Sagarika’s Doodles

As promised, Ranga is back! And this time with Sagarika’s notepad page which he pinched from the PM's Editor’s Meet.



Hello again, my fellow countrymen! Countrywomen also. Ranga is back!

First, dear readers, let me put my humble offering of jasmine-scented thanks at your feet. The response to my first blog was so enthusiastic that I cried tears of pure joy! And so, a big thank you, dear readers. You see, I had started this blog just to upload the doodle notepad pages of all our great editors and anchors that I had purloined during the PM’s Editors’ Meet (New readers may kindly read my first blog “Arnab’s Doodles” to get the background story of who I am and what I was saying). But now I am thinking, why not use this blog as a means of telling you a little bit about my life’s happenings also? This way you will see a doodle as well as get to know your friend Ranga too.

So let me begin, dear readers.

In short, the New Year has started off terribly!

First, home: Our storeroom caught fire last night. Oh, it was terrible! You see, I had hidden all my precious collection of doodles inside an old Bittoo exercise notebook in a drawer chest. Yes! I thought no one would discover them that way. And before we knew it, the damn chest was in flames. Thankfully, Bittoo and the doodles were saved in the end. But unfortunately some of the pages were burnt a little from all sides, like the doodle that I am posting today.

And then, the office: Our new boss at I&B, Mr Manish Tewari, is a very strict man. The New Year jollifications had hardly subsided when he called me and Sharma and Kharbanda into his office. “Please go and cover the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the new bypass at the DND Expressway”, he said curtly. “It should make the evening news if you hurry.”

That was that. In the bitter cold, the three of us lugged all our gear to DND Expressway. When we reached the site, what do we find? There was not a soul there, not even a stray dog. No shamiana, no loud-speakers, no chairs, nothing. Dear readers, there wasn’t even the foundation stone we had come to film!

Anyway, we waited for full three hours but no minister or his crowd came. In the end, Sharma and I foraged for some loose bricks from here and there and constructed a make-shift foundation stone plaque kind of thing. We used the spare lungi I always keep in the car as an improvised inauguration curtain. Needless to mention, we took a very very long shot of this contraption, this so-called foundation stone, and then overlaid it on a crowd gathering for a Rahul Gandhi rally. You might have seen the brief clip in last night’s DD News. No?

So, dear readers, such have been the first few days of this miserably cold new year. I am almost cheered up now! Just the right moment then to upload the next doodle. This one is by the Nation’s Princess, Ms Sagarika Ghose. She is wonderful, is she not? Dresses so smartly and speaks so quickly. And, dear readers, as her doodle illustrates, she has a steady hand too.


I hope this upload was to your liking. My wife, your aunty Vaijanthi, has already contacted her darzi with the blouse designs. These ladies, I tell you! Always eagle-eyed and trying to out-do each other in the latest ladies-wear fashion and knick-knack. I hope Ms Ghose wouldn’t mind.

So long, dear readers, till my next post. Stay on the right side and don’t forget to brush your teeth.




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  • Lokesh34

    Absolutely brilliant!!!!ROFLLLL!!!this one is even better…beware mr. Anand ranganathan, your alter ego mr. Anand rangarajan is threatening to become even more popular than you on NL!!! Kudos indeed!

    • Anand Rangarajan

      Hello Mr. Lokesh! Very humbled, sir, that you think I will become more popular than that rascal, my alter ego Ranganathan fellow. I hope and pray to lord Ayappa that your wish comes true and that you live to a ripe old age of 57. Incidentally, is 34 your age? If it is, then permit me to introduce my first daughter to you, sir. Her name is Vasantha and you will really really like her. She is of marriageable age and makes the bes-T vadas in town; she is also highly educated, a voracious reader of all philosophical tomes and what-not, and is in a public sector job. What more do you want, Lokesh, my dear fellow? So, if it’s alright by you, please mail me your Jeevansathi account and profile number; we’ll see your profile and Vasantha will get back to you before you can say “idli!”

      • ashish

        lool. some people have a gifted sense of humor! like you Mr AR :))

  • MKN

    Arnab’s doodle was far far better. That had much more content and every bit of it was spot on. In comparison, this one didn’t quite cover so much of what Sagarika Ghose stands for. She has a lot more to offer for a brilliant doodle. Mr. Anand, you have set very high standards from your first doodle.

