Can You Take It Ravish Kumar?

NDTV’s Ravish speaks to Madhu Trehan about “Lutyen’s journalism” and how the government prefers speaking to the English media, social media’s role in empowering women, the PMO’s twitter account, the response to media coverage of Bal Thackeray’s death, and more…

NDTV’s Ravish speaks to Madhu Trehan about “Lutyen’s journalism” and how the government prefers speaking to the English media, social media’s role in empowering women, the PMO’s twitter account, the response to media coverage of Bal Thackeray’s death, and more…

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  • Ajinkya

    A very inspirational personality . Very nice interview.

  • Shivaram

    Terrific interview… Ravish has a bit of his heart in every analysis and comment he makes.. none of it is ONLY Tecnical, Only academic and scientific… numbers paint different pictures than reality. The comments that he made on women were phenomenal.. Yeh Boyfriend se Bhai joh banjaate hain….. Maan gaye Ravish Ji.. Gazab bolte ho aap..

  • nr

    This person is phenomenal. A great interview. I was looking forward to it !!

  • Manish Sharma

    Ravishji ko sunna hamesha achcha lagta hai. Ek alag tarah ka sincerity aur commitment jhalakta hai unke aawaz me aur unke shabdon me. Bahut achcha interview tha. bahut bahut dhanyawad.

  • Amazing interview Ravishji.. Very very good……..

  • Troll

    As Ravish Kumar himself said there is no need to idolize him or anyone else but after watching his interview, I’m reminded of that Aamir Khan dialogue in Ghulam, “Ravish ke saath yahich gadbad hain, jab yeh baat karta hain naa, toh दो din tak apne bheje main ghanti bajta hain, sālā”

  • Dhiraj singh

    love the way he talks n analyze the issue.. he sounds very close to aam aadmi.. Ravish ke bebak tewar.. personified…!!

  • Raghav

    It is great to see a non conventional media star Raveesh on this program. Thanks Madhu. though I am an English educated guy, but I spend some time watching Hindi channels so as to keep in touch with real India, and to know, how the “other India” thinks. Raveesh represents that India, He is a very articulate,candid and erudite journalist with an honest opinion and integrity of purpose. He has mastery over the language and is very good in it. We have very good thinkers,writers and journalists in Hindi and other languages, but they seldom find National acceptance, or acceptance by the so called mainstream media dominated by English language journalists. Madhu is doing a great job of bringing such people to limelight and giving them a platform to express themselves.

    • Shubham Chaturvedi

      1- real India ?? ( as in oppose to what- Tamil pseudo India ?? )
      2- other India ?? ( really !! And what do I have to do to get in touch with other – other India? Will watching news hour help ?
      3 non conventional ??? I am yet deciphering this….

      I am sure you may have better intentions, still it sounded very classist, much like Rahul Gandhi spending nights in village to understand “other” India.
      I am sure Hindi/ other language news channels must feel obliged to have such viewers,( who oblige them by watching ) but otherwise they do have a huge market to cater. Secondly I strongly object your idea that madhu mam is giving him limelight, or bringing him on mainstream… You may have to spend more time in your “other India ” project, but till that time just digest this fact that Raveesh sir has not come here as a rookie, he has been part of few more discussions, and I am sure, news laundry calls him due to his stature…

      So again, if you meant your comment this way, I am happy to criticise it.. And if you dint mean it, and yet it sounded this way….. Well ……… 😉

  • great show

  • Such an awesome interview. Had no idea how come 39.22 passed so fast. It is always a pleasure to watch Ravish speaking. Not just because he speaks well, but the thoughts he puts in his lines are so genuine. This is something related to everybody.
    He is really an inspiration for rest of the people who are working in Electronic Media. I still miss his show, “Ravish Ki Report”. Thank you once again “MADHU”.

  • Chetan sanghi


  • Sanjay

    That was fun

  • Chetan

    An open conversation between two genuine people. That is how this interview comes across. Madhu Threhan is trying to hold the mirror to an arrogant, impenitent media which is at the forefront of opposing free speech . Hope to see the emergence of Aaam Admi media !!

  • gaurav86

    Ravish is the journalist whom i can invest my faith blindly, without thinking twice . I hope and wish this faith investment never cease to give returns. I trust you sir. Please keep it up. God bless you

  • gaurav86

    “Ravish ki report” is one of the most authentic and brilliant news analysis show on indian television.

  • Gargi Vyas

    Amazing interview!! 🙂 a joy ride if i may say so! the way he says such serious things and issues with so much of vehemence and incites humour and satire at the same time!!

