I Agree with Tavleen Singh

We try to agree with a disagreeable Tavleen Singh as she talks about news media, crony capitalism, NGOs, full disclosure and disdain worthy left leanings of the anchor. She throws up a Hindi challenge too. How? Watch.

We try to agree with a disagreeable Tavleen Singh as she talks about news media, crony capitalism, NGOs, full disclosure and  disdain worthy left leanings of the anchor. She throws up a Hindi challenge too. How? Watch.














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    • Satyam Sharma

      Abhinandan Sekhri is definitely a leftist (“vampanthi”) ideologue. In fact, entire Team Kejriwal (nowadays reborn as “Aam Aadmi Party”) is heavily far-leftist (I would even say anti-India). Prashant Bhushan is a well known Maoist sympathizer and anti-industrialization anti-liberalization whacko. Last year, he had even gone against India’s stance on Kashmir and advocated the plebiscite (followed by secession) in Kashmir from India (i.e. followed the Pakistani line on Kashmir). Ditto for Arvind Kejriwal with his anarchistic far-leftist ideas (opposing power plants, sugar industries, even dams and canals). It seems as if Kejriwal and his AAP just want to destroy India politically, socially and economically. Instead of proposing any concrete solutions, they are always simply bad-mouthing the so-called “system” (which is easy, even Bollywood directors do it regularly in their movies). Brainwashing and misguiding unaware and immature people by playing on their frustrations and anger against this so-called “system” is such an easy thing to do after all. Nowadays, Kejriwal and AAP are just misusing the emotions of the simple common man (especially young boys and college students) to spread anarchy as well as to undermine and destroy our constitutional democratic system.

      So yes — Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav and Abhinandan Sekhri — these people are crazies and like a cancer for India. They have managed to grab the attention of urban educated Indians (with the help of a TRP-hungry media) by exploiting corruption issues and using good famous people like Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi (who have a history of service towards India over several decades) as ladders. But now they have conveniently discarded the anti-corruption issue (public memory is short anyway) and confused the common man so much that corruption has almost become a political non-issue! And now they want to capture power as politicians to play out their far-leftist ideologies on India, that has already been destroyed after 60 years of Nehruvian communism, and leftist-socialist-welfarist economic stagnation and the resulting crushing poverty. Either that, or they will just do Congress’ dirty job of splitting opposition votes to help the Congress regain power in Delhi and India.

      Tavleen Singh is 101% right. The typical JNU-type leftist-dominated intelligentsia, journalists and media houses of India have cleverly tarnished capitalism and free markets by loosely throwing about terms like “crony capitalism” to falsely link India’s mammoth corruption (scams such as 2G and Coalgate) with private for-profit entrepreneurship and liberalization reforms. Fact is, the politician-bureaucrat-industrialist nexus-based corruption in India is not exactly “crony capitalism”. Let me explain why and how.

      People like Narayana Murthy, Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani and Sunil Mittal aren’t really anybody’s “cronies”. They will obviously be happy if the government becomes more transparent in its economic and business policies, and the political class becomes less corrupt. But the scams occurred precisely because India does NOT have free market capitalism, which entails commodities and resources being transparently bought and sold in open markets through auctions. In India, we have the exact opposite where the government squats on everything from spectrum to coal mines and from oil-and-gas blocks to banking licenses (a legacy of our Nehruvian Marxist past policies and Indira Gandhi’s nationalization spree) and then throws the crumbs around through opaque, arbitrary and discretionary policies under a license-permit-quota-inspector raj framework institutionalized by Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. So the reason why just a small bunch of people and corporate houses have managed to corner all the licenses for spectrum, or permits for industries, or leases for coal/ore/oil/gas blocks, or ownership of media, etc, is because the government (and therefore the political class) is involved in the business of allocating these licenses/permits/leases in the first place!

