered whether she was out to get him with quite petty questions for some book review he had written about her book! She keeps saying that she would give him time to respond to her questions (most probably to trick him into silence) and then goes on to end the show with a series of questions!

    In the end, it was an utter waste of time to watch an insecure lady flaunt her insecurity in front of the camera, just because she could do it. Utterly SUB-STANDARD interviewer with absolutely little class and a lot of inferiority complexes.

    • Do not be a motor mouth

      All she was doing as to show a mirror to karan on how he conducts things in his own backyard. Karan very well knew that it wasnt about revenge..he just wanted to throw her off-guard with a personal insinuation which she handled beautifully. you are ranting without knowing the context.

      • TRoll

        @63130a7f2a9b8dc5ac71b4c062e80e20:disqus : Oh no! Really? Oh my God!

        Nincompoop! 😛

      • Fakir

        Not at all. Karan never says “Chupp” to any of his guests. She just crossed all the limits of decency.

        • She could say Chupp, because she is quite friendly to him. And you could see that he doesnt get offended by those words

          • Fakir

            An interview is not a chit-chat between two friends. Karan acted very gracefully that’s why he didn’t react. And she was not being friendly, she has been very generously pouring her criticism of Karan publicly.

            By the way, are you the bharatanatyam dancer from Tamilnadu?

          • whatever

            Muslims are not supposed to see things related with Devil or Satan, right ?

    • Ramu43

      Now I know Karan Thapar is a Pakistani Spy with your comment on Ms.Madhu Trehan. Well she as a woman and a very senior journalist did not stoop to the level of Karan Thapar. If CBI, RAW or some capable agency grill him in the confines of Tihar Jail, the truth will come out. We will know who his “handlers” in Pakistan and in India. There is no dearth of “Jaichand’s in India. I would cast Karan Thapar on that role if I make a movie.

      • @Ramu43:disqus Pray tell me, how is MY comment on Ms. Trehan related to KT being/ not being a Pakistani “spy”? You see a Muslim name, and you immediately jump to the conclusion that I must be pro Pakistan. Classic case of brainwashed naivety. Sir, I hope you do get well soon, from the cancer that is carving away you intellectual capability.

    • Ketan

      First try know who is she? And why Karan was not even able to say a word when she threatened him as Karan know that she is far more patriotic and veteran than him and will rip him off if he says anything wrong(as he normally do in his biased interviews).

  • Raakshus

    Madhu Trehan… you are Awesome… You actually had Karan Thapar Shut Up!!! Wow!!!

  • TinkertyTonk!

    No, he can’t take it. Nobody can take that shit, granny!

    • Semolina

      Ageist are nt we..

  • Blistering Barnacles!

    It was very clever of Karan to drop the book-review clue for the oblivious audience. It was very dumb of Trehan not to edit it out. Finally, Karan came out as a dignified victor and Trehan as a vociferous loser. Get well soon, aunty!

    • The Guy above me is an idiot

      Hey Non-sense, you know how to distinguish a victor and a loser?

  • Roark

    Off course the interview was screwed up by Mrs Trehan…I keep her in high regards, though, instead of trying to mimic KT she could have been her own and grilled him..She ended making mockery of herself…..But any guesses who that KT friend is being referred by Mrs Trehan…Iam pretty sure it is…Suhel Seth…I bet if anyone differ..:P

  • What was the point of this interview? It looked as if Madhu Trehan was more interested inteaching him a lesson rather than getting a reply over the issues.

  • Singh

    Seems obvious Madhu Hasn’t forgotten her book review. In trying to discredit Karan she has only discredited herself…..pathetic woman..

    • Shu

      I don’t think you understood the tone of the interview.

  • Nazim Khan

    I have not seen a crappier interviewer in my lifetime.

  • Shyam

    Karan is actually pretty short! LOL He looks so tall on CNN IBN.

    CNN-IBN doesn’t show most comments posted against their agenda (anything anti the program or the host or the congress, they just let in one or 2 such comments to give an illusion of openness) No wonder Karan says he didn’t know about his writings perceived pro pak. But not publishing such comments is not the same as not reading or knowing about them. But then he cannot accept that he censors negative comments after reading them (they’ll just call it abusive comments!) so he naturally cannot accept that he knew such perceptions even existed of him. All part of keeping the narrative coherent.

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  • The Journalist

    In very bad taste. Really expected better from NL.

