MMS Ki Shayari

NL Cartoon.

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  • RJ

    3rd class cartoon and even worse shayari.

  • Mukesh


  • Prat.Delhi

    Publisjing this Cartoon shows NL’s double standards. It says NL says it has ‘no abuse’ policy for comments, and publishes a cartoon which has ‘ maa ki’ pharase. That ‘s quite vulgar and hypocratic!

  • Jimmy Justice

    this is that Sekhri fellow’s shayari….how cheap can journalism get with such Shekri’s errr Shayari’s….truly a laundry of journalism…

  • Tree Hugger

    NL people seem to have problem with verbal abuses but not with pictorial vulgarities. What Trivedi depicted was far more filthier than the ‘maa ki’ phrase.

  • shayari ek dil ki baat

    Nice think and good collection ,thanks for sharing. more shayari and sms on

  • isha kansal