Can You Take It Manish Tewari?

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari talks to Madhu Trehan on how the CAG report on 2G is “hogwash”, what Nira Radia said about him is also “hogwash”, and how well he sleeps at night with a clear conscience. And more…

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari talks to Madhu Trehan on how the CAG report on 2G is “hogwash”, what Nira Radia said about him is also “hogwash”, and how well he sleeps at night with a clear conscience. And more…

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  • aditya jha

    very nice interview…. u rock manish!
    he is the only person who handles the rant of ravi shankar prasad, roody, javdekar

    • UPA2

      A fan of Manish Tiwari !!!. I think you are the 8th wonder of this world!!. You should be preserved in a mueseum somewhere. I would definitely pay for the ticket to watch this specimen.

      • Shrish

        @4b3f4973f5ceab315f3aca3f2271e41b:disqus – Agree to the fullest! Often his is the only sensible voice in media debates.

    • vijay

      this must be manish tiwari himself commenting with an pseudo name hahahaah

      • Chetan

        or a publisist carrying another professional brief

  • Smita

    Round and round and round and round like a jalebi – that’s how he speaks. It is difficult to make sense of what he is saying. His defence of his party’s viciousness in going after citizens who criticise the Government is indefensible. Most Congress spokespersons have the following qualities: gift of the gab, great upper class accented English, talent for lying with a straight face, a permanant sneer and self importance that can turn into holier than thou righteousness, dodging and aggressing, and unto death loyalty to royalty. And an additional talent in laughing crazily when you have no defence to put up, apparently. Ref: Renuka Choudhary

    • Aware Indian

      Brilliantly put, “unto death loyalty to royalty” 🙂 Another talent of Congress spokespersons that I may add is unentitled arrogance .. the arrogance part is obvious to anybody who has had to suffer Abhishek Manu Singhvi on TV, and unentitled because all these Congressi politicians invariably have absolutely NOTHING by way of qualification (other than dollops of loyalty to royalty, with a tinge of political cunning) that can justify even the slightest bit of self-pride (or even self-esteem).

      BTW, I cannot believe Madhu has diluted “Can you take it?” series by bringing in non-journalists, and the first political party spokesperson she could lay her hands on was this despicable clown (“filthy vermin” more like it) called Manish Tewari!

      Anyway, as they say: “MT mind is the devil’s workshop”…

      • Rakesh Mahto

        Please also add abusing who so ever is criticizing them.

    • Parthasarathy

      can’t agree more with you!

  • Smita

    He’s blaming the CAG for the toxic atmosphere! this is outrageous. I think I am about to have a fit.

  • Smita

    Ms Trehan is good here. Lots of hard questions, adroitly dodged by the subject.

  • Vikram

    Manish Tiwary is that sperm which should have been caught and carefully flushed away!

  • Ashish Khushu

    he does not come across as honest.long winding circuitous answers.

  • Udaya Kumar P.L

    Madhu, I think its a good interview. I can be more certain if there were a transcript of it to help me read it slowly, carefully, repeatedly and then decipher (try!) what he is saying !

    It would be even better if you can also add to the transcript the meaning of these words/phrases – dramatis persona, state instrumentalities, fiduciary capacity, deprecated, recluse, misconstrued, insinuate, contextualise, empathise, obfuscate ……

    Also, at 16:19, for about 10secs the video seems to have issues, at the exact point when he is trying to answer your question on non-answers ! Is that deliberate ?

  • Blog

    Manish thanks for accepting that all spokesperson carries a brief. Now we know that we can’t trust any debates on TV as they are not objective, spokes persons stick to their brief, hide truths or not highlighting full narrative. I believe it is same for news anchor also. This is a very dangerous trend. People are being fooled by politicians and media anchors. take for examples, jobs will be created by FDI in retail, but no one compares this figures with the job loss, job loss 44.2 million+ small kirana stores, job created 10 million, ultimate loss 33,2+ million

  • Troll

    When party spokespersons & lawyers speak, it’s safer to assume that they are lying until proven otherwise since it’s an occupational hazard for them and nice jibe at the end there Madhu!… “The PM sleeps a little too well”… 🙂

  • Illogical “hogwash”. Ms Trehan does not do a good job that I witnessed in her earlier interviews. Manish Tewari is the most negative person on the TV.

