Wakudoki India?!

TOI doesn’t disappoint. Sells off its mast-head AGAIN and adds to the list of words we associate with the paper.


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  • Hirsute Hippo

    Merely exercising some skepticism here; but what’s the deal with the difference in hue between the left and right hand sides of the image? Scanning artefact?

  • Anonymous

    Looking at the front page, the masthead probably wasn’t the only bit that TOI sold yesterday … I can easily spot one more news “story” that looks clearly like a paid, govt-sponsored “hit job” :-)

  • Bavalat Manus

    hi NL team I am the most stupid person on the earth so I dont understand the implicit message and get easily confused. Here you presented the fact that the TOI sold its masthead. Can you please elaborate why shouldnt they sell it. I am just asking for my personal clarification and have no ulterior motif.

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