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The 10 stupidest comments made by our politicians displaying their gender politics.

Stupid comments of Politicians

The hall of sexist infamy is littered with moments of brilliance uttered by those we call leaders. Abhijit Mukherjee, our illustrious President’s son and a politician no less, has decided to join the hallowed corridors with his latest comment on female protesters at India Gate. Here are some more unforgettable moments.

Narendra Modi – Referred to Sunanda Pushkar as Shashi Tharoor’s “50 crore girlfriend” in an election speech in Himachal Pradesh. Not the best development from the “vikas purush” (development man).

Sanjay Nirupam – Decided he’d had enough of logical arguments and in a TV news debate told BJP’s Smriti Irani “Kal tak paiso ke liye TV par thumke lagati thi. Aaj chunavi vishleshak ban gayi”. (You used to dance for money in TV programmes till recently. Today you have become a poll analyst). Too bad for him Smriti Irani slapped him with a legal notice for defamation. (

Mamata Banerjee – With the current rape case in Delhi, most male politicians have been using the “I have 3 daughters” plank. You’d think being a woman Mamata would have a “being a woman I understand” statement, but she squandered it long ago. After Kolkata’s infamous Park Street rape case, she said that rapes take place because “women and men interact freely”. We guess she’s banned TMC’s women wing so that the women don’t have to “interact” with men.

Anil Basu – Just because you indulge in it, doesn’t mean you can’t be at the receiving end of it. Alluding to the prostitutes of Sonagachi, CPM’s Anil Basu had the following pearls of wisdom about Mamata Bannerjee “Where is she getting the money from?” he asked. “From which bhatar (Bengali derogatory slang for a woman’s ‘illicit male partner’) did she get Rs 24 crore to fund the Trinamool Congress’s poll expenses?”

Sriprakash Jaiswal – Talking about “the sanctity of marriage” is passé. Jaiswal decided to compare marriage to a cricket victory and said “Nai nai jeet aur nai shadi ka apna alag mahatva hota hai. Jaise jaise samay bitega jeet ki yaden purani hoti jaengi. Jaise jaise samay bitata hai patni purani hoti jati hai, wah maja nahi reh jata hai” (Like a new victory, a new marriage has its own importance, but as time passes, like the victory, a wife loses her charm). Oh and yeah, he said this at a women’s college.

Sharad Yadav – Instead of discrediting the provisions of the Women’s Reservation Bill, Sharad Yadav decided to take the high road and said instead that the only women who will benefit from the Bill are parkatti mahilayein (literally translated to women with short hair). No guesses about whom he was alluding to.

Botsa Satyanarayan – One of the time-tested ways to prevent women from being raped is to stop them from stepping out. That is what Andhra Pradesh Congress Chief and Transport Minister Botsa Satyanaran believes. Commenting on the Delhi gang rape in a moving bus he said that, “Just because India achieved freedom at midnight does not mean that women can venture out after dark…Though the incident was condemnable, she should also have behaved keeping in mind the situation. Although it was a minor incident, Soniaji made it a point to meet the protesters when they called on her.” Not only was it the woman’s fault, it was a “minor incident” too.

Need we say more?

Mulayam Singh Yadav – The Women’s Reservation Bill seems to bring out the best in our dear netas. Echoing a similar sentiment to Sharad Yadav’s, Mulayam Singh Yadav had this to say, “Bade bade gharon ki ladkiya aur mahilayan kewal upar ja sakti hain…yaad rakhna…apko mauka nahi milega..hamare gaon ki mahila me akarshan itna nahin…” (Only girls and women from affluent class can go forward…remember (rural women) will not get a chance…Our rural women are not that attractive). That’s not his first time either, in 2010 he had said that the bill will fill parliament with the kind of women who attract whistles and catcalls. Enough said.


Chiranjeet Chakraborty – This TMC legislator decided that he wasn’t going to let Mamata Bannerjee get away with taking credit for all the sexist remarks and held forth on his views on “eve-teasing”. He said “Tell me… can you imagine a movie without a villain, could Ramayana have been written without Ravana’s role… eve teasing is very old… but the preparation is made by the involvement of girls.”

“Their dresses have changed in tune with times… skirts have become shorter to appeal to men… that should be appreciated… but when it attracts taunts and comments… it becomes a case for eve teasing… it is undesirable though.”  ( Well as long as it’s undesirable.

Digambar Kamat – The former Goa CM decided to go for the “it’s bad for society” argument to counter the women’s reservation bill. He opined on women joining politics that – “Don’t fall for 33 percent reservation (in politics). Politics makes you go crazy. Women play an important role in transforming the society. We should look after our next generation”. So stay home and mind the kids, woman! (

If you think about it, there is obviously more than one reason why the women’s reservation bill has been in limbo for so long. With attitudes like these from our politicians, why does one need to excavate for a preserved Neanderthal fossil in the arctic tundra. Dilli ki sardi does it and more.