  • NeoAnderson

    You are amazing Madhu! Well structured questions and you grilled him good… “Politics is not a brief its a country…”

  • Mahendra

    CAG report a hogwash? we allocate and then they can sell it for profits, nobody should question our policy………..can’t stand his obnoxious prattle and warped logic.

  • Paddy


    As you mentioned in this interview, I am what you would call “an average viewer” and though this was a good attempt to get to know how the Congress deals with the media, there are a few things that I would like to highlight –

    1. It’s good that you invited a Congress spokesperson to discuss his job as a spokesperson given the “toxic” environment, and in typical Manish Tewari style, all I heard was words and some glib talking and could not find one take away item which would give us more insight on how he deals with the media on a daily basis.
    2. I am amazed how you said, ” …when any Govt is in power,the corruption levels are the same…”,pray tell me, how did you come to this conclusion? Congress is the most corrupt political outfit in India, so let’s call a spade a spade.
    3. Regarding Anna and his team and how they were questioned about their tax returns, etc – MT pontificates about if one expects openness and transparency then they should be held to the same standard; now, I cant tell you what you should and should not ask, but if I were you, I would have asked MT why when someone files an RTI seeking Sonia Gandhi’s tax returns, we are given this flimsy excuse of security concerns or such nonsense.

  • Shrish

    Manish Tewari is one of the finest orators of India. No wonder dumb people find him difficult to understand.

    • Aware Indian

      Hahahaha… I almost fell off my chair laughing…

      GOOD ONE 🙂

    • rahulArmy

      Manish using a fake identity praising himself. haha

  • raghav

    This fellow is a ffraud .

  • Ashok JahnaviPrasad

    A politician is an animal which can sit on a fence and yet keep both ears to the ground.

  • Ashoka Jahnavi Prasad

    In politics an absurdity is not a handicap-Napoleon Bonaparte

    Perhaps it is about time we had a new trade union representing the Indian political party spokespersons! Nowhere have I witnesses such egregious mendacity being presented as fact-and nowhere have I seen a breed persist with mendacity knowing fully well that it is being seen for what it is! And Madhu is right-there is no qualitative difference at all between all who fall into this category!

  • Vijay Shanker

    An ugly person, despite knowing the fact that he is ugly would always put blame on the mirror for being deceptive. Congress spokesman is doing the same thing by blaming CAG which is a good quality mirror as he has no other alternative to defend his govt as well as his part. It is as simple as to understand that no “Thug” would ever accept the fact in public that he is a “Thug” because being a Thug is his life line.

  • Madhu Trehan questioning Manish using examples equating BJP
    with congress is unfair, especially the usage of state instrument against
    Tehelka….I am afraid if it was true how
    could they miss the funding of Tehelka! It was a clear operation to pull the
    BJP plug by funds from…??? Manish for
    his efforts will now be a minister in a weeks’ time!

    • vijay

      from??? curious..

  • Roark

    When I was a of my relatives said…beta, netaon ki, police walon ki, journalists ki aur lawyers ki …na dosti achi aur na dushmani..i wondered about the reason…i concluded….they are dangerous because of being so powerful…lethal because of the lust for being the absolute one..and if they start juggling two hats..they turn highly inflammable…

    The irony is that..the general public…expect people from these professions to have high credibility, reliability…ethics and morals…and to survive in there profession and move up the ladder, especially when you have no Godfathers backing you up…the two most important unwritten rules are
    1)First rule says, always be ready to compromise with your morals, ethics and conscience.
    2) Second says….Never forget the first rule…!!!

    P.S- There are always exceptions..But exceptions never define the general rule..Also I have high regards for Mrs Trehan…She maybe fallible at places..but her credibility and integrity ,till date and to the best of my knowledge, is out of question …!!!

