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Shashi Tharoor speaks on the "libelous" and unkind media, the US "not wanting a strong UN secretary general at the UN", tailoring his conscience & exercises in empty symbolism, whether he feels he may not get a portfolio in the govt, being a cricket-nut and kissing Mira Nair!

Shashi Tharoor speaks on the “libelous” and unkind media, the US “not wanting a strong UN secretary general at the UN”, tailoring his conscience & exercises in empty symbolism, whether he feels he may not get a portfolio in the govt, being a cricket-nut and kissing Mira Nair!

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  • Dinipc

    How about asking him if he was enjoying his sweat equity?

  • Dinipc

    The United States were uncomfortable with a Muslim sympathizer as the UN secretary general!

  • gauravagr

    Well I am new to this website thanks to WSJ post, and have watched only two interviews on this site, Subramanyam Swami and of course Shashi Tharoor. I think your interviewer needs to research more, and should make his points more boldly, it looks as if someone has given him a list of questions to ask, he fails in cross questioning, he repeats same points instead of making some genuine arguments. Although he is really makes interviewer and audience comfortable making it more of a talk or discussion, so it’s overall good to watch.

  • US did not want a strong UN Secretary General….as they saw in Sashi Tharoor…………statement of the decade……lol

  • Ramesh Bhat

    Check out from minute 27: Tharoor is wrong: Keynes said govt must spend when pvt sector refuses to spend because markets are shrinking in a recession. Austerity in India was for govt expenses on ministers & bureaucrats on LPG, diesel, phone bills and foreign trips. Again he is wrong when he says difference between Economy & Business class is marginal.

    So, Govt must spend on projects, Dig a hole and cover it up using labor. He might not have meant go have a holiday using business class tickets or have an office in a 5 star hotel for months on end because the External affairs ministry was not good enough.

    Finally on Indian MP’s being among the lowest paid, If Mr. Tharoor ever worked in pvt sector he would know somehting called CTC (cost to the company) Indiam MP’s cost to the country is very very high. Whether when the parliament is in session or not.

    Smart alec! Hope this is the last time he is anywhere near government.

  • Shambhavi

    awww!! love him for this interview, just the symbolism of it 😀 You have come a long way dear Abhinandan.

  • copyleft

    A Secretary General who might appeal above the Heads of Governments to public opinion” and “somebody who could go on television to appeal to people“!!!

    Whatever Mr.Tharoor’s qualities are -and I am sure he has many -humility is not one of them.

    People in this country were -‘were’ because it didn’t take long for the people of this country to see hyper-inflated ‘consultancy fees’ and mythical ‘sweat equity’ for what they were – enamoured by Tharoor as they perceived him to be a breath of fresh air in a field largely dominated by inarticulate village idiots and mindless thugs.Add to this his exceptional academic credentials – exceptional when contrasted with that of his peers whose median education level today stands at matriculation pass – and the people (read the English speaking people of this country) thought that Tharoor was cut from different cloth and hence merited their support.Tharoor, for his part mistook the deference extended to him by a pliant media as proof positive of ability to charm.

    As all good things,Tharoor’s charmed existence too had to end; and while Tharoor will no doubt be crestfallen at what happened to him, he can draw solace from the fact that had the theatre of his activities been anywhere but “Mera Bharat Mahaan” his omissions and commissions would have meant curtains for his nascent political career.

  • Armaan Nayar

    is he ever normal in front of camera? what crime your facial muscles has done mr. tharoor that you punish them with such repetitive extension. just relax them a bit. opt for MAUN VRATA a day. i have heard it gives patience to listen to others(though under deliberate compulsion) and thats certainly one of the dimension of humility. and i think you are the only author who has been in profession of DIPLOMACY for so long and has distinction of writing on it in a CHETAN BHAGT WAY which is absurd to capitulate for someone like me who has highest regard for diplomacy. you are no where close to people like sunil ganguly who writes intensively and offer an integrated analysis of IR. YOU SHOULD REDUCE THE DOMINANCE OF SHOBHA DE AND KHUSHWANT SINGH KIND OF GRADE B NOVELIST IN YOU PATTERN OF WRITING. And this OSB(OVERGROWN SCHOOL BOY) abhinandan seems to have problem with every good looking man on this planet. one day he was insisting to a vacuheaded FEMALE reporter in in an interview that she should not like rahul gandhi. DUDE, get a life, you concentrate more on looks than brain, may be because you are deficent in either of them ( physical deficiency is in hand of person but second one is curse). So please leave your college habits and conduct your self with some sense of professional maturity next time, .

  • indian

    Tharoor Congress ka chamcha….!!!

  • Urvi

    The difference between a business class ticket and economy class ticket is often marginal. – Shashi Tharoor.
    This is a statement which can only be made by someone who has an overflow of money in his/her bank account.

  • AT

    I’m really disappointed by this interview… u started with talking about if media is kind to him, and then go on do a cake walk interview. WTF… u interviewed the only person from Congress who speaks some content, and forgot to ask him about nepotism, corruption… Things that would be against his “liberal Western ideology”… When he said Rahul Gandhi gets elected because he conveys his ideas with passion… u didn’t follow up with a question…. Why did u let him go so easy? That’s no better than ndtv, etc….

  • vibhor

    Epic Moments: oh seriously, then what is rahul gandhi’s USP/charm? and shashi had to maintain a straight face to come up with something. Understandable
    ohh .. so..pratibha patil is the in-charge of our nukes.. wow.. that scares me..!!!
    hahaha.. can’t stop laughing!!
    Interesting interview overall.