Sachin & the Arnab Monologues

NL Cartoon.


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  • Roark



  • Rick

    Good one, but when is Arnab coming face to face with Madhu at Can you take it?

  • AA

    Yeah, Would be lovely to see Madhu Trehan interview Arnab.

  • arun

    Ha ha ha its great but it really takes courage to have ur nerves control to seat infront of Sachin and have your voice heard more than his…..

  • Shyam

    And we would like Madhu to keep the arm on the table like Arnab when she does the interview and should use his phrases in a fun role reversal ‘the nation wants to know how you summon outrage exactly at the same time every night? When the outrage spills over on the weekends at 9 pm, who do you ask the tough and straight questions to then?’

  • Smita

    :). Oh Arnab! I’ve stopped watching Times Now newshour debates because of you.

  • but you cannot deny the fact that Arnab is the only person who can interview himself.

  • Sandhu


  • Nikhil Sethi


  • MS

    Please invite Arnab on your show. I am looking forward to it.