      This is “crony statism”, and NOT crony capitalism. And it is this statist economic model that is at the root of the massive corruption in our polity. The problem also originates from the fact that the capitalistic free market reforms of 1991 were forced on us (by the IMF as a precondition for giving us the $1 billion loan that bailed us out from bankruptcy) and did not come out of an internal domestic political consensus. The people of the bygone era (Nehru, Indira, Rajiv) whose selfish politics and foolish economics conspired to keep India impoverished for decades were not publicly shamed and their legacies were not renounced (a la the Roman Senate’s “damnatio memoriae” against bad ex-Emperors) after the debacle of 1991. As a result, the ruling dynasty of the Congress party continues to hold a fig leaf to the “socialist legacy” of its deceased icons, lest the people of India realize that it is this very dynasty and its leaders whose politics of centralization of power (and therefore the statist economics) kept us chained. What we need now is an acceleration of the real kind of reforms that were undertaken between 1998 and 2004. We need privatization, and not just disinvestment. We need liberalization and a complete dismantling of the license-permit raj, and not just FDI.

      This is just one issue. On almost all other issues as well, Abhinandan Sekhri was completely wrong (due to his idiotic leftist ideologies and poor understanding of economics and politics) and Tavleen Singh was right. Sadly, Abhinandan didn’t even have the courtesy to allow Tavleen to speak properly and make her points.

      • really such a big reply?……leave that leftist bullshit to politicians, lastly Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav and Abhinandan Sekhri are the true Indians by heart and they have proved there metal by the work,….the reason majority of urban educated indians support them because there not retards like you.

        • Satyam Sharma

          Haha! Good one, “majority of urban educated Indians” don’t even know the last two. As far as even Arvind Kejriwal or Prashant Bhushan are concerned, the only ones “supporting” them are those who are unaware and unintelligent, and haven’t even done the most basic kind of research like watching speeches on Youtube where people like Bhushan gang up with other known anti-national vermin like Arundhati Suzanna Roy and demand the cession of action against violent Maoist-Naxalite insurgent terrorists, or for a plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir (without the withdrawal of Pakistan from PoK as a precondition) followed by the eventual merger of Kashmir with Pakistan. It is only owing to the remarkably liberal and tolerant (yet often unintelligent and unaware) people that Indians are, that scum like these people are not jailed on charges of high treason. Really, most of Kejriwal’s fanbase comes from teenage school or college kids, who will hopefully cease to support AAP the moment they become mature and aware, and reach voting age. Thankfully intelligent and aware adults in India do realize that Leftist politics and economics has utterly destroyed India for more than six decades already.

          • Ram singh yadav

            You spoke my mind, I have converted many AAP kiddies to BJP.

    • Amit

      Oh my god, she talks of morality…

  • Rakesh

    Its amazing when this columnist become harsh to other people thats perfectly justified but when they are at receiving end they complained about it. When a columnist receive a harsh comment the first thing they say how dare you say that to me I am journalist but when they do the same to others then its again justified. They can make wild allegation against anyone but please don’t make against them they are journalist why this double standard. Tavleeen Singh is such a loser..

  • Smita

    Gosh! Can’t she show some sense of humour and shrug off the ribbing about the accent? She does have an accent, and I was curious too!

    • huh?

      Gosh! Right! She should have “ribbed” that ‘Sick’ri back for his ghetto accent.

  • Natasha

    The young journo thinks he’s funny, but he’s far from it. Sekhri hasn’t changed his approach, has he? He openly makes fun of his interviewees and expects them to take it with a smile. I’m so glad Tavleen hit back in style :))

    • Thats not style its arrogance, she acted as such a snob that she asked his name twice, i wonder how she treats poor people on the roads and you think it style…..too classist.

      • Ram singh yadav

        I think he mocked her accent first then she asked for name. I think comeback is welcome in this case. 🙂



    • Kakati

      one who lives on highland. 🙂

  • Anirudha

    A very interesting debate … awesome … amazing fireworks … the process was way more interesting than the specific content … well done

  • Roark

    chk out her accent while speaking hindi…calling it an accent of educated class in d subcontinent….dont knw hw to tlk in d mother tongue nd pompously feeling proud of her rudeness and arrogance…..As if she is d last person on dis planet to knw abt “crony capitalism”….i pity dat she call herself d frnd f Mrs Trehan…!!!

