I Agree With Subramanian Swamy

From calling Sonia a KGB agent to linking voting rights with religious ancestry, Subramanian Swamy shares his many views. Also the “naxalite-compliant” Team Anna & how facial hair is a sign of Naxal leanings. We agree!

From calling Sonia a KGB agent to linking voting rights with religious ancestry, Subramanian Swamy shares his many views. Also the “naxalite-compliant” Team Anna & how facial hair is a sign of Naxal leanings. We agree!

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  • Rohit Sridhar

    Abhinandan, what do you mean by, “I” don’t get it, “I” don’t understand???? You must remember that “you” are an anchor, and ‘your’ job is to pose questions and elicit responses for the audience. Isn’t that the fundamental job of the media- to act as a conduit between masses and politicians? All anchors have gotten derailed in self-assuming vanity…that’s the real curse of the pseudo-democracy that India today is…where the very pillars that claim to be neutral are so lop-sided, prejudiced and self-engaged that they fail to discharge their basic duties. Very disappointing interviewing skills indeed.

    • Max

      Fire Abhinandan, he doesn’t improve. I felt like I watched someone from a news channel who conducts the debate to deliberately guide it towards trivial and misleading arguments.

      • wey

        i agree with misleading arguments part

    • Richa

      I completely second you opinion. I think the questions are presumptuous, skewed and takes the audience for granted. I do not see this interview any different (or even worse than) from the main stream media talks. It just assumes that the viewer is a complete fool and needs to be spoon spoon fed to side the interviewees opinion. Watch her Tavleen Singh interview. It is clear that Abhinandan has his biases. However, what makes it worse is when he makes it so explicit where he crosses all the limits of etiqoettes and starts making scathing remarks such as on her accent etc. It is absolutely appalling to see how he disrespects Tavleen and the viewers.

      • nikhil

        if you can have your biases and support this lunatic who runs a one man party in TN, why cant the media have any biases?or is being lunatic a right wing prerogative:)

    • Sam

      I think here people are not taking into consideration the format of the show “I agree”, where the anchor unlike other news anchors is not going to hold up his guests up for ransom after questioning, and just get their answers/opinions and say “I agree”. It’s difficult to do a hard core interrogation in this format though he does poke his guests a lot with tongue in cheek remarks or questions.

    • Devi Prasad

      I have to agree with this

  • K R Vaishampayan

    That was hilarious! It was more fun than any serious discourse. Dr. Subramanian Swamy was too big a fish for Abhinandan. But all the same, it was infintely illuminating to hear Dr. Swamy on some viatl subjects related to India’s future. Pity, Dr. Swamy is too individualistic and brooks no opposition. He is an ideal combination to be PM of India. But unfortunately, entire political spectrum is ranged against him for some correct and many an not-so-correct reasons. And that’s our ill-luck so to say. But thanks News Laundry for such delightful interview. KRV

  • Aman


    1. You got balls, have to give you that, Nobody else from the mainstream has dared to bring up Issues like Sonia with Swamy.

    2. How about a more detailed interview with Swamy discussing the content on his website.

    3. You need to do a little more research on your guests and not go by what is available in the mainstream media(ironic). Other sources like foreign publications, court records etc.

    4. Would like to see you assert yourself more during interviews, some of your guests took liberties that are usually reserved for very junior or novice interviewers, case in point Tavleen Singh sort of cleaned your clock didnt she?

    5. Its okay to be politically incorrect, that is what will make newslaundry work.

    6. Also your left leanings are clearly visible(even though you try hard to portray a centrist position) in most of the media you’ve appeared on. Try and hire a few people from a more right point of view otherwise you may end up like an ndtv or ibn which is great for tv barons but sort of defeats the purpose of a whistleblower portal. Do remember most of your hits would be from people who are somewhat fed up (read disgusted) of the shit spewed on TV by left, liberal, corrupt channels, so give em a reason to revisit.

    7. Pls Advertise, you guys are bit too tame for my liking but I cant recommend you enough. But most people havent heard of you, where are the ads on google, online news portals and I dont think you guys have an SEO department!!

