NL Interviews Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal speaks to Abhinandan Sekhri on governance, why he had no option but to join politics, his relationship with Anna, how the media helped the Lokpal movement, media blackouts, his favourite joke, Matru Ki Bijli & more.

Arvind Kejriwal speaks to Abhinandan Sekhri on governance, why he had no option but to join politics, his relationship with Anna, how the media helped the Lokpal movement, media blackouts, his favourite joke, Matru Ki Bijli & more.

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  • Shantylal

    He is talking on the lines of Dr. Subramanian Swamy about decentralization of power, budget and also electoral issues. He should acknowledge Dr. Swamy.. Also he should tell why he has not done press conference on Sonia Gandhi about her citizenship and education? Just copying someone will not make him/his party win elections, people are not stupid!

    • Shantylal

      Say whatever you want. But your ignorance is not going to help you or the nation.

      • bhoopendra

        ok …….i understand…. u r obsessed with dr swami……

    • Dr Swamy is on a personal agenda therefore could not resonate with people of India.Sonia’s Citizenship and education are not the problem of this country so why waste time on that like Dr. Swamy?

      • kaviverma

        The 640+ criminal MPs are & we have to get them out of their job.

  • Sekhri asked “Does Modi has more hold on TV Channels than Reliance and Vadra?”. What Nonsense!!. This question defies all logic.Do you think if he had there would be so much of witch hunting of modi for last 10 years. Btw that so called modi expose papers where given out by Sanjiv Bhatt during pre-election period, and whom will modi make money for, he has no family.Also Just bcoz Modi is clean doesnt mean whole of guj govt is clean, corruption well might have happened behind his back.

    • Vince

      Just bcoz Modi doesn’t have family u don’t expect him to b corrupt… Ur Funny aren’t u

      • ks

        but the truth is, he isn’t corrupt, u agree aren’t u!

  • Sadly I feel Kejriwal will have to face political isolation/mediablackout like Dr.Swamy and stay out of power , a heavy price for being
    too clean for your own good.

    • Girish

      Mr Pawan – what do you thing he need to do? Work in collusion with corrupt and come to power? Shame on you…

      • kaviverma

        What you are reflecting on is on the “chalta hai” …do nothing but talk dope that we feed each other & is reinforced by the shrill , over the top , verbose corporate funded media who do not want any change , they will keep you busy with Rahul Modi till 2014 , whether you like it or not …there are people who are coming out on the issues that concern us all time to join them or continue to fell sorry for your self & your coming generations.

        • Rina Das

          Aptly said !

      • Mr Girish , I was sympathizing with AK.Understand the tone.

        • kaviverma

          When you work for change and against the system like Bhagat Singh , you do not know the price you may be asked to pay . The more we get behind him , the easier for him .

    • Shyam

      What you say is true in principle, that is, media doesn’t give much space for people of a certain type. but Arvind’s movement and rise was supported by TV channels like no other! Surprised you think Media suppresses him. IBN, TN and NDTV give him so much space it’s actually bad publicity for Arvind (assuming he is as honest and straight as he is in practice as he is in words) because of the close relation of these channels with Congress and their relentless hate campaign against Modi all these years and if Arvind doesn’t want to confirm the suspicion of many that AAP is another proxy of Congress.

      Delhi election coverage – check time given to Harshvardhan vs Kejriwal, its probably 1:5.

  • An Indian

    A good interview. However I have a few doubts, you may call me pessimist and cynic for that. Do you really think Indian people are educated and mature enough for referendums or to take decisions on some important issues ? Still a good percentage of people are not literate. And often we have seen political leaders swaying votes by passing disinformation to the crowd and electorates also getting carried away with that. When voting is secrete then such types of people are elected, just imagine when one has to voice an opinion publicly how the bully elements will react. India is not only the society of big cities and well-read people, rather more it is about suppressed voices. I agree with Arvind’s vision so please don’t take my views as blockers, instead we may take these as challenges and try to provide solution to them.

    • Suresh P

      You are okay with the Indian public to be mature enough to put politicians into the Government but not mature enough to voe in referendums. Illiterate does not mean dumb. Don’t call yourself “An Indian” when your views are not.

    • Its not about taking right decision that much as much as people taking their own decisions whether right or wrong, they will own it ultimately.All privately managed affairs are operated the same way. Only govt managed affairs are behind closed doors and shady.

  • nr

    Glad to see this interview. More power to Arvind Kejriwal & his team. Thanks to honest, hardworking people like him our country will only get better !!

  • Javed Karbari

    well done. Thanks Abhinandan Sekhri for showing Arvind Kejriwal.

  • Facts

    As far as Arvind’s views are concerned….I believe that we will have to wait for his manifesto and proposals he makes for good governance…and more importantly the feasibility of those proposals….It also comes as a huge surprise that Modi’s conference was not shown by media…Had this been done to any congress leader…it would have been a sheer delight to witness those trolls on twitter…
    For all those who consider Subraminan Swamy to be the most honest being on planet…its time to put the facts straight…he was the one who shook hands with Sonia Gandhi to bring down the Mr Atal Bihari’s government on the condition that he shall be appointed the PM of this country in a non BJP and non Congress government….Also for his idiotic ways of shouting over the rooftop and making silly remarks he has lost Lok Sabha elections more than once…and further was not even given a Rajya Sabha ticket by the BJP….The jealousy he lives with against Chidambaram has forced him to file cases against him in court..and in both (Hashimpur riot and 2G ) cases he fell flat on his face in the court….
    The only thing he can do to satisfy his ego is to abuse on twitter and national channel, make filthy remarks against all and sundry without any evidence and cross all basic limits of decency.