  • he is loosing his touch with lots of interruptions and bias coming in.

  • Santosh Shaw

    I just love Ravish’s style.. the way he put his thoughts in simple words…

  • naresh

    superb ravish,,intresting interview madhu,,,

  • Lalit004

    Loved the interview .. Madhu you should start a news channel with people like ravish and can bring a chane in MSM.

  • prakash k ray

    अपने समय को थोड़ा टटोलता-थोडा खंगालता एक चिंतनशील-एक चिंतित पत्रकार

  • Nitish

    Too gud !! .. one of the best

  • kya baat hai Ravish ji, bahut hin badhiya.

  • Devang Patel

    Why don’t you call “The Arnab Golswami” for “Can you Take it”…

  • AS

    Thank you for this. This was the best NL interview by a long, long shot. I have faith in Indian journalism because humble people like Ravish are part of it. Many of the English journalists can take a leaf out of his book.

  • Singh S

    Thanks Madhu ji for this interview. Its always pleasure listening to him. He talks so natural and simple that we all can connect it with it.

  • Priyaranjan

    A very sensible take on Lutyen’s centric journalism. Ravish definitely stands apart with his own positioning.

  • He has original thoughts.

  • sakshi

    great fun


    A fantastic interview. Ravish a journalist who has attached himself still with the mitti from where he has come and has qualms about it.


    A fantastic interview, Ravish is a journalist in whome i still see a future of journalism.He has continued his relationship with the ground from where he has come.,I appreciate his hindi which has the smell of mitti.


    Ravish is one of the few journalists who are so down to earth and honest. India needs more journalists like him. Thanks Madhu for such a great interview.

  • anil

    Thanks for the interview. please keep it up.

  • Very refreshing! Glad Madhu Trehan got a good interview from Ravinsh Kumar

  • too good:)

  • Mangai

    Hi Madhu,

    I don’t miss any of NL’s ‘Can you take it …’ episodes’. But I don’t understand Hindi. Please include English subtitles. Looking at viewers’ comments, I feel that I’m missing out on a good interview. Can you please add the subtitles?

  • krissy

    Whenever I see NDTV 24X7 (English channel) it comes to me as a Congress mouthpiece (Howsoever they are subtle enough, it just is very evident). But when I see Ravish in hindi, I get to rethink how can it be. Now I know, this man is different than his channel. Though NDTV 24×7 has superficially criticized the congress, it has lost its credibility by being a pro-congress. A channel I once loved to watch.


      When NDTV 24X7 HAVE bARKHA DUTT as their host,how can one expect neutral point of view…Shame on NDTV 24×7…Its only coz of journalist like RAVISH that some people still watch NDTV !!

  • Sanjay Rawat

    I started seeing News Ravish Ki Report, for me one of the best reporter…may God Bless Him.

  • rupak

    this is really on of the best interview on NL thank u madhu mam

  • Tanas

    Great interview Madhu !!
    He is the ‘Superman of Journalism’.

  • Saurabh Jha

    Bravo Ravish!

  • Leo

    Kejriwal once said tht a very famous news anchor came to him n’ told him tht he had done enough work for him n made enough money and now wants to do somthin for his country by joining his part. I wonder if tht reporter was Ravish? Cuz I saw his interview on YouTube where he said tht he’s now tired of doing this reporting n work and wants to do something more, more for the ppl…

    • Angad

      He said this in programme “hum log” where ravish was the anchor. So i dont think he is the one

    • Pradeep

      now we know who that news anchor is

  • SA

    Good stuff, Newslaundry has piqued my interest in hindi news

  • I miss evrything to see Ravish’s program on NDTV. I wish I could contact Ravish and I am confident I can contribute with lots of data points for him to take up with interviewers in his programs

  • Sandeep tiwari

    Dil se bole…achha laga…

  • hephail

    Can’t find any information online about the phrase Lutyen’s journalism.

    • Shivaram

      Its a phrase used in Journalistic Parlance where Journalists get most of the information from the Lutyens Bungalows. Lutyens is a upscale residential area in Delhi where most of the MPs and Beaureaucrats live.. Journalists get most of the information after wining and dining with the the MPs

      • hephail

        Thank you, Shivaram!

  • one of the honest journlist…proud on you …..