  • Uncle Sam

    a)She definitely made a classist comment deliberately calling Anna hazare a “truck driver”
    b) Her pronunciation of word “Genre” was completely incorrect while the interviewer was exactly right.
    c)The way she says “Oh Come on, go on, Iam enjoying it” remembers me of my pervert ex gf when she used to be on bed !!!

  • Gaurav

    Abhinandan & his fellow tribe members laid bare & nude. Gosh poor fellow got a thrashing of his life !!!

  • Aloka. syam

    I. Totally agree with Tavleen Singh. The country do not require frauds like team Anna. We have enough hypocrites in politicïans already. And India does not need leftists either

  • indianrj

    Taking panga with others isn’t brainy always. Full marks to Tavleen this time!!

  • Abhinandan was goood…….She is pathetic SNOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

  • vikram

    what a snob!!! she is!

  • Amit

    Aunty ji, it sounds like is suffering from a classiest bias. Sorry Aunty ji, but my mom taught me to address elders with respect.

    Reading newspaper is education and world view comes from reading paid news… Now that is hilarious Aunty ji when on wikipedia it stated that you just did a short-term Journalism course from the New Delhi Polytecnic in 1969.

    Just a short term course? Not even a full term course… Aunty ji?

    Aunty ji, would you disclose her conflict of interest with corporate houses? For one we know now…
    Did Prashant Bhushan ever argued against Lavasa, and if that is the reason for the hatred for him?

    Full disclosure: I am an admirer of Team Kejriwal, and what they do for the nation putting thier own life at risk.

    Well done Abhinandan in exposing corporate interests in media houses. Sab ki Dhulai… Sahi hai !

    • Ram singh yadav

      You are admiring wrong man. Kejriwal is a fraud in my sense of view. He has no sense of economics.

  • Piyush Singh

    Madhu mam, why dun you understand this guys is not doing a great job. Can you please do a favor to us by hiring someone competent. Tavleen sounded arrogant though, she found a timid to scold.

  • Piyush Singh

    I think Tavleen has something to take revenge from Madhu, but she could never do that and found this sissy guy of her channel to take on.

  • adee

    Attaboy Abhinandan….well done 🙂 I admire the way you handled this…….wonder why she got so upset and hostile

  • Mallik

    I thought Tavleen showed Abhinandan his place. He was trying to be too smart…how in the world does her accent and where she got it from matter?

    • jith

      he only made a remark. there was no reason she should assault him on that. i felt like she was only trying to dominate him, deliberately pointing out he was “nervous”.

      • abhi

        He was nervous and was trying to put her in back just because she is anti ‘arvind brigade’ anyways he is not a journalist.

  • Oceanheart

    She is so angry that she wanted to hit but she dint find her pen so her younger helped.

  • Arjun Narayanan

    Tavleen is too good!

  • Arjun Narayanan

    Gosh this boy needs some training! Does he know what he is doing… He is oversmart

  • well done Abhinandan…even the serpents are scared of her tongue but you got her back on lavasa and world view,I think her world view remark is a bit too class’ist. And Anna is got more wisdom than her clearly.

  • Didn’t think it was so easy to get Tavleen Singh’s skin 🙂

  • santri

    what an insightful women !! how easily she can she find out who is leftist just by being asked a simple question! and how much ego does she carries that a simple remark on her accent provokes her to bully an interviewer… Mrs tavleen singh your mind is as much as if not constrained against ‘vampanth’ than these waampanthi’s themselves …take retirement ma’am you just seems to have lost it

  • I am a bit disappointed by Abhinandan’s nervousness, but Tavleen was awfully annoying and it didn’t suit her personality to enjoy bulling an interviewer whos already so nervous…

  • NP

    I felt so bad for you, Abhinandan. I definitely support your political views and I have to say you did the best you could given the situation. However, I think bringing up the accent bit could have been avoided. Tavleen Singh comes across as a right wing, privileged idiot who happens to have done some good journalism.Not taking away from the good work she did during the emergency, but poverty can never be eradicated if such classist views such as hers prevail. I was appalled that she didn’t know the difference between education and literacy, makes me wonder if she herself has the “education” she was referring to? She seems to be doing more harm than good by suggesting that “truck drivers” shouldn’t be taken seriously. Why do people have a problem with left wing politics? That is the only way through which welfare for the poor is possible. It is time that we start thinking of educating or empowering those who do not have the means to do it on their own. Need to tax the rich a lot more than we currently do. How does Mukesh Ambani get away with building a 27 storey hideous residence for himself when there is so much poverty around him? Planning permission should be taken more seriously. India will only truly be more civilised if the privileged few did more for the poor, instead of building schools for the privileged.

