Can You Take It Kumar Ketkar?

Kumar Ketkar, Editor of Dainik Divya Marathi talks to Madhu Trehan on his biases, being against the politics of Shiv Sena, BJP and RSS, surviving life-threatening attacks and being sympathetic towards Indira Gandhi. And lots more...

Kumar Ketkar, Editor of Dainik Divya Marathi talks to Madhu Trehan on his biases, being against the politics of Shiv Sena, BJP and RSS, surviving life-threatening attacks and being sympathetic towards Indira Gandhi. And lots more…

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  • adityajha

    nice interview!!!

  • Nicely done by ketkar.

  • Rajat

    A few observations about Kumar Ketkar from the interview:
    1. He is proud of his biases and do not try to be objective in his reporting of the views through his editorials. While, I believe editor should put his views leaving all the biases aside for the benefit of readers.
    2. Mr. Ketkar wants to condemn movie “innocence of muslims” declaring it as unintelligent, stupid, and uncultured. He further adds that showing this movie on his channel will be below his dignity and it should be censored. However, he supports M.F. Hussain in the name of freedom of expression. For a normal person (like me), pictures of hindu gods drawn by M.F. Hussain were also unintelligent, stupid, uncultured, drawn with
    pervert mind, drawn with malicious intent to make fun of hindu gods, and made no
    contribution to art or any social cause. Mr. Ketkar do not apply same logic on both the cases that shows his bias or hypocrisy due to what ever reasons. It might be just blind opposition of BJP/RSS/Sena.
    3. At the end he supports inaction of police assuming hypothetical situations that conditions could be worse and police was right in just wait and watch till the situation becomes normal and everyone vents their anger.instead of condeming the mob and saying that we should stop this kind of mob attack in the beginning before it goes viral. His logic can also be applied to wat happened in Gujrat (if) police (or govt) waited till people vent their anger. So, either his logic is wrong or he has bias for a particular community. Also, he adds that police can not be trusted for using extreme forces. If his logic is applied, police should be disarmed completely asap coz we cant trust them.

    So, i still feel the same about kumar ketkar as before watching this interview. 🙁

    • Why disappointment….have happy face :-)…….Mr ketkar is hopeless…..and he is useless because he seems he likes his mistakes and misguided philosophy….Change it to happy face… he is at best ignorable

    • Abhay

      Very well said Rajat.. Very true..

  • I dont agree with Kumar Ketkar whenever he appears on any TV Channel in any panel discussion, he is virulently anti-BJP even without any rhyme or reason, and is pro-Congress even when Congress is clearly on the mat. But, I still dont hate this man, I think he has every right to his views however wrong he may be.

    • You might not hate him as long as he is an individual but unfortunately he belongs to a profession in which he is supposed to be apolitical, non-partisan, neutral and report the facts without any skewed views. Since his personality contradicts all the journalistic ethics, you also should start hate him

  • Kumar Hatekar

    LOL! You guys caught hold of this Brahmin-bashing Congress chaplus! Shoulda bought him a ticket to Lahore, he’d have lived happily every after.

  • A K Rao

    I am not a big fan of ketkar. Although he is entitled to his views but he lacks holistic perspective. It seems his definition of being just is to paint Hinduism in bad light. He says he supported MF Hussain for his “freedom of expression”, I ask would MF Hussain have dared to draw Mohammed or Aisha the way he did to Hindu Goddess? His contempt towards Hinduism is portrayed in his paintings!
    I just wish Mr Ketkar shakes himself of Hindu phobia and try to bring out a nuanced perspective.

    • KK

      You hit it on the head. Freedom of expression only goes as far the vote bank

  • Chetan

    Mr Kelkar comes across as a sophist partisan who clearly has no conviction. He forgets the nuanced difference between censorship in response to protection of social moors and political opposition. It is the latter which needs stronger defense against the state . Moral equalization of the two political groupings is the best defense he has and as a so called professional he finds no grounds to criticize the attempts at curtailment of freedom of speech that Madhu mentions

    As a perfunct intellectual equates Hinduism with communalism. My suggestion to Hindus they should not pay attention to ignorance of the rich pluralistic tradition of Hinduism which is for the faithful equivalent to humanism and acceptance of all faiths at par

  • Raghu

    He talks just biased B… S… !!