  • Great man one of the best journalists in india and beileve me there are not much left

  • Creativity is so important in journalism .. That is where ravish stands out from the rest of the fraternity.
    One of those interviews where u could see madhu trehan totally enjoying listening to the perspectives that ravish gave to stories and issues. I could totally identify with her. The honesty and simplicity displayed by both is priceless in this age.
    Apart from that, ravish and to a large extent madhu have a deep understanding of society and its behavioral patterns in our diverse India, largely missing in others. The others in fact have contempt or anyone who doesn’t fit their frame of ideal person.

    Letme also make a point here which many miss… Most journalist diss a section of people criticizing them because they think they criticize anyone who doesn’t align with their ideology .. That’s not true. Many who praise both of u are aware of your sharp criticism of their ideology .. But it doesn’t matter as long as the intent and the way it is projected has no malice and hidden agenda. I hope many realize this.

    One request to ravish is that his 9 pm show repeats are at odd hours .. Is there a solution to it? There is no doubt that most of us have become suckers for shows that are setting the agenda these days ..and there are so many times we miss his show. Though if u need to get clarity on an issue, his is the show to watch..

    Even your Ndtv handle or ravish himself doesn’t tweet the video of shows links .. If they did it would help make it easier to catch them. Specially just after the show ends and shows on other channels end.

    Thankyou once again for this treat.. Hope it could carry on and on. Let’s just call for a ONCE MORE!!

  • Could ask for nothing more than this… Two genuine and honest journalists like these sharing my laptop screen is a treat in this age of paidmedia and paidsilence. The way Ravish puts so complicated ideas, that are today puncturing India’s image, into so simple words which could be understood by most Indians is remarkable to say the least.

  • Manish

    Thank you Madhu to interview Ravish. Your observation about Ravish was spot on. His presence, way of conducting the show is very pleasing, soothing to ear, reflects honesty and sincerity. Very unlike the english media. None of the english speaking anchor command the kind of respect that Ravish enjoys. One of the best journalist..

    • Malladi

      Yes, he is like a Tulasi Plant in hashish garden. Why is he suffering in NDTV.?

      • Shivaram

        Vajpayee once said when Tavleen Singh asked him if he was a Liberal voice stuck in a wrong party.. Vajpayeeji said ” Jaaye toh Jaaye kahaan”… same for ravish.. at least he has a mas medium to potray his views.. Jaaye toh Jaaye Kahaan..

  • Roark

    This is something I was waiting from a long time…This man has maintained his credibility in journalism by touching the masses from “Bharat”, not from “India” …an answer to all foreign return pseudo intellectual journalists….Also, I think its a pity that none of the top leaders make an appearance on his shows( one without any sensationalism and forced viewpoints )….It is just because of few people like him, I can still hope that the fourth pillar will stand erect…Thanks, both to Mrs Trehan and Ravish…

  • The way Ravish plays with words is excellent.

  • koorkhen

    Good to see ravish has created a space for himself in journalism and made hindi media look more aristocratic.It is also to the credit of a biased channel like NDTV to have provided space for a journalist like ravish. Wish him all the best and expect him to contribute a lot to hindi media. That is where the heart and sense of India is.

  • vinay

    nice 1 hameshaa ravish ji ko sun k thada achaa lagta hai ki sare bike nahi hai …….

  • Nice Interview & very informative too.Regards!

  • vibhor

    A real good interview.. I’m sure Madhu had more questions to ask but the things he was talking about and the way Ravish was talking made it even more special.. She seemed so relaxed through the mesmerizing interview..

  • The persons like Ravish are very rare in India. Clear like water, passionate and but strong against the evil. The persons like him are the only hope what is left of India. The so called experts on media who are either with any party or paid by corporate are usually seen fooling the masses. But these people are endangered as corporates will buy the entire media.

    Both interviewer and interviewee Hats off for speaking truth effortlessly…

  • Prashant

    Ravish kumar´s Journalism reflects purity of his self. Prime time is prime so long Ravish is at helm

  • pranay

    i salute you madhu for your initiative.

  • Curious

    Damn good, as usual. Why didn’t Madhu asked his opinion on Barkha Dutt’s involvement with Niira Radia and Pankaj Pachauri joining PMO?

  • Amit

    Sirf ek hi cheej kahoonga ravish Ji ….Bhavishya me nirash mat kijiyega…BHAGWAN sadaiv aapko itani dradh shakti de ki aap swayam se lad saken!!! Bachapan se aaj tak bahut se aise news reporters hain jinko ab mud ke dekhane ka bhi mann nahi karta!!!

  • ashwani kumar

    सुखद अनुभव है रविश
    कुमार को सवालों की तरफ देख रहा हूं… काफी सवाल थे… बिना पूछे मिल रहे हैं…

  • ayanosh

    Thanks for the interview with ravish.I was waiting for it since a long time.

