Can You Take It Paranjoy Guha Thakurta?

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta speaks to Madhu Trehan about the Fourth Estate being the real estate, paid news, media oligopolies, the journalist-extortionist, Karti Chidambaram and the IT Act, the intolerant minority - and shares a revelation about Naveen Jindal and Zee’s Sudhir Chaudhary.

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta speaks to Madhu Trehan about the Fourth Estate being the real estate, paid news, media oligopolies, the journalist-extortionist, Karti Chidambaram and the IT Act, the intolerant minority – and shares a revelation about Naveen Jindal and Zee’s Sudhir Chaudhary.

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  • aditya jha

    this guy is sick!!!

    • Siddhant

      What part made you sick ? The truth ???

    • Anupam

      Brother, if you think. Mr. Guhathakurta is sick, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

  • Brz

    Mr Thakurta is no non-sense, and makes a lot of sense when he speaks for the southward trend of standards of journalists, news-tv-channels, print media and its repercussions arising in the form of talk of laws, govt handling and empowerment of PCI etc.

  • gaurav86

    i have opted for MA (Economics) only because of getting inspired from thakurta. I used to see his show on Loksabha Tv on all the current economic issues and aspire to be like him. I didn’t know at that time he carries so many hats. I used to think he isonly an economist. I have huge respect foir you sir. I have read Your report on Paid News . Every word of it is true to the core. Yes he is grossly underrated and reason he gave right in the beginning. We can only have sick people like Montex at the top because of their sycophancy and who think a man can survive with 32 rupees a day. People like thakurta need to be there. I applaud you for that disclaimer which you gave on CNN IBN while discussing recent ambani catastrophe. You need to be on every panel if people want to listen truth and not listen to sold entities like rajdeep sardesai who very conveniently avoided to put that disclaimer .You inspires me a lot sir and i am happy that NL interviewed you

  • gaurav86

    Madhu should have brought thakurta with her on WEF debate regarding internet censorship. He would have given riposte to utter nonsense of sibbal there. This interview is one of most intelligent and informative interview i saw in years.

  • Of all the episodes of ‘Can You Take It?’ that I have seen, this one is my favourite. Before this interview, I had heard of Mr. Guha Thakurta, but was not familiar with his work, except as the author of the Sub-Committee Report on ‘Paid News’. Now, having heard him for more than half an hour on the nexus between corporations, media, and politics, I am convinced that he is one of the most articulate and analytical journalists in India and one of my favourites as well. I will now try to locate online and read/watch everything that he has ever written/presented. Thank you, News Laundry, for this illuminating interview.

  • PK

    Please want to Madhu grilling Arnab Goswami

  • Anupam

    Good stuff. Admire Mr. Guhathakurta. Loved to hear his candid views. Thanks.

  • Chandra

    Good one. Few good men can change the world. Currently, there are too few like Thakurta. He is a simpleton outside, Acharya inside. Keep it up Mr. Thakurta.

  • ramesh

    Could you also provide a transcript of interviews such as “Can you take it?”

  • Sunderesan

    The new channel in TN that is being referred to is owned by one of the biggest educational baron who has amongst his businesses colleges, hospital, transport, hospitality etc and who has open political ambitions and also heads a small political outfit. He is currently endearing by pitting the 2 front runners against each other.

  • Raghav

    Paranjoy is a well read, articulate and extremely conscientious social activist ( I wouldn’t like to constrict him in a journalist role) and a great communicator. Whenever on TV debates, his voice gets suppressed, but he manages to somehow hold forth and make himself heard given slightest opportunity. We need more and more people like him to expose the business racket that the media has become today, which is worse than any other dirty business.

  • Naik

    Convenient.. hate MF Hussain.. Hate government… Arun Poories shameless act against Salman Khurshid… The poorie family a pure BJP appendix

  • Richa

    Is it also possible to also have transcripts of the interviews along with the videos? It will be really useful to have both these forms together.

  • Painted Taint

    Interesting man this…Guha Thakurta! From economics to Pink Floyd and Victorian literature, he’s a wealth of information…often inarticulate but nevertheless is a walking talking library. He is a good man but borders on the megalomania-cal from time to time. Here’s the deal…Guha Thakurta made some interesting observations on ethics in journalism, which I subscribe to as an ex-journalist.

    But Mr. Thakurta in one of his avatars is/was a corporate trainer, who conducts/conducted workshops. One of which, I had the good fortune of attending before I became a journalist. Ironically enough, the workshop was organized by a PR agency that I worked with very briefly (PR, I believe is the anti-thesis of journalism and is possibly a greater evil than even paid news, which is why I left the profession after a couple of months of flirting with it). And a lot of information given out at these workshops was quite contrary in meaning and spirit to the causes that Mr. Thakurta espouses here.

    I wouldn’t necessarily go so far as to allege conflict of interest or ethical wrongdoing but what I will accuse Thakurta of, is extremely high levels of hypocrisy. On the one hand, Thakurta talks about news and information being sacrosanct but on the other is more than happy to be on PR agency rolls to train budding media students “deal with journalists”. The word sneaky was used a few times during the course of the interview, but in my book PR is just as sneaky if not more than corporate ownership. Nira Radia ring a bell??

  • Arun

    Exactly What Mr.Katju highlighted about the why Press Council does not has the power to issue and direct an investigation or punish any journalism body violating norms…A very illuminating interview where our understanding for journalism becomes much more clear and visionary…

  • arpita

    please post the entire interview.

  • Ritu Sengupta

    Interviews and discussions like these are the bleak silver lining Mr. Thakurta was talking about.I just hope interviews like these get wider audience,I am sure people in general will appreciate it.We are sick and tired of the 9 o clock TV debates with no substance.

  • Ritu Sengupta

    Extreme ends of spectrum when you watch this interview and the one with Deepak Chorsia.Its hard to believe they belong to the same fraternity.And its the misfortune of the current generation that everybody knows the latter but very few are aware of the kind of work Mr. T has done.Thanks NL.

  • Ramanna

    Isn’t it any surprise that the same channels – Zee Tv and India TV, were mentioned by AAP as being corrupt and biased?