  • dinipc

    Tavleen Singh totally pwned Sekri. What a pathetic loser!

    • Ram singh yadav

      she virtually verbally r@ped mr. Sekhri. Sekhri is a leftist whether he agrees or not. His beard just adds to flavor. I don’t need one more leftist in my country.

  • ambi

    abhi baba got raped

  • ambi

    Is Abhinandan a DOSCO? If yes, then he’s a disgrace!!!!! grow up buddy and get some serious interviewing skills..unless you want this website to be visited by teens

  • GenNext

    Two words : Bravo Tavleen! 🙂

  • Prashanth

    Nice interview.I think it very cheap of Abhinandan to question Tavleen on her accent. How does her accent matter in this interview. Good! She gave him a befitting reply.

  • Prashanth

    I think this interview should go under the ‘Can you take it’ series. It should be titled ‘Can you take it Abinandan Sekhri?

  • Indian george bush

    Good job Abhinandan. Your little smirks actually did upset her. Inspite of Tavleen pointing about your nervousness, she looked high on anxiety. You kept patience. I loved it. I have been a regular on your site under different names but from now on i will use Indian George Bush as my nick name.

  • Don Tex

    This has got to be the most interesting interview I have *ever* seen! Interesting because it was so informative – I never knew that:
    1. Education would make people so arrogant and snobbish to think that only they can have a World View (not point of view mind you – as polyglot madam of excellent Capitalist tastes would remind you).
    2. Anyone would call Anna Hazare a fraud and some similar deriding words for Medha Patkar (selfless icons of a modern India). In one fell swoop she also swept off all NGO’s into the garbage bin. I wonder what she names she would have called Mahatma Gandhi-ji.
    3. I also learnt yet again that seemingly superior intelligence (and an education that gives you an educated Indian accent) does not guarantee a good judgement about things that really matter to the World!The lady dazzles us with her intellect, sharp wit and command over her languages! And disappoints even more with her poor judgement of people.
    4. An interview could take such an interesting turn downwards before it brought out the true colors of madam-wannabe Ayn Rand. Abhi-bhai woh accent ka comment shaayad dil pe laga madam ji ko (not fair!) – but they say that to bring out the true colors of anyone you should get them angry – that worked superbly.


  • B Positive

    Tavleen owned this one from the start. Abhinandan comes across as immature and skittish.

  • Jatta

    she DESTROYED him.

    • shyju samuel

      Its the reverse…but she didn’t realize.

  • Rohit1691

    A really good interview. Good to see the interviewer take a back seat as and when necessary because the whole point is to make the guest express their views. Kudos to Mr. Sekhri for taking some punches but letting the guest feel that they were controlling the flow of the debate which made them give more open and direct replies

  • dinesh_kandpal

    “Abhinandan” your name spells it all. The interview couldnt have been better.

  • disqus_04ZcKR6ZkY

    She is ridiculously arrogent

  • Din’t know that Tavleen Singh is such a condescending woman. What made her take so much offence throughout. The lady has a pathetic sense of humour..No point being so intellectual, when you score a big zero on modesty. The woman has got to realize that she is not infallible.Plus the fact that she completely contradicted herself on the cronie capitalism issue proves that she isn’t even clear of what she thinks. Well happens when you belong to the class of people who feel, they are the high and mighty, even though the world around them is way ahead.

  • Zeeshan Akhtar

    Any sensible, well-informed, sharp journalist would have ripped stupid-dumb-classicist-Tavleen to shreds. Alas! an opportunity is lost.

  • Ankita

    i m just seeing this one today.. if she thought he was oversmart. then she should have beaten him in his own game by having a better sense of humour. she tried to be dominating because she could not take the sarcasm. what a pity 😛