Business Babe & Stock-Mkt Stud


Our take on business journos. Newslaundry brings you the Business Babe and Stock-Market Stud.

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  • sb

    awesomeeeeeeeee !!!!!

  • Gameturner

    @389bd86ec00fb55c10e4d76218eb3b0e:disqus , I think it points at Sonia Shenoy….LOL

  • end was really good.

  • sachin

    awesomeness !

  • Rahul Gandhi

    I hope it is not aqbout Sonia Shenoy ; The only reason I would CNBC at 9 a.m..

  • Arjun Mohan

    This has got to be one of the best, if not the best, deconstructions of business news channels. We know these anchors are no more than mere balance-sheet readers, who speak what they’re told to speak. Where are the real business journalists?

  • Jyothirmayi RK

    ….. And it still doesn’t stop you from commenting about their cleavage??? Gooooood luck with that…

  • Jyothirmayi RK

    I don’t get it.. You watch these shows PRECISELY for the cleavage, right? Or perhaps exclusively for it. Then why complain? It is like hogging a Big Mac and complaining about the trans fat content in it..