    He is the one guy who makes hindi news worth watching along with kamal khan,again of ndtv. It seems no other hindi channel is even interested in continuing to pretend that they are “”news”” channels, they should just do away with the sham and declare themselves entertainment channels,and that too bad ones.

    But i digress, this is about ravish ,
    you are a gem of a journalist and an even better person to talk to,judging by whatever i know you from tv. The way you talked about the various times on a flyovers shows the geat observational and thinking skills that you have.There is clarity in your thoughts and when you speak there is a continuity in the things you say unlike many who just hop on to whatever bullshit comes to their mind to fill airtime.There is a certain eruditeness in the way you speak.

    Simply put.You think.

    And in this age where there is so little incentive for originality in thoughts,when you can get away with any crap in the name of a news story like india tv. That’s a commendable thing,the ability to think.

    One thing more ,i don’t degrade hindi but hindi never sounds so sweet ,so meaningful other than when you speak.

    Also now that you have become an anchor please don’t stop reporting.Seriously,ravish ki report was the single news reportage worth watching.Bring it back.And one suggestion,the way you think, atleast the way it looks like you think,it seems you might become a good author ,give it a shot;-)

  • tonight the nation wants to know….tonight we ask some straight questions and we hope for some straight answers – when you calling arnab ‘the nation wants to know’ goswami??? by the way, good interveiw, Madhu ,You and Me, both were awe struck by ravish!!

  • indian

    Best journalist of all time….way to go !! He Should leave congress mouthpiece NDTV and join Aaj tak….All the best Ravish SIR !!

  • Suresh P

    Wonderful. I will definitely watch his program now! Not sure I missed it till now.

  • Abhay Gupta

    i feels very nice when my daughter say .. oh papa dnt be a typical papa , i can take care of myself .. it makes me very happy and leads for big laugh in happyness .. she again fires me .. mera majaak mat udaao .. na beta meri itani himmat kahaan .. pair patak ke chali jaati hai fir ,,,बच्चों का ऐसा बोलना पापा को कितना अच्छा लगता है वो बेटी के पैर पटकने की धमक में सुन ही लिया करता हूँ

  • Anoop

    Ravish … you really rocked.

    I never knew that NDTV too had journalists as genuine as Ravish. I sugest that Barkha & her ilk watch this interview.

  • Nishant

    Ravish Kumar is one of the most respected and sensible journalist of India..

  • asabhya bhartiya

    abhi chai aur khane ke liye koi nahi puchata kyonki, patrakarita ka istar ap jaise logon ne gira diya hai… ap kisi ko bhi bolne nahi dete. Hitler patrakarita ki shuruat karne wale hai

  • Manish Sharma

    I have not seen such a sharp Journalist in my entire life before Ravish.The way he controls the entire debate and all the participants it is priceless skill and not all the time but most of the time i found him keen to provide solution through his organized debate…

  • GS

    Thanks to NL for bringing this to us. Right individuals attract right attention for right reasons.

  • Arahan Galopagas

    I came here to just abuse this guy. But after watching this video, mind change. i was watching Rakhi birdla eoisode and this guy was pressing her and comparing her with Mayawati… i was so pissed….but now i get to know difference between job and his personal view are totally different.

  • Nikhil

    I want to know what is Lutyen Journalism?

  • neel

    This is a beautiful interview. Thank you team NL.

  • neel

    a small shiny bolt in Madhu’s background was irksome.

  • Sourav Majumdar

    It may be a bit naive to ask but what excatly is lutyen’s journalism? Does that mean government sponsored news?

  • Ashok Malik

    Media has an important role to play. We need to encourage good journalism and that can be done by looking at those who are doing good journalism. Thanks news laundry.

  • Ranjit

    What a great journalist , Hat’s off sir.

  • Bangalore

    Good one. I keep coming back to watch this interview. Having studied in vernacular medium, I understand when Ravish talks about his grammatical mistakes in English. I never miss his Prime Time debates which are very informative and appreciate his hold on language. He should be the person Arnab, Barkha kind of noise generators should look up to, to understand how to conduct debates.

  • Rekha Bhardwaj

    Keep it up sirji

  • Ratneshwar Dayal

    Ravish – my favorite.Speaks direct.He knows almost in & out of our politicians.He cant be fooled.Generally i don’t miss his 9. PM show .He never brags- in-case he is not fully adware,he will out rightly accept.