Arnab-Caught in the Posture

newslaundry's take on 'Your Anchor'

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  • Armaan Nayar

    this guy who call himself arnab, need to have regular BLOOD PRESSURE CHECK UP. POOR FELLOW. he calls articles of constitution CLAUSES. uneducated fellow coming from TOFEL class directly to news channels.

  • Piyush

    Arnab wanna do almost everything “tonight” lolz…. he is obsessed with word “tonight” and yes “Clauses” in the place of “Articles” of constitution.

  • Anonymous

    Arnab is a vegetarian. Chicken McGrill?

    • happy

      Were you his cook?

  • Arnab is an Assamese, not Bengali.

    • Anand

      If you are Assamese, you should be hiding the fact that he is too… XD

    • bbsingh1971

      u r an idiot: Arnab is an Indian.

  • kaushik

    9 am???

  • when is he coming on can u take it?

  • Prabal

    😀 haha epic !

  • TMC

    Hilarious.. excellent imagination.