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If you want a perpetual vacation, just get voted to Parliament. Here are this year’s Parliament session figures.

The Winter Session of Parliament is round the corner. But will our politicians actually attend Parliament or will they play hooky as usual? Here are the findings of an RTI that asked for the amount of time spent in the monsoon session actually conducting the business of discussing and passing laws that affect us.

Total number of hours – 114 hrs

Working hours- 24 hrs 22 mins

Hours lost due to interruptions and adjournments – 77 hrs 51 mins

Adjourned out of deference to the demise of Vilasrao Deshmukh- 8 hours 12 mins

To give you an idea of how much work was actually accomplished, a report at the PRS Legislative Research says, “102 Bills are pending at the end of this Monsoon Session. One Bill was withdrawn, 6 legislative Bills were introduced and 4 Bills were passed during the session.”

For Rajya Sabha, the actual sitting hours were – 26 hours and 40 minutes

The actual time lost of sittings – 65 hours and 30 minutes.

The plea was filed by RTI activist, Subhash Chandra Aggarwal of Delhi.

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  • Adn

    So how does that surprising…….when the govt of nation is deaf and mute, where corrupt are playing musical chairs….What do you expect. The opposing parties have been left with no alternative but to disrupt as govt just dont want to take dissent they want to push their own agenda only
    Why dont the media write about whay likes of Rahul Gandhi dont attend? Why the so called youth brigade sit silent? Why we have not heard a word from Gandhis in ages despite that they are suppose to be running govt? but media is spineless to ask that