    • Anand Rangarajan

      Dear Mr. MKN,
      This is your friend, old Rangarajan himself. I am very sorry to learn that you found that rabblerouser’s doodles much, much better than this so very pleasant lady’s doodles. Why, sir, why? What is it in Mr. Goswami that you find so attractive that you don’t find in Ms. Ghose? Is it the spectacles? Is it the hairdo? Is it the shouting? Ok ignore the last point please, my apologies: both shout as hard. Anyway, Mr. MKN, I have been in a government job for the last 30 years and if there’s one thing that I know, it is that every man has his price. Every man can be bought. Three previous I&B ministers even told me so. So you also, my dear fellow, have a price? So come on – what is it? 24 rava masala dosas in one sitting? 43 hot hot idlis in one go? I will give your price to you, sir, and will not rest until you start liking my blog and saying great great things about it to all your friends and relatives. So, please, may I invite you to breakfast this coming Tuesday at our humble abode. Please mail me and it shall be arranged, I promise! And in return, all I ask humbly is that you delete this post and write a very complimentary post about my blog. Now, tell me, is that too much to ask?!

  • Pavithran

    HAHAHAHA Cut 1 1/2 bilangs HAHAHAHAHA

  • The Truth

    “Things to do – Give GK M Block masterji these designs” LMAO

  • football

    sorry if anybody could understand what the doodle explains i would be
    more happy. I’m not saying this to mean offence to the author but i’m
    not much artistic nor i’m intelligent to understand what doodle trying
    to tell ..can somebody explain please. ?

    Also i wish sagarika doesnt come across this post..if she does she might call you an Internet hindu and i predict she would call you Internet male or a male chauvnist for these lines of yours “These ladies, I tell you! Always eagle-eyed and trying to out-do each
    other in the latest ladies-wear fashion and knick-knack. I hope Ms Ghose
    wouldn’t mind”

    • arnab goswami

      first i think youre underage to be on the internet. second, which follows from the first, your brains need to grow enoough so you can understand the english language.
      have a nice day kid.

  • GJJ Singh

    As a reader 5 stars to ur one page Movie, anytime better then most of the movies n can be seen again n again

  • amazing!!!

  • Roark

    first apologies…missed the Arnab one last time…:(…But I am really short of words now…ROFLMAO….Just remember you have turned out to be “Tendulkar” of News Laundry team…and last two innings were flawless centuries…waiting for ur hat- trick now….:)

    • Ashok Jahnavi Prasad

      Concur wholeheartedly with Roark! Anand has never ever disappointed but his unparalleled ability to satirize is amazing!Like most I look forward to his next article with great anticipation!

      • Anand Rangarajan

        Dr. Prasad, many jasmine-scented thanks for your praise. I am very humbled right now. But it seems from your post that you know this naxal MAO sympathiser fellow called Roark. Please dissociate from such dangerous people immediately, sir! You have been like my guru, so why has lord Balaji decided to punish me so in my old age? It must be the stars, it must be that little rascal rahu…

    • Anand Rangarajan

      Dear Mr. Roark, This is Rangarajan here. Thank you for your comment, which has only gone on to worry an old man like me. Firstly, what is ROFLMAO? If Mr. Chidambaram and RAW are secretly reading NewsLaundry posts and comments, may I humbly and hastily clarify that I am not in any way connected to any movement started by the Naxals or ROFL-MAO. I don’t know them! I don’t know them! Secondly, by comparing me to Tendulkar, are you suggesting that my best is past me and that I should retire from writing any more blogs? Oh, Mr. Roark, what had I ever done to you? Why, why, is lord Ayappa so angry with me today…as if this Delhi cold wasn’t bad enough for my rickety knees…

  • elektra101

    lol!!! brilliant!!

  • Astha

    Please somebody Clarify.

    Is this a real piece of News. Did Sagarika Ghose really draw this or is this just a satire?

  • Neelam

    Mr Anand, in your old age with your rickety knees- as you have described yourself- may I suggest that you write a comedy serial- bet there will be some takers. You can send 5% of the commission to me! Cheers Neelam

  • Ponkh Stuff

    Arnab doodle was indeed the better one? How come you are putting Kali-mata in the doodle? Are you insulting her because you are Aiyaapa fan? 43 hot idlis, 24 rava masala..hmmm…I cannot be bought over as easily like others. It would have to be something substantial like 100 ras gulla with real gold foil on top. How is it that your wife and mom are copying the shady old fashioned blouse designs? You will have to check out Vidhya Balan’s blouse designs.

  • ROFlLLL Great Work 🙂

  • Average Indian

    Mr Rangarajan you’re a brilliant cerebral assassin. Please keep it up

  • freedune

    That photo of Sagarika reminds me of Amber von Tussle, the daughter of Velma von Tussle, the vamp in the 2007 movie Hairspray. The girl trying whatever it takes to remain the Hairspray queen.

  • Troll007

    If guesses were horses, my bet is on BDutt for the hat-trick

  • Kela Aadmi

    Well I doubt Ms Cacophoenix (someone calls her that, how “appropriate”) can sketch that well.

  • Kishore Asthana


  • Newslaundry fan

    Why are you guys not continuing this series? Still awaiting the other doodles!

  • Chandra Sharma

    Simply Jabardast!! Itna talent, baap re.

  • prakashji

    Respect to intelligent journalism for the good. Salute