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  • sree

    all this happened because women obeyed everything society has dictated.. When society asked to jump into the pyre she jumped without protesting, when the same society asked to cover her body with black dress she did that like a slave, when she is asked to change her surname once she is married she obeyed.. women should change the attitude of being the victim for every cause rest will change once she started saying the word “NO”..

  • Satyam Sharma

    Narendra Modi mentioned neither Shashi Tharoor nor Sunanda Pushkar by name. Moreover, it was a perfectly legitimate attack on the Congress party, that only ever seems to reward incompetence and corruption among its Nehru dynasty sycophants. Just like Sushil Kumar Shinde and Pranab Mukherjee were rewarded and promoted for incompetence, similarly Salman Khurshid and Shashi Tharoor were rewarded and promoted for corruption. This was the point being made by Narendra Modi, that too without naming names.

    Moreover, is it a crime to call out and shame a woman politician for being corrupt? Does being a woman allow the Sonias and the Mayawatis to indulge in corruption? Why should I be labelled as “sexist” just because I attack Sunanda Pushkar for being complicit in a Rs. 70 crore IPL scam for her then-boyfriend (and now husband) Shashi Tharoor? I distinctly remember the whole media abusing Sunanda Pushkar during the IPL Kochi “sweat equity” scandal. They used all kinds of eyeball-grabbing headlines like “Haseena ka Paseena” (i.e. “the sweat of the babe”) and Outlook even came up with a shockingly personal article that thoroughly humiliated both Pushkar and Tharoor by raking up the sordid and dirty details (regarding sex, money, power and ex-relationships) from their past life.

    But when Narendra Modi flashes the spotlight on the IPL Kochi corruption scam and how it has been conveniently forgotten by the Congress high command (as usual) now that they have rehabilitated Tharoor, suddenly, all hell breaks loose. The very same disgusting and shameless media takes up a holier-than-thou stand on the matter.

    Abhijit Mukherjee’s and Sanjay Nirupam’s statements, on the other hand, were unabashedly filthy, abusive, uncouth and uncivilized. They simply cannot be compared to the other ones.

    • Satyam Sharma

      Moreover, Narendra Modi was speaking in Hindi and his statements were completely mistranslated and twisted by the English-language mainstream media that is heavily biased in favour of the Congress party. He never said anything remotely close to “wah kya girlfriend hai” as was blatantly misreported by the entire English-language mainstream media for days on end. Even the term “50 crore ki girlfriend” was actually a reference to how dowry-seeking families of the groom (analogy with Shashi Tharoor) call their daughters-in-law as “karodon ki bahu” (analogy with Sunanda Pushkar) if she brings in crores worth of dowry in the marriage. This subtlety was thoroughly missed by the mainstream media.

      There are so many more examples — recently Nitin Gadkari made a perfectly good and legitimate comment regarding how only being intelligent is not enough, but also the direction (for good or for evil) in which one employs one’s intelligence and efforts. He CONTRASTED Swami Vivekanand (who used his intelligence and efforts for the good of mankind, and spreading the message of peace and brotherhood) with Dawood Ibrahim (who went towards crime and terrorism). But the media totally twisted and misrepresented his innocuous statement and portrayed the poor fellow as some evil and insolent brute. They concentrated more on his choice of words, than his intention (or meaning of his statement) that was perfectly legitimate.

      Compare with Rahul Gandhi’s even bigger and much more serious gaffe on the same day that Gadkari made that comment. Rahul compared FDI in multi-brand retail with the Kargil war and expected reciprocal support from the BJP (and other opposition parties) just because the Congress had also supported the then BJP/NDA govt of India against Pakistani aggression during the Kargil war. This has to be the most immature, shameful, shockingly insensitive and grossly insulting statement by a prominent politician ever in the history of India. Tell me, if the Congress had not supported India during the Kargil war, what else would it have done? Supported Pakistan instead? It is simply ridiculous to use that as a bargaining chip to expect the opposition to roll over on the FDI issue now. So Rahul openly taints and insults the memory of our Kargil martyrs and yet the media maintains a thundering silence — it took a Sri Lankan newspaper to finally report this incident and take Rahul to task!

      In the same speech, Rahul the retard even made another ludicrous gaffe when he and his Congress party took credit for bringing computers, IT and internet to India (“my daddy brought computers and internet to India”). And yet again, Rahul’s buffoonery was censored and hidden from the public by the Congress-owned Congress-controlled mainstream media of India; Rahul is our future PM, after all, right?


      • Ace

        Ya, go ahead and defend modi. Sycophant. Modi made a mistake, everyone knew who he was alluding too. But ok, be a ostrich, bury you head in the sand. You symbolize, true modi follower. The one disgusting here is you.

