Dhobi Ghat (Ep-11) – Khurshid & Vadra Revelations

Madhu Trehan speaks to Tarun Tejpal, Deepak Sharma, Hartosh Bal & Ravish Kumar on how the media’s greatest safeguard is its plurality, why journalists don’t support each other after exposés, and why did it take a Kejriwal to do an exposé on Vadra, and more.

Madhu Trehan speaks to Tarun Tejpal, Deepak Sharma, Hartosh Bal & Ravish Kumar on how the media’s greatest safeguard is its plurality, why journalists don’t support each other after exposés, and why did it take a Kejriwal to do an exposé on Vadra, and more.

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  • Raghav

    Salman Khurshid proved that ultimately, all politicians are alike,whether SP/BSP goons, or Oxford Educated Congress guys! The rest of media not giving due credit to HT and letting their personal/corporate rivalry with IT Media conglomerate is sad, there is no camaraderie and solidarity in Electronic media, print media is better in this regard.Large number of media houses are afraid of the establishment and are in collusion with ruling elite, as well as Corporate sector.The social media and internet expose the mainstream media. Activists like Kejriwal are doing much better job than the so called fourth pillar of democracy.

  • Both Tejpal & Hartosh were sounding fake and I felt they were out of place in the discussion and just couldn’t take their argument beyond Tehelka…..not realising the present expose is million times bigger and firmly entrenched with
    the ruling political class , Madhu tried hard to evoke strong sense of camaraderie for journalists fraternity especially
    sounding for support to each other’s expose brought out by some of the media houses.

  • Shyam

    Even after Madhu’s prompting, nobody came forward with an answer to her question ‘ would you have done the vadra story?’. Eloquence and language does come in handy when you want to obfuscate and still sound intelligent and fair. The irony was they were all making fun of Salman while doing the same here!

    I’m not a journalist but if i were one, I probably wouldn’t have done it either. After all what are the gains? Unless you really believe in Karma or believe ‘doing the right thing is your dharma’, just in terms of gains and losses, its stacked against you. if a journalist feeds off people’s adulation for your ‘expose’, its not sustainable since people’s attention is short lived and lasts only until something more dramatic comes along. Which is one reason most journos just become ‘realistic’ and ‘practical’ as madhu accepts. Accepting that is a good step. So hats off to madhu for that.

    But keeping quiet or spreading propaganda can be very profitable – nayi gaadi, naya ghar,….. But then once you go down that path, you are easily seen for what you are, in this age of social media. Wonder if the celeb journos read what’s being written about them in a site like Mediacrooks.com!

    Lesser we speak about celebs, the better, so i’ll not mention anything about the divas and monks and their ‘wardrobe sponsors’. After all they are more actors playing the role of journalists at night.

  • gaurav86

    I have never heard such brainless line what tejpal said that Plurality can have only one origin and that’s get ourselves stick to different -different political holdings and then expose each other. Does this intellectually retard unaware of the universal truth that every entity whether physical or swimming in air originally has different facets and by applying your mind, you can delineate them and then present them, You need not to get into collusion with reveal the truth. This is a basic fundamental principle which has escaped this retard for so many years of his worthless existence. If we goes by his saying then society is most plural in that section where people have allegiance to different different hooligan clusters and they ll expose each other whenever other does anything. Well he need to be informed that such kind of expose can stem from just a jealousy or malafied intention to highlight other in bad light even if they have done anything good. This is such a bizarre way to attain plurality adn not to forget the perennial poisonous environment it will create in society, something which we all are witnessed to now a days thanks to ongoing practice of such idiotic version of plurality. Tejpal is openly comfortable with his THIS IS and NORMATIVE dichotomy of prevailing environment. And let me say-old generation people of sort of ravish, madhu and all of these has undue respect for some very bad mouth people on the basis of god knows what. But our young generation don’t offer undue respect to those of like of salman when they deserve shit and not respect. Tarun is so comfortable with absence of Fact Checkers and other manifestations of status quo in india and he doesn’t intend to coz of cost theory. Its surprising, when his organisation is fully supported by ruling party, he should not have told a lie on this front at least. But a habitual sycophants like him can’t produce otherwise. And deepak described kejriwal beautifully. I completely agree with deepak on this. and tarun should have been aware that we can underline when he is defending robert saying quid-pro can’t be established. Well if CM of the state changes law of land acquisition with in a month to favor robert, then how will you establish quid pro quo. Its always with the support of confirmed cases of law violation that qui pro quo is attached When instead of violating it, you simply changed it, then who will prove the charge. Bottom line is that office holders are the law makers in this country and they ll change the legislation to strengthen their grip on that office. Even a kid like me also understand this much functioning and this tejpal thinks he can utter rubbish and we ll accept it. Journalists are so much sold that their resale value is in negatives. I am a normal component of society and i don’t think so there is any negativity after all these expose, i can just hear the Flushing sound of great indian political bathroom every 24 hours and i am liking it.

