Bizarre Media Moment of the Week#22

Arnab and his hysterical nation.

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  • I used to think that journalists have to be neutral but arnav changed my thinking. Btw Ms Bedi was live also on Rajdeep Sardesai’s show at the same time as she was on this show.

  • leo

    Then the media persons creates a hue and cry, when the SC draws a line to avoid any misuse of there freedom…It is just impossible to understand that how can media be perceptive..?…Who are they to judge the situations, events, circumstances and above all the people of this nation..?..They are just behaving like the power centres of the country trying to create an atmosphere what they PERSONALLY feel is right or wrong…They simply reject the rationality of a common man…just because he is not a media person..Its simply pathetic and absurd to even comment on such media conjectures…They are just required to report the facts…Even if they hold discussions and debate..They need to conduct the programme…Needn’t conclude..that is what we will do..They also have indirect ways to do that….The headline shall be biased..if not delivering the message..then hinting towards…what they want us to believe…They just want to rule our thought- process….our beliefs…and our behaviour…They don’t even know the repurcusions

    Example…Few years back, a girl was made a superstar by these media houses, just because she sent back the baraat on his wedding day…Reasons given were…the boy was demanding dowry…The media got a jackpot..Girl and his family was turned to be the hero of the movie and the boy was declared the villain…just after the news broke on the channels

    The boy was booked under different sections…and off late, the trial court gave the verdict…that girl’s father planned the allegations just to save his face in public because the girl had a lover and she had decline to marry the boy (who was framed)…

    One can’t even wonder what trauma had he faced within his family and the society…Media houses got there TRPs…and that too…with brownie points…because they dint loose the opportunity when the verdict of the trial court came…they turned the tables round..girl was declared the villain…

    No verdict has been finalised…but medis trial made there life hell…and than these media person’s blame SC for drawing lines aginst there freedom of expressions…Agree or disagree….You deserve the same…And don’t try to argue the logic by saying that we have exposed many scams in the past..because no one disagrees with that…
    But even the constitution believes that you can set free hundreds of criminal…but its a heinous crime to charge even a single innoncent person..and that’s what media is doing..!!!