NL Interviews Shahid Siddiqui

Shahid Siddiqui opens up to Abhinandan Sekhri on his Narendra Modi interview, the English media being jealous of him, balancing journalism and politics, many journalists being paid agents, Mulayam being a pseudo-secularist and much more!

Shahid Siddiqui opens up to Abhinandan Sekhri on his Narendra Modi interview, the English media being jealous of him, balancing journalism and politics, many journalists being paid agents, Mulayam being a pseudo-secularist and much more!

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  • Rahul

    Summed up the crisis in media quite correctly…

  • Brajesh

    This is a really incredible interview. I truly liked the candid and honest response of Mr Shahid Shidique.

    His views on how the minority community, being used by political parties, just for votes. Till now we used to hear the word “Pseudo-Secularists” in TV interviews, Facebook, Twitter. Public/Neta would keep debating among themselves about which political formation in this country should be called Seculars/Non-Seculars. Shahid Shidique when speaks just as a journalist, gives the true picture of “Pseudos” in political formations of this country. He’s doing a great service to his fellowmen by opening their eyes with the lamp of knowledge.

    His views on “not-so-good-state” of media in this country also validates the public perception against media houses. He rightly points out the lack of courage in media houses these days. Why media doesn’t have the courage to report the truth? How corporates are controlling the media, and media acting as a tool to condition the minds of the people.

    His views on how a political party in this country functions are also very interesting.

    Keep up the good work “team newslaundry:.

  • critic

    Kitna interrupt karta hain yeh anchor……….

  • One of the finest interviews I have watched on NewsLaundry. The interview has completely changed my opinion about Shhid Siddique. It was difficult to believe earlier that someone associated with SP and BSP and their autocratic leaders could have mind of his own and survive. Shahid deserves all kudos for remaining squiky clean despite having lived in koyle ki kothri. A peron of his clarity and committment needs wider platform. He should consider starting a news/views portal in Hindi.

  • Smita

    haha.. I hope that’s tongue in cheekism, and not megalomanicism – where he says he changed his name because he did not want to be confused with Maulana Azad! Quite a fireball, he is!

    Agree with his views on media. His politics seems to have been a matter of convenience and opportunity for everybody concerned; hum paach hamare pachhees is not far from the truth – check latest census reports.You can’t hang Modi for speaking the truth; extra-judicial authority= indian journalists; undeniably, language media reaches out to the non-elite, hence more responsibility on them to avoid yellow journalism; Don’t like his biases, but an interesting interview, and some very good points raised.

    The interviewer can’t get over Modi, can he? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Smita


  • Sam

    Is Shahid Siddiqui willing to give an interview on Islam?

  • Mr India

    Abhinandan Sekhri is such a naive, innocent little kid.

    “Sanjay Nirupam leaving Shiv Sena and joining Congress” is a “360 degree turn or Hanuman chhalaang”?!

    I bet Abhinandan really thinks Shiv Sena is “communal” and Congress is “secular”. Ha ha ha …

    And the best one — “Congress, SP and BSP are not far from each on economic and social ideologies”?!?!

    Abhinandan boy, please tell me, *what* exactly are the “economic and social ideologies” of the Congress, SP and BSP? Do these parties even *have* something like an “ideology”?! Ha ha ha, this is so hilarious, I bet even Sonia, Mulayam and Mayawati will be holding their sides and laughing at this poor boy speculating that their family businesses (err … sorry, “political parties”) have “economic and social ideologies” :-))))

    Also, I wish Abhinandan could keep his personal political biases a bit more subdued than he has managed so far. Anybody seeing his work as a “journalist” (ugh, feels weird to call Abhinandan a journalist, but still …) can easily make out the far-leftist tendencies and rabid hatred for the BJP (specifically Modi). Of course, everybody is entitled to political opinions and leanings, but I wish he could keep his biases a bit more subdued whenever he dons his “journalist” hat for NL … just like how Madhu manages to do ๐Ÿ™‚

    In fact, I wish NL had 2-3 clones of Madhu Trehan so that she could take all the interviews of all the people on this website without having/needing to employ and delegate to immature amateurs like Abhinandan!

    • Kushal

      Sir, I guess Abhinandan does it purposefully. I remember his interview with Tahseen Poonawala where he led him to believe that he totally agrees with him.
      In a way he lowers the guard of the other person so that he can be bit more relaxed thats in turn helps abhinandan.

      Example of this “MAIN 18 Saal me editor ho gaya tha” .

      Sometimes i find subtle hints of black humor in his interview.

      Abhinandan Pls keep your good work.

  • Ani

    A brilliant interview!! Thank you Abhinandan for bringing Shahid Siddiquie to us!!!


  • Sachin Bhople

    Good interview. Very good point raised about the language media.

  • Mandeep

    Excellent interview. Mr Siddiqui comes across as thoughtful and honest journalist.