  • hari

    i am glad that u agreed on who u are, very few people have the guts and audacity to admit it, hat off to u. but you should come out in open and raise ur voice. This is the time and yes u are right we are going through a historical phase lets be a part of history

  • Watching India

    Please don’t feel sad for Kurshid, Feel very sad for my country.

  • Haddock

    So many friends of Kurshid. woweeee!!!

  • Watching India

    Articulate, Eloquent, Suave, Oxbridge, Excuse me…Mr Tejpal and Ravish this was about Vadra and Khurshid Revelations where are you taking this discussion???

  • phoney

    Agree with the speakers, from commotion will come equality and true democracy !

  • vik

    where is vadra in the discussion

  • mukul

    I heard all the speakers and no one seemed to convey any solid straight forward message. Everyone moving in circles around their own personal agenda. If politicians are different people in their small private corner; so are the media people and they know that!

  • saurabh

    Nice to end the Debate with a positive thought which happened first time at Dhobi Ghat. One point which Ravish highlighted briefly about the social media impact on main stream media persons. I think system is opening up and everybody is claiming their stake in the system. Elite is facing the music and this time they wont get ear buds.

  • Bharat Dangi

    Kejriwal has nothing to loose ? If you all were scared of your lives, Kejriwal is iron man ? They can not kill him ? You all media people are bogus !!

  • gaurav86

    wow!!!!!!!!! person who has allegation of double forgery( which will be dissolved by some impotent govt. inquiry like we saw with robert vadra) and embezzlement has been promoted to highly demanding and sensitive ministry of MEA. Now we should be ready to see his downmarket gestures on international platform. Don’t be surprised if he says it to Hina Rabbani Khar some day- “Aayen India, Jayen India, lekkkkkkkkkkkkkkinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, laut ke bhi dikhaye india se.” Kya kehna mere desh ka!. Suck!!!!!!!! And Manish tiwari who recently was seen in a movie titled- “SAVING PRIVATE VADRA” has got his perks as well for publicly boot licking his masters shamelessly every hour. WAHA!!!!!!!! Every new minister was uttering same parrot line- “Mein Pradhan mantri ji ka, Sonia ji ka, RAHUL JI KA bahut bahut bahut bahut abhari hun.” Its understandable if they have to thank PM as its prerogative of Pm , but why everyone was showing their gratitude for rahul Gandhi. Doesn’t it speaks voulme who is the king maker and who are their peons. This is so irritating even to hear once. Its suffocating to see this dance. There is no future for this country.

    • Mrityunay Chauhan

      Just to Add… PM gave comment in media that… Rahul has denied to take any role in ministry etc… Now My analysis:

      1. PM was asked by Sonia and Rahul to give this statement just to send a message to Indian people that Rahul is not at all interested in any ministry and only want to server nation.. PM think that we are fool…

      2. Does Rahul really need any ministry.. For him this will be JOB… and will he be doing any job? when all cabinet ministers are saluting him… and reporting to him already… than why he will be working… He is already ruling them…

  • Abhi

    Tarun tejpal from Tehelka is a congress stooge. He conveniently diverted the topic from vadra and concluded upon some randomness.

  • CP

    It is interesting to know that Madhu who hosts ‘Dhobhi Ghat’ inviting people from media fraternity is apprehensive to do the vadra story!i am very dissappointed with moral standards you hold and what you expect of others.

  • Listen to Tarun Tejpal and you will understand that why one should not read Tehlka.

  • shaktifabian

    dear friends let us not forget it is the same haritosh bal who was totally against anna and his people and at every given oppourunity would put them down today he has praise for kejariwal by the way this brave warrior also did not expose vadra inspite of a lot of info in the net for quite some time

  • shaktifabian

    one can be sure tejpal and his buddy haritosh will never ever get the rough end from the govt of the day people who will be punished will be their paid servants as in the case of tahelka it was poor anirudh who spent time behind bars and not the resourceful tejpal and in the case of salman episode dipak will find he is all alone and his brave friends have disappeared

  • gaurav86

    If any body has spare time, please have a look over what i have written on neo-colonialism. Newslaundary has right to delete it as they might think that i am into bad form of distribution channel, but i shall not mind if they delete is as this is there site and its their prerogative to do whatever they like, on their site. I am posting the link over here because i feel that we are here receiving the repercussions of this as common people and leaders of our country for decades have constituted that exclusive elite club. But i feel there are still some new and different features when neo-colonialism lands on our soil, something which stems more from domestic resistance than domestic acceptance because voluntary acceptance minimize the scope of evolution. Thanks.


    • Suzy

      Yes, where is Vadra in this discussion? The same bloody journalists are now busy vilyfying Arvind today, on the say so of an easily influenced silly old man who in turn has been thrown up as a God that he is not!

