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  • round and round we go . . . and where do we get to?
  • Haj pilgrims at Lucknow airport . . .
  • They were there to catch the local commuter train to work ... I was there shooting the Maharaja Express for an American travel mag ... We were all shivering in Delhi's winter ... 4 degrees and ice-cold wind for company .. Brrr ...
  • The famous fruit-chat walla at Shahjahan road (next to UPSC) ... went there after years and delighted to find the chat is still as good as ever ... :-)
  • Bored and exhausted air travellers ... Or should I say victims of Airline incompetence.
  • I love photos which allow the viewer to make up their own stories ... So here you go .. Make up some of your own .. :-)
  • 6.10 pm at the Metro entrance . . peak hours . . streaming crowds . . one rare moment with no one on the stairs . . except this pensive looking person . . I happen to be there that instant . . 5 seconds later she is joined by her friend . . and her mood changes to smiles and laughter . . the crowds start stream past again . . the window closes . . but the photograph is made . .   a question lingers in my mind, is this photograph a lie about the situation or the truth about the moment . .
  • Reaching for the stars . . . or setting the stage for them . . .
  • "... And if we can't solve your problem then He is always there. But maybe you should go directly to him and not bother us"
  • Menacing ... A personal phobia I may never grow out of ...
  • 5.30 am. Delhi airport. Seems from another time. And another place.
  • Construction worker at Powergrid site in Bina, M.P.
  • Saw her at Bhopal airport ... Absolutely loved her style ... The detailing on her burqa was exquisite too .. Couldn't catch that in this photo ...
  • 2 things, which have affected people’s lives positively in recent times - mobiles and the Metro. And importantly, in a truly democratic way unlike a lot of other things which spell progress for only a few.
  • all dressed up for a Sunday outing to the Gurgaon malls . . lovely :-)
  • A rhythm of life now lost to the urban walas ...
  • Churan aur Achar ki dukan wala. Near Sonepat on the highway. The blue tint is because of the plastic awning in front of the shop ...
  • And that is all they have to say.
  • Totta Aam on the left for Rs 20 per kilo. Badam Aam on the right for Rs 40. In the market of a small town called Vidisha in MP. Wonder what they cost in our big bad city.
  • The repose . . the tranquility . . could well be deceptive as a 'life statement' but does seem apt for the moment . .
  • This however, is the artistic endeavor of an individual ... It's a pleasure observing the innate genius for retail display of the rehriwala and the chapparwala ... :-)
  • Had gone to Pragati Maidan to check out the venue for the Street Photography workshop I was doing the next day... It's titled "Colour, Composition & the Moment" ... All 3 came together in the car park ... :-)
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I Phone-Giri

The constant availability of the phone and its camera allows for a form of “visual note-taking”, both casual and liberating.

Dinesh Khanna, a professional Photographer for over 20 years, and co-founder of Nazar Foundation and the Delhi Photo Festival. Besides doing advertising, corporate and editorial assignments his personal work has been shown in various solo and group shows in India and around the world. He has also published 2 Photo Books called 'Bazaar' and 'Living Faith' and is presently working on 2 others - 'Benaras. Everyday in Eternity' and 'Mothers & Daughters.'

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  • MAV

    This is so cool! World is a dazzling place indeed!

  • Dinesh…just loved your notes…. and the pictures…..the variety of subjects were nice though travel seemed to be a connecting thread….Nice!!

  • Photo Follower

    These are some of the crappiest images I have seen in recent times. Dinesh you need a refresher on composition, lighting and expressions,

  • Rajiv

    Agree with Photo follower. Why blur images on photoshop to create depth of field? You are passing off stuff you haven’t achieved.

  • Dinesh, have you used instagram on any of these?

  • Samrat Roy

    kisi din maar khayega ye… bahut photos leta hai ladkiyo ki 😀
    Although I loved the ones of a train and a truck.