  • Fakir

    I recently noticed that Madhu does read the comments on the site. So, My question to Madhu is : Do you regret this interview and your behavior? Could you have acted more maturely?

    • Sarvajith

      Maybe she could have, but, in her own words, she was being Karan Thapar. And Mr.Karan, in his own words, was a Perennial child. So I think that throws any question of maturity out the window.

  • sps kalra

    really loved this interview…hats off to madhu Trehan…

  • Mira

    This has got to be THE worst interview I have ever had the misfortune to waste my time over. 18.41 mins of my life I’ll never get back. Madhu Trehan is totally odious.

  • Hari

    Karan Thapar is related to the Nehru-Gandhis & I’m surprised that there was no question pondering his political affinities & its effect on his interviews.

  • Hari

    ………. And I think this interview was 1) A revenge for the book review by a friend as KT points out 2) A spoof of Karan with Karan done by MT which she always wanted to do. Bottomline :It was more fun than serious interview.

  • Ram N Kumar

    Love you madhu for taking on Karan.

    A K SAXENA (A retired civil servant)

    • Watcher

      She cant even be a part of what karan is…karan doesnt fumble in his interviews like her…cheap gimmick to gain publicity…

  • madhu you were just brilliant…i think he tasted his own medicine and he didnt like…he was blessing you but karans expression meant something different….

  • Rahul

    Please pull Deepak Chaurasia in “Can you take it?”. He should learn a lesson.

  • Madhu just squandered an excellent chance to grill Karan Thapar. She obviously had some tough questions, but she should have let Karan answer them and then punched into his hollow answers.

  • Pravesh

    Could have been better 🙂
    Finally, the interview starts at 14:10 actually dissecting the questions !
    Script it better next time Madhu


    dho daala

  • Awesome…

    I liked Madhu always, but after a long time I liked Karan (except the book review thing). Also, the comrade-ry and mutual respect is stunning.

  • MPofBR

    Its not his style which is questiona1`bw

  • average guy

    nice to see karan the tiger sit like a pussy cat with his tail tucked in. the interviewer saying shutup is the lowest class of journalism

  • Shu

    This is brilliant.

  • Addi G

    Well to all the guys who criticise her let me get this straight to you she actually did what he does to other people and how he makes other people feel. Karan Thapar should learn a word called Karma and how it slaps back..

  • Viewer

    Such a lame attempt by Ms Trehan… Atleast she shld hav prepared well before taking on Karan Thapar…and most of she needs to understand the word ‘professionalism’…n leave her childish ways of talking…

  • Madhu Trehan, you rock!!! I don’t usually watch his shows, mainly because I can’t stand his bow-tie. However, I did watch the Ashok Khemka interview around 17-Aug-13 (?) and I was shocked to see how some channels (IBN Live) can be bought by political parties (Congress) to drive their agenda. I think he played the Devil’s advocate–and the judge–quite literally in this one.

    Great Job! Wish you all the very best.. Hope one day, this scam is exposed too.

  • Tushar

    Awesome Work!

  • Agnivo

    I am no fan of Karan Thapar, but it seems Madhu is taking her “revenge” on Thapar for past skirmishes.

  • Himanshu Tripathi

    Please call Arnab on your show…

  • aj

    burkha dutt needs a lesson to learn to report unbiased journalism. Or does she know what journalism is!

  • Subhro Sengupta

    The worse possible interview I have seen. Madhu Trehan just did what she blames Karan Thapar for – claiming publicity for Newslaundry or #Newwhateverwithawebsite through this gimmick. The entire fallacy of the interview can be understood when one sees the opening statement – Why didnt you bully Chidambaram? Why weren’t you the usual Devils Advocate with him? So the interviewer would have been happy if Thapar had blasted through Chidambaram ! Its ok with Chidambarm and Sibbal & its not okay with Modi or Jethmalani. What are these categorizations based on?

    15 minutes later the interviewer blasts through Karan Thapar for bullying people. Thapar is Thapar because he can make people sit on a hot seat & make them smile in the end, while ripping them apart.

    By the end of it it just becomes a rant – with something about barracudas. Kudos to you if you think this is the way to gain mileage. Brilliant – Just that you need to do it properly.

    What the audience expected was a very prepared game for which the interviewer would be well read – This was some minor gig in someones back office / Home and probably they drank and had dinner after this.

    This was an exceptional opportunity wasted – there were a hundred things that could have been asked to put him in a tight spot – or to first forget that the job was not to put Thapar in a tight spot. It was to get the truth out of him. To ask serious questions.

