Alice In Katjuland

A response to Katju’s fairytale-cum-blogpost on the misplaced reaction by women protestors to the Delhi rape.

Justice Katju

Hello Justice Katju,

This is Alice here. You wrote about me in your blog. Am so flattered! But wait, you weren’t laughing at me were you? Some vile person told me you were trying to discredit me. Uff. They are so suspicious.

Anyway, here’s a confession: I like dreaming up nightmares. It kind of distracts me from real life, where everything is so perfect and so boring. Everyone is just wasting time, trying non-stop to fix poverty and stuff. As for Indian women, they’re having a good time everywhere, dancing away, like in the item number “Fevicol se”. Btw, can I tell you how depraved we all were in that dream? Not only were we getting angry about rape, we were even talking about idiotic stuff like governance issues and apathy of judges.

I wanted to say sorry to you. Had I not been sleeping and dreaming, am quite sure all the world’s problems would have been fixed. Fighting for women’s dignity etc. is just so frivolous. If they have to get beaten, insulted, raped and all, they should at least do it quietly? In fact I would say, where there’s hunger, women should be fed last. They’re less than half of India’s population anyway. With this sex selection business, they’ll soon be a minority. So they really should pipe down now. And now the whole world is doing hoo-haa about how Indian women are having a harrowing time in homes, in streets, on buses, everywhere. We’re doing nothing but scaring tourists away!

Am so glad you wrote this, because now you remind me of this policeman I was really fond of. He also thought there are other, more serious problems in the world than rape. Like you, he didn’t like people wasting time on women making too much of a fuss. In fact he quite enjoyed asking raped ladies what part of their clothes were ripped first etc. He liked telling them about the two-finger test. He used to get mighty bored of women who didn’t have mutilated bodies. Poor guy. Once, a sick (in the head) mother came to him with her baby girl, who she said was being raped everyday by her father. The policeman was so upset hearing this nonsense. The woman was lying of course, because the baby girl had no injuries on her body. By the way, did you see the policemen beat up protesters in my dream? You’d have been so proud of them!

After reading your comments, I got a bit angry and sent an email to Justice Verma asking for rape protests to be banned because they are the problem. But Justice Katju, something must have scarred me in my formative years in Delhi. On buses, I used to hit fellow passengers with empty plastic bottles when they groped at me. Once on a train, along with my little sister, I ran away from a group of men who said they would rape us. I was such a bad girl. I should have let them have a little fun.

Sir, I recently found out that there are places in the world where women walk in the street with their heads held high. Men don’t even drool at them or as much as let out a whistle. How lonely these women must feel, walking around as if they are not even attractive. That kind of messed up my brain. Then someone told me the media is very powerful, but the world over it ignores women’s problems. So why should the Indian media get over-enthu trying to change mindsets? We have to move on from this boring news and get back to the old routine. These ladies are better off going back to making sacrifices and all. You like it better that way no?

Oh, about that “Castrate all men” placard you saw? “All”? Are you sure? Where was it? Because I didn’t see it in my dream. You mean those ladies hate all men? They must. You can’t be saying it only to make them look completely ridiculous. Am confused now. Actually you should visit my dream again because you only saw the slogans you wanted to. Did you see mine? I even wrote “Justice”, on it. Bit like your name 🙂

Also those ladies you saw in my dream saying, “You have no problem since you have not been raped”. I didn’t hear them say that. Now, now, Justice Katju, you’re not making stuff up are you? It’s my dream you know. I did hear those ladies say, “This is an urgent awakening!” or something hyper like that. But please don’t invent stuff about my dream, it’s annoying me.

Anyway, that hungry boy in tatters you spoke of, did you see his sister? She was married off at 13 apparently. As for his hungry mother, why would she worry about getting beaten to pulp every now and then? She has more serious things to worry about. Like giving her share of food to her sons. This discrimination business is a myth created by over-confident, non-poor women. How can women’s empowerment be related to their education, jobs and health care? Dreadful liars.