  • just because a person speaks fluently is it okay to let him indulge in petty corruptions and threaten people?bias of english worshipping media in open,we must feel sad that such a person has become the external affairs minister

  • ravish and deepak are credible,they know the reality that the common man has lost faith in media,tejpal in denial,still supporting congress,truth is that kejriwal has got credibility

    • Deenanath Dinkar

      Two years on, I hope we could still say the same about Kejriwal. No, I agree that he has competence and credibility – just that the nation does not think so now.

  • tarun tejpal could have been an arvind if he had not sold himself to congress

  • Ashish Pandey

    Why so much air to Tejpal,the CON stooge, Madhu u could have got better jounos like Shourie,Gurumurthy,Nalini, Swapan, Paranjoy,Kanchan ,Manu, Prasun etc on such sensitive & important issue as it raked of Paid Silence. By the way please interview Arnab,Rajdeep & Pranoy Mukherjee sometimes for “Can u take it”.

  • Ashish Pandey

    It seems Madhu is mesmerized by Tarun Tejpal giving him 2/3 rds of the full discussion. He sucks big time. Period.

  • anon

    NDTV can’t detect Quid Pro Quo even when presented to it on a platter.
    See this 09th-Oct-12 story mainly based on DLF sources (not an official DLF communication though)- the main thrust is that it was business as usual. At 3:25 onwards SRKohli citing DLF sources says that DLF bought back a land they had sold to Vadra just a year ago at a premium because a)in the interim Vadra had ‘managed’ to get the land-use changed (which DLF in all the years of it possessing the land and three generations of business expertise as Salman Khurshid points out could not manage) b) it was adjacent to another of their properties which now they were in a better position to exploit commercially. NDTV did not find this angle newsworthy enough- probably a lapse of judgement much like when Barkha failed to see any motive behind Nira Radra pushing for A Raja’s case.

    A week later after this story, Khemka blew the lid off this particular change of land-use. NDTV chose to parrot the DLF version- when they had stumbled upon a greater scoop which they did not capitalise upon. I am not ascriibing motives here, just pointing out a case of lazy journalism.

  • prady

    Tarun Tejpal sounds more like congress sympathizer than a reporter!

  • Mrityunay Chauhan

    One Reporter says: “Kejriwal hai kaun, ekSamanyaa admeen” … Well HE IS NOT… a person who has cleared IIT, IAS and left prestigious Administrative JOB can never be a SAMANYA ADMEEN. I hope reporters know how much tough is to clear the civil services paper… where you have to be above all samanya knowledge category… So, please correct the vocab while putting statement… cause IT COUNTS A LOT… if person like kejriwal can start this big revolution… similar to what Gandhi ji has did… so how come he is a samanya admeen… When we are talking about breaking the Oxford image in this show, and than we are putting comment like this which itself is influenced by the same cloud…

  • Mrityunay Chauhan

    Another reporter says: Kejriwal has nothing to loose… Really?? Friend he has already left everything to make your future bright where you can do journalism fearlessly, which you were not able to do after reading vadra’s report from past 2 years… and do u really think he is not having any think to loose? Ask this to your self… do you have family and your life… Yes… and that’s the reason you all didn’t published vadra’s stories… N does kejriwal not have any family. or his life… Actually u thought about the threat n he didn’t, neither for himself nor for his family… He kept his Voice above all this… N u failed to do so… though you were handed a JOB of journalism… Everyone one this planet has something or the other to loose… lesser the amount to loose… more it is precious for the person to loose…

  • Mrityunay Chauhan

    Yes everything is of and for self interest… The same media is doing… We all have to sail on the same boat one day… smart people will take there seat in advance… n rest will join at the end… or will fight for there destiny… So be part of Good and for Good..

  • Amit

    So here is a Tehelka !

    When it comes to Ambani Brother’s, I tell my editor, Stay Away – Business Editor of Tehelka to myself on the phone.

    What do you want? Do we shut our shop by carrying a story against an Ambani company? Tarun Tejpal’s office to myself on the phone.

    Get the real picture of Indian Media Houses.

  • GenNext

    I think what Tarun Tejpal with Tehelka tries to do is create an opposing bias for every existing bias in the mainstream media. e.g. If the mainstream media is overly pro-Modi, Tehelka would go out of it’s way to try and bash him.

    Just watch this video at 4:17 th minute to see what he means by the plurality of Indian media. He thinks that opposing biases cancel out each other. True, but at the expense of the readers’ sanity!!

    Hope that Tehelka understands this soon enough that we readers go there in the expectation of reading some objective, unbiased and, as far as possible, fair assessment. We don’t read the news or the articles to get bombarded with opposing biases and get confused or fight amongst each other.

  • Aks

    Tarun Tejpal had Italian pasta for breakfast before this interaction and the news/journalist in question is Zzzzzzz……

  • Vinod

    A good chat.

    Interesting to see this post Tejpal’s “alleged rape” of his friend’s daughter and after Hartosh lost his job.
    A salute to Deepak Sharma for his last comment.

  • Eesh

    Look, Tejpal is talking of fact check.