Can You Take It Vinod Dua ?

Vinod Dua speaks to Madhu Trehan on how his refugee background influenced his work, the deference which was expected from interviewees during the DD era, dealing with censorship, how he refused to say "Good Sahara" and more...

Vinod Dua speaks to Madhu Trehan on how his refugee background influenced his work, the deference which was expected from interviewees during the DD era, the similarity between Playboy and a number of Indian TV channels, dealing with censorship, how he refused to say “Good Sahara” and more…

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  • c

    first karan thapar now vinod dua and a pot shot at the ‘Angry Tweeter’
    (vinod dua has reached here without a brother, father…..wasn’t writing a response enough?) . is NL a platform for settling yr personal score?

  • Same

    first time its like jock by NL to interview to this guy in this way, its seems like some old friends conversation, there is not a single question to get what he is and his work he do. totaly irrelevant interview. if he is so called independent then you can ask him about his association with channel and its propaganda run by this channel. totally Bollywood type interview

    • Shyam


  • Wonderful. Vinod Dua has become an institution and he deserves every bit of the adulation and fan following he has earned working hard all these years.

  • Aware Indian

    Good interview, but really, Madhu went soooo easy on this fox. Newslaundry should change its name if Madhu couldn’t even take somebody as despicable as Vinod Dua “to the cleaners” 🙂 Some thoughts on the interview:

    What “pressure” on Dua are we talking about? He is a media guy who plays Holi with the Italian Queen herself and already earns his keep by propagandizing Congressi nonsense. Who can “put pressure” on the one who has Sonia’s hand on his head? 🙂

    Loved the bit where Madhu exposed how Dua is a dishonest journalist who records his questions *after* recording the interview and even changes them! Also how he tampered and edited with Ramnath Goenka’s interview … disgusting, really.

    Through some parts of the interview, I could clearly sense a kind of frustration and bitterness in Dua that today he is just an employee of a news channel rather than owning one himself. After all the “hard work” he put in for “the family”, all he gets are lousy Holi sweets … but the TV channel licenses go to Prannoy Roy and Rajdeep Sardesai 🙂

    BTW, that bit about Doordarshan with stupid newsreaders and censorship and obsequousness towards the Nehru family is just as true today as well. When was the last time you heard CNN-IBN or NDTV say anything even remotely critical (forget damning) about the dynasty? If anything, “deference”, censorship and distortion of news has only increased in scope and intensity today … And it’s even more ironical that Dua did not name his own channel (NDTV) which everybody knows has an obvious pro-Congress political position!

  • What’s Vindo Dua doing these days?

  • greddy121

    Wow… according to Trehan, shouting is OK. Speaks loads about her.

  • Abhishek kumar

    This is how truth is spoken.

  • John Smith

    Ms. Trehan,

    You did not let Vinod Dua tell us the second reason why he left you. Instead you started a discourse on what you did not like about him. (And you did not like Vinod Dua having cut Ramnath Goenka short on why he, Goenka, was known as a hire-and-fire man. What an irony.)

    In most of interviews conducted by you (including the recent one with Meera Nair) one gets an impression that you have a compulsive desire to impress the viewers with your own points-of-view.

    Please do watch your interviews before you put them up online.

    • Deepak Kudapa

      Completely agree with you. And also it feels like she is proud about being held up for contempt of court. She always tells this to all the interviewees. She just feels like somebody trying to show how smart she is at everything.

      The only reason why I sit through her interviews is because of the interviewees. You hardly get from such great editors and senior journalists. But she keeps spoiling it by her own self glorifications.

      Madhu, why don’t you make a serious attempt to restrict yourself to less than 25% at least so that you let us listen you your guest.

  • jayesh

    vindoji me jab khurshidji ne narendra modi ko napushak kaha to me puchna chahta hu ki jab americal airport authority ne abdul kalam saheb ke kapde utar kar checking ki thi tab khurshid shaeb jo videsh mantry he unho ne kya action liya tha american ? tab unho ne such me apni mardangi dikhai thi ya napushkta

  • A.C. TULI

    Vinod Ji, you refer to your refugee background in your interview. But you were born in 1954, that is, seven years after Partition. So, if anyone in your family suffered from the scars of Partition, it must be your parents or your elder siblings, if you have any.

  • Eesh

    Vinod Dua’s stock in trade is anti BJPism.