  • rekha

    Madhu – Please get Shekhar Gupta, Arnab & Rajdeep too on ‘Can you take it’. Will be interesting.

    • neel

      this much of atrocity is not enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. now that you want more idiots like shekhar and arnab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t want to listen to their vacuum cleaner head , something which can only invite dust.

  • rati parker

    Boring and predictible… couldnt even watch the whole interview…

  • Geetanshdutta

    He ll be in Rajya Sabha soon on congress seat or an ambassador to another country. What a loyalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ketkar, if being a journalist, you can’t be objective than you are no way better than a communalist who can never afford to be objective about other religions. So how do you call yourself Secular. If I allow my friends to talk opposite to what i say, at my home ( the standards he applied to those who write against him in his paper and thus making himself happy assuming this to be cardinal principle of Secularism), that doesn’t make me a good professional attached with all the ethics required. He is no way better than a pet who lives on the biological patronage of their masters.

  • navin dhighe

    this is the same person and i can never forget that shameless incident he was abusing the leading opposition party of all the places on the pakistani soil in karachi and it was so shameful he was told to shut up by none other than another congress mouthpiece vinod sharma and all this was shown on the t v the way this creep was defending the lumpen anti national muslim crowd and the total police inaction shows his total hatred for anything hindu in case if it was an hindu mob the same story would have being screaming out from his coloumns as for the loksatta episode he has being sacked his body language and his ugly shifty eyes reveal the story

  • govind

    has anyone heard of rubber bullets ?????

  • govind

    would he ask muslim to eat pork ?

  • Sundaresan

    Mr. Ketkar is extremely consistent in his biases and prejudices. A rarity.

  • Smita


  • Smita

    Honestly, the RSS may not like him – I don’t like him, either – but to imagine that RSS has some sort of eternal agenda against him is a little imaginative on his part.

    • kmo

      Its Just a sate of mind.

  • Devesh Saxena

    He is saying only CRAP.. such a biased fool,, Congress Chaploos..

  • ritwam28

    When Mr Ketkar says Technology has overtaken media content manager, he is damn right..infact it is a reference to himself . Mr Ketkar makes a foolish assertion that the American Media & establishment while referring to 9/11 incident, don’t refer much to attacks on Pentagon or the Flight 93 ( wherein the passengers revolted & the panicked hijackers crashed the plane into a field in Pennsylvania ). Only if Mr Ketkar ( a Chief Editor of Dainik Divya Marathi ) had bothered to keep himself updated on World events, he would have known that to mark this year’s official 9/11 commemorations, President Obama visited Pentagon while Vice President Joe Biden attended the same in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

  • Atulya Lotekar

    Ketkar sucks. ’nuff said.

    And you can’t call the show ‘Can you take it?’ and shower guys like him with lollipops for 40 minutes.

  • Suparnan Kashyap

    Why, did he agree to give an interview, only if you ask soft ball questions? Does not matter, if he is anti-RSS or anti-BJP. But, isn’t something fishy when he is some of the few people invited to private ride in PM’s jet? Is it wrong to connect the dots? And, it is blatantly clear he is supporting the muslims and Congress. Speaks of Anna being saintly dictator for being “undemocratic”, but Freedom of Speech is wrong if it hurts some muslims because it lacks decency. While, Hussein art is perfectly alright, which according to me was an act of hatred. Primarily because he portrays his own community with reverence, while deliberately denigrating the Hindu gods and a Brahmin. Action should have been against him the court of Law and whatever the Judges decided should have been respected.

  • I was there at Bramhin Mahasangh Program at Parbhani, Maharasthra. Ketkar had really gone overboard. He had been called there to put other perspective not to abuse. I can never support or agree with him on his views he presented there.
    But at the same time, I condemn the act of beating him..

