Anna-cracy versus Media-cracy

Newslaundry Cartoon

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  • AB

    A bunch of Jokers called Team Anna seems to be complaining that another bunch of Jokers are not giving them enough coverage. Honest movements don’t get indulged in such tokenism and chicanery. I am expecting the buffoon Kejriwal to break his fast by inviting the Bhagoda (declared by Delhi HC) Imam Bukhari and John Dayal to prove a secular point. This country is not fit for discussing corruption and development, its best suited to discuss “Secularijm” where a corrupt, rapist, a known convict can wear that fake Secularism on his sleeves and nobody would point a finger. The way Arvind Kejriwal was making sly remarks against Modi (the best way to prove that you are secular), it seemed that after the good turnout on Sunday (that too cos of Ramdev), the entire Team Anna had a collective orgasm. Dishonesty begets dishonesty, thats what these stupid movement is all about. Pious platitudes full of Gandhian dramatics and theatrics with zero pragmatism. Enough to prove that Indians did invent “Zero”.