    Heres hoping for more hard hitting content and a couple of million unique views for you guys.

  • Delightful interview!

  • I suppose it was too much for Abhinandan to digest ….lol…anyway secularism followed by many in the media is nothing short of escapist and shallow in thought! Swamy as is known is clear in his thoughts

  • Abhinandan/Nikko….. a sincere advice: this idea that you and Prashant have come up is a real gem. And, I as most of your viewer here would def. like to applaud you here. But, mate being a good creative head and being a good anchor are two different things. And, despite being a veteran in the field you are still unable to differentiate yourself from your inherent belief. Which shows on camera and in recent times has become more profound. And, this is despite the fact that you have been told about it even on this site’s interview’s itself many times in some really good feed-backs, so you have to unfortunately accept that something might be wrong at your end too.

    So a very small input to Rupak and Sarin from an avid watcher and well-wisher, that please advice him to make some drastic changes to his tongue-in-cheek style which at times without the backing of necessary wealth of real knowledge looks abusive at times. And, if that is not possible then ask him for the good of the whole concept to make way for some other better person.

  • Nishant

    Abhinandan, consider yourself very lucky to have this man in front of you, and consider me a internet hindu/troll….. but If you don’t recognize this man’s strength today, tomorrow it would be too late, you will ask yourself a question, how did I miss that …. it was so easy… And most importantly you seemed to have forgotten how to give respect to elders, look at your body language, crossing your legs as if you are some hot shot anchor? Sit right! That is a very respectable person sitting in front of you. That’s why Mr. Swamy wants you morons to understand the importance of Hinduism, which your leftist ideologue will never comprehend.

  • SubmyAss

    One joker interviewing another!

  • Hrishikesh

    “I am a Professor and I am used to Definition” Nicely said and a tight slapped. By Swamy

  • Abhishek Rao

    Swamy digusts me! I am a proud hindu and I cherish by my Hindu ideals.One basic tenets of Hinduism that bigots like Swamy miss is the fact is Hinduism is religion which works on the premise of “Vasudeva Katumbhkam”-One world family. It is all inclusive and stands for spiritual values like compassion, love and brotherhood. People like Swamy are contorting this beautiful way of life into an ideology which suits their paranoia. Go read and the scriptures and understand Hinduism first!

    • Aware Indian

      “Vasudheva Kutumbakam” (at least get the term right) and the spiritual inclusive values it represents, like universal compassion, love and brotherhood, are all well and good. But they do not continue being relevant or applicable to all situations, especially one in which your society is under attack from nomadic desert tribes whose sole aim and purpose is your total and utter destruction. Go and read the Bhagavad Gita which is one of the foremost scriptures of Hinduism you are appealing to. During times of conflict, sometimes it becomes necessary (and morally correct) to even kill your own brothers and first cousins. The forces Indian society finds itself up against today are even more evil and bloodthirsty than the Kauravas of the Mahabharat. Swamy may not be 100% correct in all his views and opinions, but at least he is on the right side.

      • Abhishek Rao

        I wish for your speedy recovery. Your little paranoid mind has gotten better of you.. You can easily point out a spelling (We north indians do not have a penchant for adding H in every word, so do not dare tell me the terminology). It is because of paranoid twats like you that we have so much wrong in this country..Call yourself Unaware Indian, coz’ thats what you really are!

        • Aware Indian

          LOL, what an idiot you are. Thoroughly destroyed in all aspects of logic and in the argument, you are now resorting to nonsense and personal abuse. Ha ha!

          • Niranjan

            As if u werent resorting to all that.

  • Satyam Sharma

    Dr. Subramanian Swamy (not unlike Ram Jethmalani) is one of those persons for whom it is difficult to tell whether one likes them or dislikes them (and reactions can be extreme both ways). Personally, just when I find myself in violent agreement with his statements and actions on several issues, his stand on certain other issues turn out to be such that one can only vehemently disagree. I suspect he is himself a person of inherent contradictions, which is obvious if one follows his personal political history (starting with JP’s anti-emergency movement and stint in Morarji Desai’s govt while remaining friendly to RSS but unfriendly to Atal Behari Vajpayee; then fallout with BJP/RSS and jump on to Rajiv Gandhi’s camp and becoming a staunch Nehru-Gandhi family loyalist; then subsequent fallout with Sonia Gandhi in the post-Rajiv Congress and political intrigues with Jayalalitha against Vajpayee’s NDA govt; and finally embracing RSS all over again and joining hands with BJP and NDA).

