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Our pick of the most bizarre moments from news television. Have a laugh, raise an eyebrow, or just scoff at them.

Media Goofups

There’s no need to tune in to entertainment television now that our news channels have started to provide us more drama and intrigue than Ekta Kapoor’s serials used to. Amongst many other wondrous moments, ministers flounced out from townhalls conducted by the media and journalists got roughed up by ministers. Here’s our compilation of five of the most bizarre moments on news television.

2012 saw Sagarika Ghose calling plaintively after a fast vanishing Mamata Banerjee who stomped out of a townhall organised by CNN-IBN. Then there was our respectable Prime Minister being undone by Doordarshan’s poor editing, and a genteel Jindal roughing up a journalist. Not to forget Deepak Sharma and Salman Khurshid’s shouting match at the press conference called by Khurshid. And finally, Karan Thapar showed us that he’s no brown sahib and even he can translate words into Hindi – over and over again.

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  • Rajesh

    Disappointed. You need to go back to cooking and running a restaurant. Don’t waste our time and yours.

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  • A very poor video compilation – we expect more, Newslaundry. 2/10 on this one (2 points cos im feeling generous on 1st jan).

  • aman dogra

    There’s no nice way of saying it. The compilation did suck.