  • gaurav

    Madhu grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! invite better people. Though you need not to prove that you know journalism , but at least don’t loose whatever you have earned for years. If this is how you throw questions and then give your show a “in-your-face” title of “CAN YOU TAKE IT”, then you better change it ” YES I CAN(THE INTERVIEWER) TAKE IT.” Look at the standard of your questions. Are all these people feeding you or funding your existence that you need to be good to them. or is it just journalistic version of KOFFEE WITH KARAN where you invite all your friends, ask them questions which they are happy with, make people fool by projecting them as carrying core of objectivity and then live happily after the pack up of show. You can name it ” KOFFEE WITH MADHU” so that i should rather not expect anything real from you. People are not here to accept such chicanery from anyone of your professional community.

  • neeraj

    please do not take interview of such people who just defend congress without logic and attack BJP for everything

  • Vijay Shanker

    If in Gujarat, police fails to stop violence, Mr. Ketkar cries for foul game been played by the state govt and held the Chief Minister responsible for that. Whereas when in Azad maidan, police fails to stop violence by Muslims, the same journalist tries to defend the police “inaction” (probably on the instructions of the stae govt.) by replacing the word by a new word i.e.police “restrained”. What a great interpretation by a journalist i.e. Mr. Ketkar? Always plays with the words in favour of Congress. It’s really sad.

  • Mr Ketkar as many comments indicate is a nuisance, a congress zealot out and out looking for grabbing
    some biscuits thrown from 10 Janpath .He talking on freedom of the press and understanding decency what to be
    published is one sided etc etc His barb on media persons for allowing anti-Islamic film to be aired …but his freedom to abuse RSS & BJP is fine is his line as per this interview. He is a big C…….

  • last of his comments on Mumbai police makes me believe he must be banned for life for printing & expressing horrific views ,these are worse than communal views …how can he be in print??

  • Big fan, thank you for news laundry.

  • Ratan

    Such a hopeless intw of a hopeless journalist. He has demonstrated how an ideal Sonia / congress Chaplusi should be done! Soon, He will be conferred with some “Honour” in the form of RS Seat or *** Bhushan Award. And He will Shamelessly grab it, in the name of contributing towards “Fair & Objective” Journalism. Moreover, sad part was, he was aware of the nature of audience of this intw and therefore was deliberately spreading venom against BJP/RSS/Sena, just to irritate them! This his soberness! And he lecture others on Decency in public life!

  • Ratan

    We have seen his journalism for many decades! He talks of infiltration of BJP men in judiciary, journalism & others! Actually, through this intw, he has demonstrated that, he himself is a congressi infiltrator in Journalism! Isko marathi bhasha me “Chidicha Khel” kahate hai! Like an “adamant stubborn child who wants to push only his views” !

  • Piyush

    I always had poor opinion about ketkar but today I am feeling sympathetic towards him, not because I have started liking him but just as a love for human being.

  • Lakshmipathy

    I heard of Ketkar for the first time when he was a lone voice against Team Anna. Since then I have followed his comments mostly on the TV shows. To me he is a very astute analyst calling a spade a spade. He may be biased, but anybody who is against the RSS and SENA is to be applauded.

    • For that you can go to Indian Mujahideen website, bacause SIMI webiste is banned .. you will definitely find your orgasm when they would be talking of making India an Islamic state and replacing Constitution of India with Shariah Laws

  • durdant

    His points on media sensor are plain stupid. First he himself says he was upright confronting 30k brahmin gathering with his highly critical views or on shivaji maharaj. And later he says, media should restrain itself on journalistic views. His views were right but other’s views should be constrained. Confused foolish guy

  • You were so aggressive against Karan Thapar (and we liked it) and so mild to Mhetkar… why? is that you also choose people?

  • he is congress camcha……………. i dont know why to prove youurself “secular” you have to be anti hindu.

  • how a person can support to what happned in aajad maidan, if police shoot then let them………those person deserve that

  • Brajesh

    If this man can be called as a journalist and sit in TV Studios of our so called “elite english news channels” then I am sure any tom-dick-harry in this country having some knowledge of congress in and out can also be called a journalist. I think media should do some serious introspection about rating journalists. Persons like him can’t be called journalists, they can be simply called “boot-lickers” of congress party.

  • ravi

    Kumar Ketkar has proven that he himself is a “Fundamentalist” of other extreme. He should not call others as fundamentalist.