    Overall a good interview, and unlike several other commentators here, I would actually like to commend Abhinandan Sekhri for holding his own (and getting his valid points across) against someone as intellectual and combative as Subramanian Swamy. He rightly called out the fallacies inherent in Dr. Swamy’s radical proposal to disenfranchise non-Indian-origin religious minorities unless they accept and embrace their Hindu ancestry — not only does that not make sense for orphans, but also rules out immigrants from other countries ever becoming full naturalized citizens of India! However, let me also take the opportunity to educate Abhinandan on certain other aspects during this interview where he was factually incorrect with wrong understanding or perceptions of historical facts:

    1. There is nothing bizarre about Sonia being paid by the KGB for services rendered during the height of the Soviet Union’s influence in domestic Indian politics. Abhinandan is not a junior intern or newbie journalist — surely he is also aware of the “Vasily Mitrokhin archive”, and how several other members of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty such as Indira and Rajiv themselves, over several decades, have been paid millions and billions of dollars by the KGB to do the USSR’s bidding during the cold war.

    2. Vaishnavism and Shaivism are not the only philosophies of India’s ancient Dharmic traditions (I would refrain from using the term “Hinduism religion” which is a European invention to make up for their failure to comprehend historical Indian philosophy and thereby mis-categorize it as a “religion”). Google around and read up about the huge material on “Carvaka”, the first well-researched atheistic philosophy in the world and the spiritual and philosophical predecessor of later atheist philosophies such as Jainism and Buddhism, paradoxically categorized as one of the traditions of the “religion of Hinduism” (now you see why the latter phrase does not make sense?).

  • when Subbu is sitting just 2 ft away in front of u, why do u want to make it appear as if he is somewhere far off, why this drama? Abhinandan, irrespective of ur irreverent and inconsiderate views becoz of ur age and background, ur sincerity and honesty shines thru ur eyes. Dr.Swamy is our version of Hassan Nisar. U may hate hi or like him, but cant ignore him!

  • Shri

    Sekhri is pathetic! watch out man! Tavleen Singh will definitely eat you out for breakfast

  • Dhobi Miyan

    I agree with Mr. Swami here, Indian Muslims surely have an Hindu ancestry, what else can be the reason behind the caste system and idol (dargah) worship prevalent in Indian Muslims? And no one should have an objection to admit a fact that we were living in dark ages before we discovered light. Should one be proud of dark past or bright present? Its a matter which should be left to the individual.


    DR swamy is perfectly right when he says that pakistan was created for muslims who did not want to co exist with hindus and i am sure if the pseudo secular politicans are not allowed to create communal vote banks the muslims in india would only be very proud of their rich hindu heiratage instead of claiming arab afgan persian as their ancestors and south indian muslims declaring urdu as their mother tongue and trying to dress like arabs further dr swamy is absolutely right the common heiratage of all indians is a very powerful binding force to make the country very powerful just like the united states in the first 150 yrs when people from one part of the world who c spoke the same language and followed more or less the same religion

  • spandan

    Hi interviewer, this was a nice interview. I like the way your reaction to swamy’s rhetoric shines through; I find him to be similarly random, and its good that you show it to his face.

    The fanboy comments are too funny. We need a back to the future machine – send Swamy back to 10th century to fight the Ghori-ghaznis – so that the new India of the 20th century has peacefull hindu voters.

  • Raghav

    Abhinandan goes out of way to prove that he is just a stupid kid with no historical perspective, who also is incompetent enough not to do any homework or background research on the topics that he discusses with experienced,knowledgeable and elderly people.

