Captain Katju

The thinking person’s super-hero.

The thinking person’s super-hero.

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  • Aware Indian

    Haha, Justice Girl looked (and talked) suspiciously similar to Sagarika Ghose 😀 And this Markandey Katju dude really needs to get a life. I don’t understand why the Indian media readily suffers him. Just boycott and ignore the moron. Refuse to publish his rubbish.

  • pankaj jethi

    Very soft interview, so mushy mushy. Like two sisters having a chat about their respective mother in laws. Very disappointing….
    I’m talking about Sagarika interview.

  • Roark

    Superbly Sarcastic…!!!

  • Nitish Goenka

    This would be interesting..

  • Adn

    Newlaundry should make on one on Rahul gandhi as well….superhero of supervillains

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