Kashmir Ki Kahani: Part 1

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    • Cheetu Specklemore

      Actually it should begin with how it became human…(as usual through bloody means, and how the land of Leopards and vultures , now cant tolerate other species and slaughtered them…leaving them homeless

      • Dhanesh

        So you are saying (human beings mass killing animals) = (muslims exterminating hindus)
        Muslims = Humans
        Hindus = Animals
        So secular of you 🙂

        • Shubhojeet Sen

          No, he is saying that if we are gonna play the who-conquered-whom-first game, might as well go all the way back to when humans conquered nature. Not that hard to understand, y’know..

      • @nitz19arg

        you are basically equating muslims in kashmir to blood thirsty leopards and vultures? your secular bosses wont be happy.

      • Ashraf Kashmiri

        come to kashmir then tell this. then u will c.

    • S

      Not a single scholar of history supports the india that kashmir or kashmiris were converted through force…ONE king in whole of kashmirs history is reknowned for being harsh on hindus….one…AND even he isnt accused of mass converting hindus forcibly…i would reccomend you substantiate you comments with some factual basis instead of the nonsense you are sprouting !! and this goes double for the 39 or so likes you have from people with equally no knowledge of history … the head and founder of Indias RAW was a kashmiri pandith..indias first prime minister was a kashmiri pandith…muslims and hindus were dying equally in kashmir and muslims in greater numbers….the difference is muslims had no where to run to except stay at home and we are still there…! your amry kills and tortures us every day even innocent old men women and children….why dont you try seeing what ground realities are before you just talk? It is amazing how indians dont trust their politicians on anything…taxes, laws , policies ANYTHING…..but you are willing to belive them when they talk about kashmir and what they do there! do the words “selective bias” means anything to you?

      • Akshay Razdan

        dr was a king us time jab lal chowk p har din kai man jinehu jalta tha

        gimme a simple answer
        f dr were no forced conversions den y do many muslims in kashmir still have hindu surnames

        ne answers ????
        i would love to know

        • SAMI

          because islam isnt about names only! u can have a hindu name and still be a muslim

      • Akshay Razdan

        i agree our muslim brothers suffered a lot
        but who is to b blames for all the menace caused
        1985 k phle every ting was very well
        both sides lived in complete harmony
        pir aisa kya hua jo itna khooon baha

        sadko p shayad hi koi hindu chillaya ho ki
        ” hum kya chahte azaadi
        azaadi ka matlab kya ”
        and i think u knw d rest

      • PeaceForAll

        I am not sure which version of History u referred before posting such non-sense, illogical and completely ignorant comment (won’t b surprised if u have been taught in some madarsa)!!.. ok.. now talking about some real history of kashmir let me enlighten u first… Sultan Sikandar Butshikan of Kashmir (AD 1389–1413), The Tarikh-i-Firishta records that Sikandar persecuted the Hindus and issued orders proscribing the residency of any other than Muslims in Kashmir.The Tarikh-i-Firishta further states: “Many of the Brahmins, rather than abandon their religion or their country, poisoned themselves; some emigrated from their native homes, while a few escaped the evil of banishment by becoming Mahomedans. After the emigration of the Brahmins, Sikundur ordered all the temples in Kashmir to be thrown down. Having broken all the images in Kashmeer, (Sikandar) acquired the title of ‘Destroyer of Idols’”… he is the one who destroyed famous Martand Temple (sun temple).
        “Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam and were massacred in case they refused to be converted’,” writes Hasan, a Muslim chronicler. He further observes, “And Sikandarpora (a city laid out by Sultan Sikandar) was laid out on the debris of the destroyed temples of the Hindus. In the neighbourhood of the royal palaces in Sikandarpora, the Sultan destroyed the temples of Maha-Shri built by Praversena and another by Tarapida. The material from these was used for constructing a ‘Jami’ mosque in the middle of the city.”
        “Towards the fag end of his life, he (Sultan Sikandar) was infused with a zeal for demolishing idol-houses, destroying the temples and idols of the infidels. He destroyed the massive temple at Beejbehara. He had designs to destroy all the temples and put an end to the entire community of infidels,” puts Bharistan-i-Shahi.
        In his second Rajtarangini, the historian Jonraj has recorded, “There was no city, no town, no village, no wood, where the temples of the gods were unbroken. When Sureshavari, varaha and others were broken, the world trembled, but not so the mind of the wicked king. He forgot his kingly duties and took delight day and night in breaking images.”
        Writes Ajit Bhatracharjee, “Sikandar (1389–1413) equalled the most blood-thirsty and iconoclastic Muslim conquerors anywhere in his zeal to obliterate all traces of the Hindu religion and convert its followers to Islam on pain of death. Temples were levelled and some of the grandest monuments of old damaged and disfigured. Thousands of Hindus escaped across the borders of Kashmir, others were massacred.” He further records, “Hindu temples were felled to the ground and for one year a large establishment was maintained for the demolition of the grand Martand temple. But when the massive masonry resisted all efforts, fire was applied and the noble buildings cruelly defaced.” According to M.Mujeeb, Sikandar, the iconoclast of Kashmir, made forcible conversions a sustained political policy.
        Puts A.K. Mujumdar, “These Sufi Muslim immigrants brought with them that fanatic iconoclastic zeal which distinguished Islam in other parts of India, but from which Kashmir was happily free up to this time.” He further records, “Sikandar’s reign was disgraced by a series of acts, inspired by religious bigotry and iconoclastic zeal for which there is hardly any parallel in the annals of the Muslim rulers of Kashmir.