  • Pagadala

    Madhu can you please do this interview yourself? this young fellow is a novice he is indulging in discussion rather than eliciting Swamy’s views.

  • puneet

    now whats the diff. b/w nl and ndtv.long hair with naxal-ism,he gave a theory but you wrote it in front as if its more important than sonia and rahul mayno issue.

  • ForzenIndian

    I thought abhinandan will almost cry in between the interview.

  • Vikram Krishna

    the interviewer is too vague.not worth!! Madhu Trehan is better

  • Abhishek kumar

    This person has always been too difficult to talk to…

  • wonderful work !!! Im-Pressed 🙂

  • Niranjan

    Good interviews are made when the interviewee and the interviewer has a good amount of respect for each other. In this case neither of them had much respect for the other. Atleast Abhinandan tried his best to show it. But then the close up of his face gave it all away.

    Anyways “Having a beard is a necessary condition and not a sufficient condition”. EPIC!!

  • Ppl here want the interviewer fired because they think they are better. Must be a bunch of journalism grads lurking around without much to do.

  • subramanian.swamy@gmail.com

    Subramanian swamy GO TO HELL

  • Aditya Hari

    Mr reporter with balls,

    At one instance you used ‘how can you even think of that’, to counter Swami’s argument that muslims who dont acknowledge their hindu ancestry in the voting form, dont have that right to vote, after all voting is not a fundamental right, its JUST a right.”

    With this statement Mr Swami left himself open to all journalists for potshots, but you chose to engage him in a battle of morals, “how could you even thing of that, sir”.

    Does being a journalist warrant being high on secular morals or objectivity?
    And Voting is a fundamental duty, It is greater than any fundamental right. Go back to your class 8 NCERT books my friend because that right there was a knockout jab which you just missed.

  • Sai Deepak B

    Chidambaram is still not in jail but Swamy thinks he can play God and predict the future of others like him.

  • Sai Deepak B

    If you are disappointed with this interview, watch Karan Thapar’s interview of Dr. Swami. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uswfTdIRVg0

  • Shantanu Trivedi

    Hi All, Instead of criticizing Abhinandan, we should compliment him and NL for giving a platform to lesser heard but more capable intellectuals….Abhnandan can go through the feedback and see if he can make a few changes to his style…
    As always, Hats off to Swami Sir….I respect him from the core of my heart…..Jai Hind!

  • gutsoguest

    this guy is asking questions and doenst even know about aadi shankaracharya. well india was not a buddhist country ever,sorry, and aadhi shankarachararya did not convert. he mearly had arguements-which was an norm much before aadi shankara (gargi-yagnavalkya). aadi shankara took the best from karma and dharma and re-established the advaitha principles that existed. he introduced the concept of manasa puja, manasa choryam,etc. buddhisam was more non-karma, no if everyone goes begging who will work? it had very bad implications on the people as buddhists were favored for political reasons. watch “chanakya” – its excellently depicted. that makes me think, hindus were always targeted 🙁

  • Vivek Vishal

    Almost all the comments here support Dr Subramanium Swamy and are negative about the interviewer. I hope/believe that interviewer and newslaundry reads them too and understands the people’s mood without calling them Modi’s paid PR which media is always upto.

  • Vineet

    Well, yet another extremist with strong opinions on sensitive subjects. Lol, he says 70-80% of Indians agree with him. Its only doubtful if even 40% of us know him.

    This man is powerful, strong-headed, confident politician but is he so important?

  • kalalechronicle

    I’m late by 2 1/2 years in watching this video. Brave try Abhinandan, though I can’t help but feel that you bit more than you could chew. Madhu Trehan should have interviewed somebody like Subramaniam Swamy. You can’t bring up issues like Hindu ancestry in a 20 minute interview ! There isn’t enough time to discuss it. Your sarcastic grin, “oh I see” comment won’t be sufficient for somebody like Swamy. Trying to be a politician and journalist at the same time won’t do justice to either of the fields even if the intent is genuine. It clearly affects your questioning pattern and the dialogue which happens in response.

  • dev

    sekri tries to be oversmart.swamy should have given him the way tavleen singh.