Life & Times of Rahul Gandhi

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  • Dr. Polus

    Excellent and very true, all we know is the shoot and scoot policies of the not-so-young man.
    As you rightly said, “appears in a keyhole once in a while”, puts up an artificial performance and vanishes for a long times.
    Takes mysterious breaks to Afghanistan to meet his “girlfriend”

  • good style. felt some gaps. is this original idea or has some preceedence.

  • Kishor

    Very good… nice 1

  • Ram Manohar

    Very true and upto the mark

  • Selva

    Excellent work mate … !!! Hope we get a Nehru out of him (or atleast a close match will do ) after reading a gem like this. ..

  • please add the another two pages about the recent coronation and upcomming battels to 2014 AND KARNATAKA AND AP ELECTIONS

  • Brilliant piece of work Sumit. Dynasty politics is not going to become out-of-fashion anytime soon in this country. Rahul is clearly not young as you pointed out neither has he come out in support of youth led movements like the most recent Delhi gang rape incident. Why Congress is trying to project him as a youth icon is obscure?

  • Saket

    Brilliant, but I do not want to go to jail with you, so I have admired in ignorance..

  • abhi


  • GG

    Excellent work, I will just replace young with “immature”…:)

  • Mukesh Lohani

    I Just loved this line “its like asking a girl to marry a man on the basis of his hairstyle”

  • vinoo59

    Wonderful ! We just need maliks like him… and the COngress of corse is a nauker sena…as in domestic servants of a dynasty.!

  • ravish kumar

    Those Rajjujee and blah blah, were those two samosas seen on TV, I mean R Shukli and RPN Samosa ?

  • anonymous

    hats off…..!

  • hindustani007

    Excellent Stuff… super … duper! pls keep it up.. I only wish this nation would read it as well

  • captain27pal


  • Tarun

    As much as I dislike RaGa, this was a terrible waste of bits, bytes, and server space.

  • Arjun Narayanan

    Very true. He has nothing to offer young Indians …. not even fresh ideas

  • YoursTruly

    Nice attempt at humor and all, but I can’t help but point out that it’s not the Youth Congress that is knows for its goons. Its your beloved BJP/RSS/VHP. Its right wing ideologies world over that have led dictatorial rule. Would I have a Rahul Gandhi as my PM or a potential dictator with a known taste for murder? Even if, as you presume, Rahul Gandhi is a bimbo, I’d anyday prefer a non psychopath over the PR magician that you so evidently support.

  • cvguy

    One an emotional fool the other a dumb fool. What diff. it makes, huh..

  • Harshit Jain

    Sumit this could have been far better…. frankly speaking you’ve set expectations quite high now!!!

  • ujjwalt

    Can you please upload a higher quality version. I can’t even read the graphics on my Retina display.

  • bnm

    increase the size of comic not readable

  • gremlinfromkremlin

    whats witht he image sizes? maybe save pixels and save the planet is your new mantra

  • madhur

    Yaar iska size increase karoon comic ka bhai !!!


    Very apt ! But print is too small…………..Struggled to read it….Had to zoom and zoom and zoom ! Phew

  • N Motwani

    not worth going to jail for such poor attempts at humour.

    you had some good points – (1) he’s not so young at 42 (2) he has no track record but his dynasty makes him eligible to be a PM….only wasn’t as funny as expected. Good attempt. Keep it up!

    You are brave and stupid for making this comic. Have a lawyer ready 😛

  • mohit bhatt

    Was your inspiration “An unusually blonde child” or was it ……….. “Sponge Bob Square Pants “