        According to the oldest extant book on Kashmir, ” Nilmat Puran “, in the Satisar lived a demon called Jalod Bowa, who tortured and devoured the people, who lived near mountain slopes. Hearing the suffering of the people, a great saint of our country, Kashyap by name, came to the rescue of the people here. After performing penance for a long time, the saint was blessed, and he was able to cut the mountain near Varahmulla, which blocked the water of the lake from flowing into the plains below. The lake was drained, the land appeared, and the demon was killed. The saint encouraged people from India to settle in the valley. The people named the valley as Kashyap-Mar and Kashyap-Pura. The name Kashmir also implies land desicated from water: “ka” (the water ) and shimeera (to desicate). The ancient Greeks called it “Kasperia” and the Chinese pilgrim Hien-Tsang who visited the valley around 631 A. D. called it KaShi-Mi-Lo “. In modern times the people of Kashmir have shortened it into “Kasheer” in their tongue.

      • AMIT

        Agree with most the things. What the solution is?? And all u ppl hav same rights as i have in delhi. You can go anywhere and just realize why kashmir is in such a bad condition

      • @nitz19arg

        are you retarded? do you know what History means, how to study it?

      • Ashraf Kashmiri

        u are wrong if u dont know then dont disqus plz

        tell me who says u or where u read kashmiris were converted through force

    • Ashraf Kashmiri

      i think u are not human and u have need more study.

  • BowerikWowbagr

    Waiting for part 2. most impressive work yet, reminds me of Moebius and Herge.. Wah huzoor, iska bhi zaayka bahut umda!

    • nbjbdjsh

      Herge??? That’s an insult!

  • Merlin

    The IRON MAN was like a shocking surprise, a comical surprise.A great work by the author indeed,absolutely mind-boggling.

  • Raelindia

    A very well compiled one. Great going

  • anky

    i just hope, one of your part will cover tha injustice been done with indians living in jammu leh and ladakh …irony is , kashmiris are living kingsize life,where as people from jammu leh ladakh aint getting anything .be it govt jobs, or medical eng seats ,,even in politics,,,Cm is always a kashmiri,,,,

    • Akshay Razdan

      dude ppl o kashmir are not living a king sized life

      kashmiri migrants are also part o ua “KASHMIRI” grp. and i dnt c ne way deir life is good.
      more than that y r u calling pplz living in laddhak and jammu “indians”
      ppl living in kashmir and all the kashmiris are as much indian as u r
      i am a kashmiri Pandit and i know how it is jb apke hi mulq k log aapko apna maan ne se mana kar de

  • Saganist


    Not all Indians can read Hindu.
    it’ll be really helpful if you guys can translate this into English.

    Mallu 😛

    • Ram singh yadav

      Hindi 😛 not hindu!

  • Sumit You are a Genius……Extra Ordinary Creativity & Art work…..All the Best!

    • Thanks! 🙂

      • coolguy

        oh Sumit u are divine

  • s

    amazing. beautifully simple, entertaining and funny. i’ve read the story a couple of times, and even in a twisted way such as in a Salman Rushdie book. But this has to be the best rendition! brilliantly done.

