The A-B-C of AIA/DMK

The inside story of the tiff between Jayalalitha & Karunanidhi. Part 1.

The inside story of the tiff between Jayalalitha & Karunanidhi. Part 1.

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  • ๐Ÿ™‚ Nicely done.

  • Shyam

    Haha, funny! Is that Abhinandan’s voice?

    Hope you cover the part about how these Dravida guys wanted the British not to leave India and how they wanted a separate Tamil ‘caliphate’ if you will!

    Interesting you used the word ‘atheist’ to describe the DK party people. That makes them sound like scientists! Its not a bad position to be and if they were really rationalists, I’d probably join them! But they’re not. They are just anti-hindus. You’ll never see them speak anti Christ or Allah, just the special love for the Hindu gods. Why you ask? There is that small thing of course, Hindus tolerate, others express their love for their stories more ‘vibrantly’ and demand others be ‘sensitive’ about them. Of course if Mulayam and Laloo are ‘Secular’, so are these guys.

    These guys actually thought Ravan was a Tamilian and Ram was an Aryan (!) from the North. Due to their anti-Ram, anti Hindu rhetoric, you can easily meet guys in the DMK named Ravanan. Sadly as their parents were fed false histories and outdated theories such as the AIT, the sons now are stuck with such names. (similar theories are still making rounds ironically and churned out by students of the same marxist historians who popularized AIT)

    The present day, the Church is happy to target people based on that shared cultural delusion and perpetuate that identity. The new gen of Dravidas actually think they are a new ‘race’ and how Jesus and Valluvar were from the same ‘stock’ and by choosing to ’embrace Jesus’ you are going back to your ‘roots’. Wow, Pepsi and Coke could learn ‘how to market fluff’ from them!

    It would make for an interesting study on the susceptibility of even otherwise intelligent humans to cooked up history and the power of repetitive storytelling even in the face of evidence otherwise.

  • This is just brilliant! Amazing! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I miss NL.

  • Raghu

    Nice one. Waiting to see how the story unfolds in part-II.

  • The Aryan Invasion Theory fabricated by the Europeans has created the Dravidian divide.
    Please read Breaking India by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra. All this aids in the conversion to Christianity by the same Europeans who plundered and pillaged the whole of India. We need to smarten up.

  • George

    This stupid video is made as though caste existed only in tamilnadu. Completely stupid and waste of time…

  • observer


  • Shan

    This is complete BS and waste of time

  • This is really good.


    The Dravidian movement, started with colonial and missionary funding and aid in 1916 (founding of the Justice Party in Madras, later renamed as Dravida Kazhagam) to counter the Freedom Movement, was based precisely on the AIT notion that the North Indians as well as the South Indian Brahmins were “Aryan invaders” who had stolen the land from the Dravidian natives. Militants of this movement roughed up Brahmins and Hindi-speaking people, and its leader Ramaswamy Naicker gained notoriety with statements like: “We will do with the Brahmins what Hitler did with the Jews.” When the Chinese invasion of 1962 made Indians aware of the need for national unity, the demand for a separate Dravidian state was abandoned, and the anti-Brahmin drive lost its edge as Brahmin predominance in public office diminished. Meanwhile, the AIT-related doctrines of this movement have started a second life in a section of the Dalit (ex-Untouchable) movement, which attacks upper-caste people as “Aryan invaders”, a notion which they could have borrowed directly from Dr. Zydenbos’s article. Here again, slurs of “Nazism” against the supposed “Aryans” mask a vision of Indian society directly rooted in the very views which generated Nazism itself.

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  • vibby

    where’s part 2??

  • Vinita Singh

    can we get the answer ,where is part -2