Phew! That beating that woke me up from my dream was much needed. All of us needed it in fact. We the dented-painted, wasting the nation’s precious time. That our stomachs were full somehow made us so obscene and irrelevant. There should be fewer of us on earth, really. Or we should all be only hungry and poor. At least then, we’ll be more important.

These well-fed, well-dressed ladies are too smart for their own good. They claim they are there to speak for women who are forced into silence. One paranoid woman even said she was filling in for a girl who couldn’t come because some “Khap” people said they would break her legs.

You know, I could have sworn I saw you in my dream, with a lathi in that crowd that fell on us in the end! But don’t mind what I say. Am just a dreamy girl in a frock anyway. Just ignore me.



Image By -Abhishek Verma

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  • Mridul

    Lady you are completely missing the point. we all know truth about TRP hungry media. Media highlights only those issues which it considers important ; which it thinks appeals to the masses . It can be verified by the fact that now after these street protests have almost vanished, rape news have almost disappeared from the print media and electronic media. But the larger question is that has rape almost stopped in the indian society. The answer would be no. So, why does not the media highlight these issues ?

    If i am understanding justice katju properly , then all he wants to ensure is that Alice (apart from having security in society) is not malnourished, has children who get proper education , healthcare and nourishment , is not a victim of domestic violence, has a respectable job to assert her economic independence. Highlighting only one of the issues won’t serve the purpose.

    Last of all talking about the media, just watch the interview of justice katju by MADHU TREHAN (Can you take it justice katju?) There Madhu (who is an established journalist) too agrees with justice katju, where he talks about the cheap tantrums adopted by media to boost the TRP. Further, if you have any doubt still left about profit minded approach of media(at the cost of well being of the society) then just watch the following discussion by Magsaysay award winner Mr. P. Sainath

    • Ashish Baidyanathan

      Wow , U can Just see Inside of Justic Katju.

  • Guest

    I agree with you Katju Sir. It is important to address the issues like rape, but today what media is doing is very low standard journalism. Whenever I turn on any news channel it’s rape with catchy and C grade filmy headlines like “cheekh uthi beti”, “khooni bhediya”, “wo akeli thi”. I don’t understand why to telecast a single issue for 24×7 and forget about other burning issues of our society. Media’s job is to cover as many issues as possible and maintain the standards of journalism. Today what is happening is nothing but TRP tactics. It’s media who is misleading and abetting the crowd and ranting the words like castration and public hanging, which is against the laws of this land and jurisprudential values.Such kind of journalism is a serious concern. Your criticizers have made you Gurudutt of Pyaasa.I hope people will understand your words someday.

  • Anikethan

    The concerns raised through this article are fully justified. Even for a moment if we assume that Justice Katju’s point is valid, the way he put it across in his blog would certainly have hurt people. The battle against social evils like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy etc is not exclusive. Each step taken to eradicate one, has its positive effect in minimizing the other problem. And so, the fight against rape was no different as it gradually seemed to be evolving into a more meaningful demand that women be accorded their right place as equals (I am coercing myself to use this, and this only applies to those of us who are conditioned to think that men are supposed to be the better half). So, seen in that light we have been having gradual steps governmental and otherwise, to fight against other social evils, and almost NIL against rape. So an agitation for the same was certainly justified.

    I have do doubts about Justice Katju’s good intentions in general. But this specific post in his blog was totally out of context, trivialized rape (It was shocking to see the usage of the statements “..have you been raped” etc.) and put into the mouth of the protesters words and intentions that was never meant.

    So, in conclusion, Justice Katju’s specific blog post deserves condemnation.

  • Dr.satish.kedar

    Now, alice is fighting for noble cause. bt she have tag of omnipresent protester. she is responsible for it. if she could hav protested earlier for other equally important problems then people like justice katju would hav not been produced argument like this. women who r well fed n well dressed can come forward to fight against other problems also bt they dont, moral of d story is we must support alice bt at d same time she must realize other problems also.

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  • Just me

    OMG….I think your a wonderful writer. You go girl…….