  • Mahendra

    He is ok with muslim anarchy but not hindu. Hindus should not feel great and should live like slaves, what’s his problem as long hindus are not asking others to convert? this MOFO should have been told clearly that no social reformer or critique is biased bcoz of his personal reasons or political proclivities. Again why this selective secularism? Can he tell missionaries to stop conversions… to hear this coward’s view on that. He blabbers on and on and on on on seems like a frustrated and tortured soul.

  • A viewer

    Salute Madhu Trehan’s competent style of interviewing that she lets the interviewee come out with his/her points so well and at the same time make her own points to get an accurate picture for the viewers. Great going!

  • kalpesh sawant

    he thinks that he is clever but he is not… this guy should show some guts to speak against Islamic extremism..he said taht he is not proud to be BRAHMIN but you know what he is exactly BRAHMIN in nature that is OVER SMART

  • Amar

    About azad maidan you should have asked him, if it were RSS/ SS goons in place of Muslims, would he still wanted Mumbai police to show restraint?

  • Hello! Madhu, this is totally disappointing. Why interview Kumar Ketkar of all the people? He is an open plug of Congress and nothing much to comment upon him or his philosophy – Political or otherwise. He is an archetypal so-called Intelligent people of India who are known to fall between many a stool since lost to decide where do they belong. You could have avoided this one. Sorry…but very disappointing. K R Vaishampayan

  • Sunil

    So the anti-Islamic filmmaker is bad but Husseins is right and great. Such is the hypocrisy of this diseased parasite called Ketkar.

  • Jake

    Have no problems if you interview Kumar Ketkar or any bigot but Madhu why such soft questions? Where has that interviewer who asked Karan Thapar if he has handlers in Pakistan gone?

    • very true indeed !! why haven’t she confronted on his perverted interpretation of SECULARISM.

  • indianajones

    Kumar Ketkar’s ideology, philosophy, approach and actions are consistent, simple and straight forward. If Hindu sentiments are being hurt, the concerned work is intelligent, and is fit to be labeled “freedonm of expression”, If Muslim or Christian sentiments are being hurt, the concerned work is stupid, an insult to intelligence, inflamatory and must be banned by the govt. If a Muslim mob goes on a rampage burning public property, attacking police, molesting women passerbys and women police, the police must show restraint, because otherwise the situation will go out of control. If police shoot or even arrest such people, police are being biased, communal, undemocratic and violent; whereas if they don’t arrest and let the vandals carry on, they are being “restrained”, secular, democratic and pragmatic. Police in such event must be rewarded for failing to arrest the vandals, and not publiched for failing to control the crowd. Likewise, if the mob is a Hindu mob (like in Gujarat 2002), police musy fire indiscriminately and kill all Hindus- if they don’t kill indiscriminately in such case, they are being communal, biased, violent, political and un democratic. The CM who does not order such indiscriminate killing must be hanged to death because he is a Hindu. A film shot in another country criticizing and making jokes on a religion is good enough reason for the followers of that religion to bandalize, molest, etc and a “restraint” must be shown. But 59 children, women and men burnt live to death by a mob of followers of a religion of peace in the same city in a premeditated fashion is not good enough reason for people to get angry because the dead are Hindus. Mr. Kumar Ketkar is a shame and disgrace to the Marathi, Brahmin and Hindu community. People like him deserve democracy- they should be living in Pakistan along with their masters from Congress party.

  • Neer

    Really handled him with kid gloves. Not only does he stand by his anti-BJP/RSS views, he seems to celebrate his stand. The problem with so called SICULAR dime-store journos is that they NEVER call the Congress – a party that’s responsible for more communal riots than any other – communal. They are really consistent; consistent on their support of the INC & the UPA, consistent in endorsing terror, consistent in appeasement, consistent in their support for low level scum of the society. An absolute douche!!!!!

  • This was the most yawn inducing interview yet on usually brilliant “Can You Take It”

  • Vikram

    I have never seen a greater fool behave with such composure. This guy is unique. Or some say he is not that mushy as he tries to display, that one of his private ventures got illegitimate coal blocks.

  • Dr.Vijaya Datey.