  • AB

    Brilliantly done Sir! A friend suggested me TV ki kahaani which was superb as well. Getting hooked to your comics!

  • anon

    Nice brainwashing. the pathans never harmed people of their community i.e muslims only hindus and others were raped , looted and killed .

    • Akshay Razdan

      not true


    …just a little non comment Mr. Author. Kashmiri brahmis were non vegetarians even before Islam arrived on the planet. We even offer mutton as “PRASHAD” after the night long Shivrathri puja and meditation, so the “Dharam Brtasht ,in the kasimiriat slide where a HIndu priest is telling a kasmiri pandit not to have meat …..is ABSOLUTE “BULLSHIT”

    • Ram singh yadav

      This pseudo secularism they have to place inside to placate the minority readers. Don’t worry. I have came to accept this.

    • Kasimpilla

      What you don’t get is that forces of hindutva in India would much rather have kashmiri hindus follow their own arya samaji ways than what they’ve been doing. What the author is trying to say is that meat-eating is culturally a matter of kashmiriyat rather than religion. So you might want to reconsider what absolute bullshit is.

      • Defacto

        HInduism is not a “its either my way or there’s the highway” cult, nor is it a “don’t agree us and our book and we’ll kill you” religion. In Hinduism each individual has a certain freedom which they don’t try to impose on others. You seem to be very ill informed, as if Arya Samaj dominates the rest of India, which it doesn’t. Kashmir Shaivism is an important School of thought in Hinduism that was born in Kashmir. India is predominantly Vaishnav.
        And Kashmiri Hindus were never brainwashed like the Kashmiri Muslims, by Deobandi Clerics from the rest of India & across the border.

      • Akshay Razdan

        my dear frnd kashmiriyat is something only a kashmiri ll understand
        not every one in kashmir is a non-vegetarian.
        so meat eating is not kashmiriyat…

    • Akshay Razdan

      bilkul sahi panditji

  • shekhar

    nice work..know cashmir in deep through little effort..well its a smart work by sumit kumar but more stuff was expected to express..

  • Excellent.. LOC however was established during 1971 war. Not during the accession

  • jus finished part 3 and now going for other 2 parts…superb

  • As far as I know Indian Army didn’t establish Line of Control. It was UN ceasefire which established it Search wikipedia and watch movie sardar…

    • coolguy

      oh god…can you stfu

  • I was expecting a response for “I have an army” with “We have a Hulk” :-)…Splendid work

  • Correction

    Page 12 the word “received” is spelled wrongly. Nice story.

  • Ankit

    One of the best Work I have ever seen. Superb!!!!

  • Vaibhav Mehrotra

    What a brilliant representation of annexure of states into India, and depiction of Sardar Patel as IRON Man was awesome. The Kashmir story is also told in actual, and is depicted beautifully. Kudos

  • Prateek Porwal

    a nice read…epic and brillant..

  • Iam Hindu

    Nice Work..but author ignored the tortures which was faced by kashmiri pandits and other kashmiri hindu families..

  • Arijit Dutta

    This is super stuff boss. Loved it.

  • Shantanu Chauhan

    An enjoyable read…

    • coolguy

      ok..you can move ahead now

  • Nisha Saxena

    wen is part 2 cmin???

    • coolguy

      sorry??…did i hear u wrong?

  • ravi .

    Superbly explained!!! Hatsoff…loved the depiction and storyline…Shows how little an average person knows about the reality of situation..
    Though would have loved if it had even prior to 1800/1900 events or story

  • prachi

    Its good… n quite enlightening…. but can be better… by better cartoon representation…… n more facts being explored

  • Vaibhav Maheshwari

    great work guys. Young india needs education on kashmir, pakistan, international relationships.

  • teakwood

    this is actually a load of whack. the everyday people of kashmir arent like this at all, ignoramus.

  • Soumendra

    the blend of Historical facts and comical art is a masterstroke

  • coolguy

    There are times when i’m compelled to state – ‘these traitorous KP’s deserved it’…but then we have to also think of our Dogras, Leh, Ladakhi’s, Kargil etc.etc….

  • Madhur

    This is Great Work !!!
    Comic Division
    And Bang on High quality Humour

  • R Bhatnagar

    typo page 7: there was a king in britain, not queen in 1947