I Agree with Mohammad Ahmed SB

Mohammad Ahmed SB, Secretary – Jamaat E Islami Hind, speaks on joining hands with the RSS, the non-existence of marital rape, women & their role, homosexuality being unnatural and more. Abhinandan Sekhri can only agree.

Mohammad Ahmed SB, Secretary – Jamaat E Islami Hind, speaks on joining hands with the RSS, the non-existence of marital rape, women & their role, homosexuality being unnatural and more. Abhinandan Sekhri can only agree.

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  • Saudamini

    Dear Ed,

    Please add sub-titles to these “brilliant” interviews for viewers who don’t speak Hindi.

    • Alexander

      I second this motion.

  • prakash kotker

    please spare us this regressive sermonising..

  • phoney

    Abhinandan why not spare the naive and target the croc ?

    • Jobhi

      I think so too

    • John

      exactly, there are far more dangerous people around

  • Fantastic interview!!! The Host was “sweetly” sarcastic in his demeanor and the Guest was gracious in his mannerisms. Aggressive people – the goswamis, the sardesais(male and female) and the Lady from NDTV (below my dignity to take her name) should watch this video and learn on how to conduct a interview!

  • mutiny

    live in = rape………..he stopped short of recommending stoning of ‘errant’ sexual behaviour…..

  • Rushikesh

    First kudos for such wonderful witty and sarcastic interview you brought the worst out of him.
    The part about live-in relationship & women’s comparison with heere zawariraat was awesome, first time someone has attempted to bring forth the brazenness of Islamists. I wanted to point your mistake of misquoting Mohanji’s statement, but because of your brilliance in sarcasm it subsided my disappointment.

    • maybe u should watch his other intervies with Subramanian Swamy and tht shive sena guy haha they r even better

      • Rushikesh

        They were good too, you dont need “I Agree” show to bash up Hindus and Hindu ideology every jholawala does that with pride and have made careers out of it. easy E.g. you can write an essay called “300 Ramayanas” which apart from others things talks about private parts of certain characters which many worship. And in MSM run multiple shows about why should it not be a MANDATORY item in the curriculum. Can you imagine one can do that to any other community? Not that that I want it but just saying.

  • Suma

    A very entertaining interview which was taken very intelligently. It respects the intelligence of the viewer to take what he/she does take. Abhinandan Sekhri was really smart in allowing the Guest to be comfortable enough to voice his views, which is what an interviewer’s job really is.

  • LOL dude why so much hate? It’s a good interview… he got the interviewee comfortable unlike a certain Arnab, which is when people really talk. Go smoke a spliff.

  • there should be a warning before the interview starts: “viewers discretion is required”!

  • Prakash

    The interview was really entertaining. But the part where you referred to some remarks of Mohan Bhagwat, please share a link where the lines are verbatim. Newslaundry has already carried an article (http://www.newslaundry.com/2013/01/snide-and-prejudiced/) where it points out to biased reporting of Bhagwat’s remarks on women and marriage. This is not to condone views held by RSS in general, but this one doesnt seem accurate.

  • Raghav

    Shows the real reasons of why Muslim community is so poor and backward, it is because of their leadership. Such regressive thought process, thinking and the outdated world view of their thought leaders undoubtedly affect the mindset and behavior of the community. No doubt , a great number of such regressive thinking Gurus,Babas exist amongst Hindus as well and have their own followers, but by and large moderates,progressives,liberals lead the world view and thought process, and the plurality and non-monetheism of Hindu view of life give them a greater scope of independent thinking and experimentation since the faith does not impose the views of the clerics on the community members.

    Surprisingly, in many Islamic countries, such as Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even in Pakistan, there are a large number of moderates, progressives and modern thought leaders, who affect and influence the people at large.

    Abhinandan has done a great job of interviewing such a difficult customer who thinks so differently with full respect and consideration which the guest deserves.

  • Farhath

    Good one , it was a perfect blend .
    The interviewer was sweetly sarcastic and the guest was equally dignified in putting across his firm views.

  • Abu Anas

    Why I can not Agree with Mohammad Ahmad Sahab

    Shukriya, Abhinandan Ji , But I am not Agree with Mohammad Ahmad Sahab’s arguments on rape and Co education, . His answers was not serious, All the time he was wandering here and there , it seems that he never before face the media debate, Many times he given contradcitory answers what he said earlier.I think It was golden chance to present ISLAM’s view on this issue through comprehensive arguments like two and two equel four.it was very painful to see for all of us ( Hairat ki baat hai ki duniya ko Islami Nizam ka paath padhane walon ko apni baat pesh karne ke liye mazboot daleel nahi hoti isi baat ka afsos hota hai ). So I am not Agree with Mohammad Ahmad Sb.

  • rohit

    very entertaining and cordial interview.

  • Nikhil

    fantastic interview, congratulations to the interviewer. looking forward to more in the I Agree series.

  • santa

    Bahut maza aaya ! Cheers

  • i just love Abhinandan’s sense of humor haha No HOMO lol

  • wht a dig at Pratiba Patil LMFAO HAHHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Smita

    Everything else is OK, but the RSS and Mohan Bhagwat said no such thing. Your own website carried a whole article on how he was misquoted. Yet Sekri bases his interview on the misquote. Reprehensible. This is how lies are propogated by media

  • Dumass

    I agree with much of what the old man is saying. Abhinandan would do well to be a little less sarcastic and more respectful.

  • Shree Pradhan

    Abhinandan!! did a ‘ABHINANDANIYA’ job in this interview and to be honest, even though Mr Ahmad’s view are archaic to say the least, he seems so innocent that his view do not evoke any anger.

    A lovely piece with great dose sarcasm and grace specially MS.PATIL….:))

  • Pankaj

    time waste!

  • deep

    gud interview. need more time and energy to understand the old man. he is a true patriarch. but really funny

  • 😀 He became speechless!!! at many points ridiculous person he is mohammad ahmd whatever..


    one of best interview which i have seen in my life thanks to interviewee. i am not able to understand in the whole debate on which point you are agree to him please explain. you have also made this your headline

  • Ponkh Stuff

    So he is father-in-law of Ayesha Takia?

  • mm

    personally ur a gentleman…..hahahahahahah

  • Chandrashekhar

    I really enjoyed the interview. You are very cleaver and intelligent. During the interview, it never appeared that you are not in agreement with Md Ahmed but, you were…….. That was really wonderful.

  • Akriti

    This fucktard is so damn annoying. No wonder their community is so backward. Every word he said made no sense.

    Hats off to Abhinandan for conducting this interview. This moron didn’t realize that eski bajri hai yaha. Bloody idiot!!!

  • divya

    Mr Sekri… you and newslaundry team are doing a fantastic job. Another nice interview.