    A brainy and intelligent and well read person like Kumar ketkar must restrict himself to better projects like ‘Adult literacy’ ‘Child marriages’, ‘ Ideal Behaviour of Parliamentarians-Madhu Limaye Mode “. Enough of Hypothesis, Anti RSS, Anti Hindutva jargon. Unfortunately his speech,words and jargon are not naive, they are well fabricated and are worst for our countrymen and our Human race. – Dr.Vijaya Datey.

  • Amit

    He’s the biggest idiot…

  • OMG, this guy is a totally nutter, ironical, bullshit talker, highly biased and beyond logical realm.

  • sumit

    after reading all the comments I decided not to watch this

  • Indian

    I dont understand. While hindus are opposing M F Hussain, KK is opposing it but when Muslims are protesting on the Youtube Film made for Paigamber… he is supporting it.

  • Unni

    The biggest threat to Indian democracy are the biased media persons like Kumar Ketkar. Like the politicians, they are in this profession just for the sake of making money; and I am not alleging pure corruption, they took up journalism just for a job, salary, promotion and if possible some big money. These people are not in the same league as their great predecessors, though they sit on the same chair and hence porject a moral high ground. 95% of Indian journalists are the Kumar Ketkars and they cause maximum damage. Most of these are in line with the Cong party because there is money there. Only public awareness that boycots these journalists can wipe this evil off.

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  • vijendra

    KUMAR KETKAR you are no boldness but you are a SADIST.

  • Viju

    KUMAR KETKAR (I SAY IT IS PARTIALLY YOU AS AN INDIAN) think you are talking about your mother country means you are letting your own mother, wife and daughter to the market without clothes means selling your own mother, wife and daughter to BUTCHER market.

  • why he is not talking about Salman Rushdii? his secularism expose here

  • Anup

    what a Boring – doordarshan like interview! Why Ketkar is not questioned on this pro-congress views. One can be against BJP, that does not mean one should be supporting congress in every matter even when it is on that mat. And he is supposed to be senior journalist. Haha.



  • nikhill

    everyone knows he is congress man, just showing people as he is knowledgeable journalist,sud come on debate as a congress man not as a expert in politics news, all fake, his face shows all.

  • manmohan

    can u take it rahul kanwal/ deepak chourasia……………………….exposed them

  • kk

    so he want to go to Pakistan finally.

  • Brutus

    Madhu is that u ? or some imposter is trying to malign you by such an interview. If this is real than whats wrong with Times Now or IBN,

  • dollartools

    this is a stupid person. i don’t understand why he is still on TV.
    He admits he is not objective even though he is a journalist. He defends police inaction in mumbai.
    He says he is anti-hindu by saying he is against brahmins. He is anti-rss, anti-sena.

  • Guest

    I would not blame Mr. Ketkar, for in the beginning itself he clarifies his biases and beliefs. What upsets me is that even a great journalist like Mrs. Madhu Trehan can be so blinded by her own biases that make this interview either black or white and ignores the grayer areas of our society and political system. Again this interview was made to be about a person who is anti BJP/RSS and pro Congress where his own beliefs and ideology were perceived to be limited to just that and nothing beyond. It upsets me that the only good media channel that we have proves to be just as irresponsible as any other.

  • Sekhars

    Well, this congress troll of Indira Khan(knee gandhi) era who is symptom of colonization of India. May be his third generation will get rid of this gene of pseudo secularism

  • selvan

    I can not understand the TV channels’ logic to call a donkey like KK and waste our time with imposing, irritating and disgusting views

  • rahul

    Wonderful interview!!
    Kumar Ketkar is one of the most fearless journalist in maharshtra always ready to take over all the radicle organisations in maharashtra.
    We need more such journalist to come forward to wipe out narrow mindedness prevalent in the society today!!

  • Adwait Rajadhyakshya

    Best Journalist Ever…

  • Anil bis was

    He makes a lot of sense and already the new Bjp govt seems to be carrying out the agenda of the rss which cannot be good for the country.

  • Vivaan

    He is just a congress hidden spokesperson. This is one interesting thing “few” journalists are doing now. They use the opportunity they have with the ‘pen’ to reach masses and propagate their own political agenda and ambitions. He is in the front of that line.

  • Arun Pratap Singh

    Kumar Ketkar is a beyond any repair guy, a mentally sick and an extremist who hates others who hold opposite views and calls them fundamentalists