Forgotten Flood

With large parts of Assam underwater, the photographer brings you images of nature's wrath & the plight of people.

Kishalay grew up in Shillong and was a teacher and copywriter before joining broadcast news. Half of his two decades in news, has been in conflict zones. He is former Resident Editor NDTV (North East) where he spent 17 years of his two decade long engagement with video journalism. He was also Chair, Internal Security and Senior Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. His debut non-fiction work is Che in Paona Bazaar: Tales of Exile and Belonging in India’s Northeast (Pan Macmillan, 2013) (though he believes the north east doesn’t exist). He was based in Calcutta, not Kolkata. Since that’s a city Mamatadi doesn’t believe exists, he now lives in Delhi and is working on his new book and writes regularly on conflict and politics.

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  • jaya

    children of a lesser God ,it seems . aam aadmi for sure..resigned to reality.

  • John Dhekial

    thanks krishalaya for sharing the pictures…assam is a agrarian state however 80% of its land are flood prone …despite having one of the most fertile land in india our farmers cannot be sure of return forcing every normal assamese villager who don’t want to be a dalal of political parties to travel out and stand as security guards of malls n industries across india..for a petty 5-8,000.
    i don’t know where is the end of this ,,, who will bring change to it and when will that happen or what will make it happen either….

  • proudindians

    Flood in the state of Assam is nothing new and since 1954 the state has suffered major floods. In 2013’s flood, 12 districts, 396 villages and 7000 hectares of agricultural land was destroyed. Thank you for sharing these pictures, hoping that government will take up this issue seriously and take measures to combat it.