TV ki Kahani

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  • BowerikWowbagr

    Bahut hi umda zaayka

  • ayanosh

    hilarious……LMAO ,you should do a sequal now.Great simply great…….

  • Soumitro

    Brilliantly conceptualized!! Had a great time reading it :)

  • dd

    ultimate !!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!

  • yoka


  • Merlin

    Really giving it all to Vinod Dua

    • Arvind Gupta

      IMO Vinod Dua don’t deseve all that, the is just working in news industry from last 40+ years, shall we invite him in our groups

  • Indyeah

    Darn good! Arnab steals the show by the end as he does even now. Also on a side-note, waiting for kashmir ki kahaani part-2. Now that should be fun.:D

  • Udbhaw


  • deepika singh




  • maverick

    TIMES now jan 2006?

  • Puneet

    Bardiya hai!!!

  • Manish

    Awesome…kamal ka….pata nahi tha kabhi in sab ke baare me.

  • Goddamn Batman

    Bhai _/_ Genius hai ye.

  • bob

    I read all of Ornob’s dialogues in his voice xD

  • Srijan

    This is brilliant. Shared! Wow.

  • dimaginarium

    This is GOLD.

  • Kaber Vasuki

    Such epicness!

  • deepika singh

    ha ha ha ha awesommmmmmmmmmmme

  • Ishan

    Bows to the cartoon creator :)

  • commoner

    hats off to creative team…

  • Sudhindra

    Nice narrative and opening the eyes of people on how channels emerged and fighting for the number 1 position.

  • Roshni Devi

    This sumit kumar and co (whoever else had a hand in these comics)
    F%&king brilliant stuff man!

  • Himanshu

    Superb maza aa gaya

  • Selvadore

    God Damn, this is brilliant !. The Artist was able to put the Entire Industry history into a small comic. Simply Amazing.

  • Lakshya

    This is super good . Zayeka India Ka.

  • acr09ak

    That was clever ending. Since Headlines today is owned by Aroon Purie which happened to be brother of Madhu Trehan (co-owner, News Laundry), they opted out to reveal many things. Good one.

    • Indian

      No, he made fun of HT. What he said was, the lesser said about it, the better.

  • Prateek Khandelwal

    Wah ! swaad aagya !

  • P_alpha

    Awesome.. Just Awesome