Messed With Destiny

Strictly confidential South Block draft of Manmohan Singh’s Winter Session speech.

messed-with-destiny-newslaundry-anand-ranganathan messed-with-destiny-newslaundry-anand-ranganathan messed-with-destiny-newslaundry-anand-ranganathan

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messed-with-destiny-newslaundry-anand-ranganathan messed-with-destiny-newslaundry-anand-ranganathan messed-with-destiny-newslaundry-anand-ranganathan messed-with-destiny-newslaundry-anand-ranganathan


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  • pankaj gupta


  • swati

    Amazing! The author is a fine satirist….

  • wakeupcall

    For all the idiots on fb and twitter who do not understand that this is a piece of satire !!!! THIS IS A PIECE OF SATIRE

  • Jai

    Mind-blowing!!!!!!! Superb, mannn!!!!!!! Goddam genius!!!

  • Ashok Jahnavi Prasad

    Hilarious!! Anand is unputdownable as always!!

  • asif

    hahaha…masterpiece! and sureshot imprisonment of upto 3 years!! RESPECT!

  • Mosquito

    Grahaha… a rare gem!! A fox Sir, you are!

  • gaurav86

    this page is going to be one of my favorite through out life. Its satire at its peak, Simply excellent.

  • Roark

    Firstly, a great job done in editing..It makes me remember of my class teacher in school..who used to put her “unkind” notes with a red pen..and leave me irritated…!!!
    As far as writing is concerned…in context of the current scenes in governance, the best satire among all the ones I have read in any of the other sites or newspapers…it cant be better than this…especially that “reality”..replaced with “realty”..and ..”Air is said to be indivisible, so is spectrum, so ig 2G and so is 3G in this one large scam that can no longer be isolated into smaller fragments..”…..Mr Anand’s best post on News Laundry….superb writing….not only covering the pathetic situation of the country today..but also underlining the circumstances and events in past 65years of independence…that has led to it…Hats off to you, Sir….you hit the right node….without any hint of getting overboard….more powers to your pen….waiting for the next post…!!!

  • shaktifabian

    this briefless lawyer with not much of inteligence manipulated his family connections read motilal nehru to become india,s 1st prime minister instead of united india,s true builder the gteat sardar patel india and indians regret this till date

  • Troll

    after this masterpiece, when the world sleeps, Anand Ranganathan will awake (at 5:30 AM) to Police & freedom (of speech) under Section 66A of the IT Act.

  • Anil Vasudevan

    One of the best sattires! Will not be suprised if the spineless police is at your doorstep

  • Wonderful!!

  • Sharada M

    OMG ! …ROTFL !…hope you are safe, Mr. Anand . Wish you the best for no midnight knocks on the door.

  • shree

    A piece of satire which does not make one sit nor does it tire, it makes one STAND UP and wipe aways TEARS of mirth!!:))

  • Mr. Ranganathan. I have no words.

  • Aman Dogra

    Haha, hilarious!

  • Anil K Prasad

    Amazing! Scathing and daring with a creative energy that sustains both the parody and satire to the end. It is simply admirable! –

  • Dazzling brilliance…

  • Labis Lipak

    The annotations and corrections have been done in at least 3 diff. handwritings. Geniuses, all of you. Just wait till Sibal sees all this. I hope to meet all (at least 3) of you over a cup of tea when they let you out on parole.

  • Lacking basic ethics

  • Monu

    Pehle apne andar jhank kar dekho,phir kissi pe aisa comment karo,She had the opportunity to become P.M. but choose otherwise,bloody here people spent lakhs of rupee to become Sarpanch of a village…..

    • Nagesh Rao

      Dear Monu as per constitution of India, only a citizen born in India can become PM or President of India.Read Constituion of India first & then comment.

  • abha

    Agreat job&brilliant satire

  • Manish

    Truly a masterpiece…….the utter and bitter truth

  • balke

    Chintan Shiver

  • amar

    It’s a masterpiece.. Sometimes I feel your’e the mediacrooks guy.

  • AG

    Fun with Manmohan doesn’t make sense anymoew unless u have a personal agenda.