    But this amateur attempt just destroys it. Karan Thapar walks away with his famous crooked smile and byish charm – and the interviewer is consoled for her bad book review. The Indian Media first needs to stop putting themselves into everything – my book, my family, my mom ! (The references to his Mother were extremely rude btw)

    Grow up – get the vengeance out of the room – and then can you even remotely think about nailing someone like Karan Thapar :p

    A singularly jobless act of vengeance – So much so that I typed this out a 4 in the morning….

    P.S. and I guess it was about the Book Review !

    • VT

      You missed the point that imitating Karan Thapar was the point 🙂

  • Subhro Sengupta

    And btw – just found this.

    Havent you already created a ruccus big enough for this proverbial book of yours. And made sure the entire Country knows about it.

    Who is afraid of Karan Thapar – HT-

    Truly Sorry Madhu – HT –

    Please if you still have these 15 year old issues call him for lunch on Sunday and sort it out. Don’t hog precious print and online space in a National Daily for fulfilling personal whims and fancies – and just because you are in a position to. Sort it out – over lunch – not on the front page. Responsible Journalism is the least we expect from you as an audience.

  • deeteeN

    a lot of people commentating here seem to have missed the point that madhu was trying to imitate Karan

  • Saurabh Saraswat

    hahahaha….lol excillent dose madhu 😀

  • sahya

    This is one of the best interviews I have ever seen. Madhu left Mr Thapar flabbergasted, and for the first time in my experience she comes out as a journalist who gives a damn about the perception and only wants to stick to her points. She hits the nail on the head. which is comforting because given how inviting a ‘nail’ Mr Thapar carries, it was unbelievable that nobody had the courage to carry the hammer to him, until now.

  • Ashok

    Looks like Madhu Trehan’s anguish is served by this interview than presenting anything worthwhile.

  • lawyer

    madhu clearly got played by her harmones on this one.

  • Sananda Satpathy

    Irrespective of Karan Thapar’s interviewing style (which is certainly debatable), it’s puerile of Madhu to bombard him with accusations that seem rather personal. First of all, I would trust a journalist of her stature to bring up points more substantial than whether Karan looks like a crybaby or how narcissistic he is. Further, Madhu’s overflowing resentment towards Karan (for whatever reasons) is difficult to ignore right from the beginning to the end. She’s trying really hard to prove a point, while failing to camouflage her ego within relevant information and facts. Besides, her point about ‘him letting Kapil Sibal go’ lacks an insightful argument or a convincing base.

    Also, I think Madhu is evidently nervous in this interview, which is causing her to jump from one point to the other without giving Karan the opportunity to finish his answers. And if her excuse is that Karan Thapar would do the same, forgive me, I don’t think she really understands the Karan Thapar style of interview. You see, Karan would pick upon an answer and grill the interviewee, ask questions after questions to poke them (and interrupt when he’s excited). But he’d be confident enough to scoop out of a certain topic and not let go. Madhu here on the other hand, is only throwing rhetorical questions at him, one after the other, and then letting each one go. The moment Karan starts to make sense, she stops pursuing that question.

    Now I have my issues with Karan’s impertinence on Devil’s Advocate, he has his deficiencies, but I can’t understand Madhu’s fascination with all the personal attacks. She seems downright frustrated, scared and rude.

  • dil do la re

    so powerful madhuji……… really a dominant women ……can u peg me with ur messive dildo….. please

  • Mandy Roberts

    Infotainment that takes on infotainment. Doesn’t get better, probably. Well I’d like it if it does; get better that is. Thanks NL. Unprecedented!
    By the by, his fault is not that he is brazenly incisive (which is in fact admirable) but that he isn’t so across the board.

  • Nikhil_Shrinivas

    She accuses Thapar of being unprofessional and then conducts the interview in an unprofessional way. Hypocrisy.

  • Unstoppable Leo

    Madhu Trehan giving Karan Thapar a taste of his own medicine.

    Well, I do not think Karan Thapar ever has spoken to even a single one of those whom he has interviewed in the manner which Madhu Trehan has used when speaking to Karan Thapar in this interview. She was totally irreverent, condescending and contemptuous. Even went to the extent of explicitly telling him to ‘shut up’. Did not show him even an ounce of respect. Completely violated all codes of decorum and decency in public space.

    A simple query on my part. What if the genders had been reversed? Could the the interview have even remotely resembled this one?