Bizzare Media Moment of the Week#13

The newspapers have their moments, and we've picked our favourite.

Like the proverbial glass which is half full or half empty, the South Delhi voter is also probably half asleep or half awake. That is why, with the same statistics, it is possible to have two conflicting headlines!

According to The Times of India, South Delhi voters remained unmoved despite efforts by RWAs to get them to vote. But The Hindustan Times seemed to be looking at the situation through rose-tinted glasses. Otherwise how could it boast that its campaign – “My Delhi, My Vote” running since the last fortnight, was successful? After all, HT had placed ads in their paper and put up billboards across the city exhorting people to, “Please don’t vote, if potholes/garbage/ parking problems do not bother you”, maybe hoping that this reverse psychology would urge people to vote. Maybe the “reverse headline technique” will justify the impact of the HT campaign.

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