    • Aware Indian

      LOL, everybody knows that every Congressman not only has a Godfather (errr… *Godmother* nowadays), but in fact an entire (Italian, ironically!) Mafia-cum-royal-dynasty backing them up. Ah, what a charmed life Congressmen live … fool the minorities, win the elections, loot the country, blame the opposition, control the media, fool the minorities … (and the “virtuous” circle continues, for perpetuity, ad infinitum)

      • Roark

        Yeah, you are very much right…Also, the BJP which had its RSS goons for demolishing the Babri Masjid and then for 2002 riots…In fact these goons are not from an alien country but are actually been brainwashed and produced in RSS shakhas…Also, the goons of Mulayam Singh lead SP…who have turned UP into a deathbed in past 6 months after they came to power

        In fact, the media is also been used by all the parties in the very same manner…After the Tehelka expose, NDA led government went after the investors of the magazine ….with all Income Tax and ED raids…BSP supremo Mayawati never interacted with the media for past 5 years..but now is found holding press conferences..
        Mamta Bannerjee has taken a step ahead…in banning cartoons against her

        The fact is SP and Congress play there minority cards…BJP is busy in wooing upper class hindu voters…which was quite evident from the statement Advani made after Babri Masjid Demolition..”Had there been no Mandal..There would have been no Kamandal”…and BSP has used SC/ST as there trump card

        So, it doesn’t matter who the party is..It always matter what your faith is…A citizen have his loyalities towards a party not because they do some reforms or development..but because..some are anti-hindus..and others are anti- muslims..

        And for the same reason..I mentioned the two unsaid rules in my last comment…which every politician is taught in the very first class of there endevaour to Indian Politics..!!!

  • Praneet

    Still talking from his “spokesperson” mode – extremely distorted facts within the party, Kapil Sibal says its takes an average of 4-5 years to start mining whereas he says 7-8 years just to suit his own convenience. God save the country from these obnoxious lawyers!!!

    • Roark

      CORRECTION- They both said the same thing…Mr. Sibbal said that it takes 4-5 years in starting the mine work…and next few years for the power sector to set up there plant…Mr Tewari didn’t give a break up…:)


  • Excellent restraint shown by Madhu. very little narcissism on display in this interview. Perhaps it was because this wasn’t a journo she was interviewing.

    What I don’t know how anybody who talks to Manish Tewari does not slap him everytime he opens his mouth to say something 😛

  • rahulArmy

    This MT(gutter mouth) says whatever his party bosses tell him to say. Guess what I directly came down to the comments section to get a feel of this video, no need to see the video. All he will do is praise his congress paymasters.

  • Gwwtanshdutta

    There is no aspirin in this world for headache like manish tiwari.

  • advocating a loose case is hard man, specially defending on scams. English, English and only English, No facts.

  • rati parker

    This needs to correct his diction!… improve his pronunciation n Angrezi

  • rati parker

    Ofuscate… in Manish Tiwari lingo is obsufcate!! really pretentious so n so with a faux accent from nowhere!

  • trip

    I can not comment on honesty truth.i do not understand what ppl want to hear but he was brave in being candid watch him on tv u will see what i am sayin.I THINK if he circulates resume he can be the best spokesperson of any party in the world.

  • ahmed aboobakar

    my pet camel is so distressed after hearing MT speak that it wants to stuff its **** in his *****

  • Abhishek kumar

    This person was giving tangential answers. Madhu … you could have been tougher on him …

  • utsav

    cant love you more Madhu !
    I see a genuine concern on your face for the country.. Unlike any other reporter.

  • LVS

    Manish Tewari started making sense as soon as he shut his mouth!

  • Prof. of Vadranomics

    Be careful, he is thinking strongly about it.

  • He’s a master of beating around the bush !

  • Shabir

    Funny how she invited him as a spokesperson and he came as a future minister!!

  • manmohan

    can u take it Rahul Kanwal/ Deepak chourasia……………… them

  • RAJA SRINIVAS Anupindi

    kumar ketkar interview was any close to karan thapar inter view.

  • Sekhars

    what Manish is learning about the issues while spokesman ? nothing much. There are people who can’t learn much no matter what experience they have