        • Satyam Sharma

          Well, you’re entitled to your (incorrect) opinions, so cheers, enjoy your blissful ignorance … Coming back on topic, sure, everybody did know who Narendra Modi was attacking for the corruption in the IPL Kochi “sweat equity” scam (that was the whole point, duh!), but it does matter a lot whether someone explicitly names somebody else or not. Also, looks like you didn’t read my comment — the mainstream media blatantly LIED in its coverage (mistranslation and misrepresentation of Modi’s statements) to twist his comments into something controversial. The main thrust of my comment was that the media’s blue-eyed boys (from the Congress and especially the crown prince of The Dynasty itself) are let off without a murmur for even more idiotic, shockingly insulting and anti-national statements.

          PS: See you on FP … hope next time you won’t copy Newslaundry articles’ words and phrases (“bile called Durbar”, haha) and post them as your own comments on FP. You got owned in the comment thread of that article on FP. 🙂

    • aam aadmi

      hahaha, i remember that article “GOT A GIRL NAMED SUE” of outlook magazine…. completely exposed sunanda pushkar and shashi tharoor, how tharoor is sunanda’s 5th companion (3rd husband) and sunanda is tharoor’s 3rd wife… best of all, sunanda once ran off with her second husband’s best friend and her 2nd husband then committed suicide!! tharoor first met sunanda in dubai party with his 2nd wife and both left their wife/husband/companion immediately and became couple by themselves!! it was a muckraking article indeed 😛 …… and now, shashi tharoor says his 3rd wife (whose he is 5th long-term male companion) is priceless and he is acting like international love guru !!! 😀

      • Ace

        @1b8e0d652618bbe45377ce5dab51e5fa:disqus SO what if they are married multiple times? Men like you are the ones degrading the society, with you narrow mind and even narrow other parts.

        • aam aadmi

          did u even read my comment? did u read that article (“GOT A GIRL NAMED SUE” in OUTLOOK INDIA MAGAZINE).. ?? it is NOT just about “marrying multiple times” or 3-4-5 times.

          imagine, if ur wife runs off with ur best friend (whom she met in a dubai party along with u only), abandoning the kids with u, and then u commit suicide out of depression, then i’m not so sure ur family will be singing their ex-bahu’s praises! 😀 😛

          yes, shashi tharoor is a disgusting ethics-less and monumentally corrupt (he does corruption even through his girlfriend, using her as conduit) person. and yes, sunanda pushkar is an immoral gold-digger.

          being “open minded” does not mean one should condone corruption and disgusting unethical social behaviour.

        • shaktifabian

          even in the most robust and mordern democracies like U K AND US people who marry multiple times are looked down upon the only guys who do that are low time rockstars not the big time classy people and even though you are trying to sound very hep and contemporary by puting words like narrow mind believe you have ended up looking crude and foolish

  • aban1313

    how is Narendrabhais remark sexist? he referred to a specific corruption scandal that is being investigated by law enforcement. Its not misogynist. Its an accusation of corruption that was taken seriously enough for Tharoor to have to step down as a minister.

  • If I call someone 300 Cr Damaad, Will I be accused of Misandry? If I say 56 Billion Dollar Bill Gates, it means Bill Gates has property worth 56 Billion Dollar and not that he can be bought for 56 Billion Dollars. If I happen to marry some worth 50 Crores, it means I am marrying that person for money. It was an to insult to Shashi Tharoor and not Sunanda. The other thing is, If Narendra Modi wanted insult Sunanda Pushkar, he would have called her a two rupee girlfriend and not 50 Crore girl friend.

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  • Ashok Jahnavi Prasad

    This is precisely the sort of debate I had hoped we can rise above at least on this day when we should feel a sense of collective shame -how wrong I was! I am not sure whether I should despair or give vent to my deep unease! If the events over the last few days have not shamed all of us to reflect then I do not know what else will!Even when most of us should be soul-searching, narrow political agendas seem to be dictating our actions and reactions! I as a quasi-senior citizen am left aghast;is this what we have come to! And is this the way it is going to be! The truth is that we all hold a sense of collective responsibility for the death of a 23 year old innocent-politicians for debasing the entire ambience of the country and us being either mute spectators or joining them to pursue our own agendas! I feel deeply troubled! We have learned to expect selfishness and debasement from the political class-entire spectrum with no exceptions!Neither Congress (I) nor BJP or for that matter any party can be deemed innocent ! Which party/party leader can cross his/her heart and say that it/he/she has not given succour to corrupt and thuggish musclemen! But can we bring some sanity here and just visualize ourselves as mere human beings and empathize with another human being forgetting what we may or may not have represented or attempted to promote-just remember that one innocent human being -innocent human being lost her life for no fault of hers-that is the only truth -the rest is just secondary or pure garbage in today’s context. That is the least we owe to the departed soul. Politicians would never do that! Can we not teach them a lesson! Maybe that is too big an ask!!

  • YouMeetMe

    Pathetic… Imagine… how they can lead the country…? It’s our mistake, as we elected them…