    • Looks like u havent gotten ur FACTS correct, Dr.Swamy has clarified every question u have raised,He came to know about Sonia post 2000.How is losing of LS election and RS seat sign of insincerity?? Have you lost it?. He didnt had equation with Vajpayee: So Get your FACTS right. He has filed courtcases against Sonia also which is pending on Delhi HC. Btw 2g trials are still going on and cases havent fallen flat. He virtually faces death treath for it.He doest end corruption fight with press conferences.He has challenged gandhi familys credentials like no other, and if he didnt had proofs why do you think they are not filing defamation case against him.There are plenty of Youtube videos where he has given clarification So Get your FACTS right. Btw I also dont approve of lang he sometimes restores to on twitter.

      • Facts

        Well, no need to post any link here..i know Swamy better than anyone…On your arguments, Swamy claims that Vajpayee feared Sonia because she had a letter written by him to Mrs Indira Gandhi from prison during emergency..pleading to be released…and Vajpayee thought that Sonia can use it to malign his image….My simple question to you…If he knew this..why did he shake hands with his party in 1998 and wanted to be the finance minister in the government?….And his relations were strained with Vajpayee because after the support, he was denied the post..and that is when Swamy showed his true colours and went to Sonia and shook hands to dethrone Vajpayee government…and when even there his “oversmartness” bit the dust..he gave a new theory that he got to know about corrupt Sonia in 2000…was he sleeping for so many years..when Rajeev Gandhi was his friend…and everything was out in open after Bofors Case…and as per his claims…all are corrupt…and the only true leader in India is him…who has lost elections more than once….and no party is ready to even give him RS seat….wow…what a classic argument that is !!!
        As far as filing cases are concerned..any lawyer can do that..and there is a difference in “allegation”, “charges” and “conviction”…So he can file N number of pleas against all and sundry because he had been rejected by the electorate to reach parliament…and now he is all “idle” going to court everyday and filing cases like a wannabe lawyer…or writing a derogatory book against a particular community…and blotting the name of his own country ,known for secular credentials, in international universities…In hindi we call such men…”vella aadmi”…(if u can get it)…And for your kind information, a person is rejected by electorate and that too more than once, if their are serious doubts about his credentials….(which include sincerity)…A man who can’t serve his own constituency, how the hell can you expect him to be a minister in the cabinet and serve the whole country..???
        Also,his appeal against Chidambaram for making him convict in 2G case has been declined both by the trial court and SC….And in Hashimpura case, the victims have themselves filed a plea against his plea for making him a convict, saying that….”He is doing it for his political interests and it shouldn’t be accepted”..
        And don’t keep your argument on..”what he claims on youtube videos”…..first try to be unbiased in evaluating a man’s doing research through “neutral” sources…

        • For the election part he has already claimed EVM fraud and even UK,NZ dont practise EVM. So you feel PC is some sort of saint? there was a cabinet resolution that decision be taken by FM and telecom.If it hasnt standed leaglity in court thats a diff case. Anyway I dont think anyone is fool to take on PC,Sonia, he could have as well kept quite instead of filing cases.He cud have been in much better political position had he not taken upon himself this 2g and sonia cases ..I have only youtube to fall back to I am not in CBI.Truth will ultimately surface up, if he is ill-motivated that will also come up. Rest my case. So lets wait for Truth to come up

          • Facts

            As far as EVM machines are concerned…..out of his sheer frustration of back to back losses…Swamy has filed a case in SC…whose verdict is awaited…so lets not comment on that….and also, just because something works in some other part of the world doesn’t necessarily mean that we ought to follow it…
            As far as cabinet resolution on 2G is concerned….it shall be better for you to read the session’s court and SC verdict on the case..and if you can’t (as you mentioned you rely on youtube videos), go and watch Justice Ganguly’s interview with Karan Thapar on the matter.
            On your contention that he has no reason to file a case against Sonia and Chidambaram…he indeed has many political aspirations…He was eyeing for a seat in RS by wooing RSS…but hasn’t been successful with it…because many sections of BJP doesn’t endorse his approach….and also he has a jealousy reasons with Chidambaram from his universities days….which further intensified with Chidu’s rise to the top of ladder….and also Chidu had been a far more successful lawyer than him…
            So he lives in the guise of an anti corruption crusader by misguiding gullibles by his nasty speeches without any concrete evidence….now it shall be better for all his blindfolded followers to wake up from deep sleep…!!!

        • Shantylal

          You say you know Dr. Swamy better then anyone, then I suppose you should now know more about Arvind now.

          • Facts

            Indeed yes..I have done my research on Arvind too….and therefore I mentioned above (the comment which has been deleted now by News Laundy’s “moral police brigade”) that we should wait for his manifesto to come….The proposals he makes and their feasibility can explain his viewpoint in a more better way….Till date, his record as a social servant has been great with more than 10 years of work experience under Ms Aruna Roy….The negative side had been his “My way or the Highway” approach….and the jury is on with it…so let us wait and watch…Fingers crossed..!!!

          • Shantylal

            There are more negative sides of arvind then just “My way or the Highway” approach. Such as his split with anna and ramdev. His Ford foundation funding issues, Kashmir issue,etc. But let wait and watch. Fingers Crossed!

          • bhoopendra

            i think u r paid for writing comments on behalf of some party….is that so!

  • have admired him for a very long time now. more power to him. thanx for a wonderful interview. yet another one!

  • koorkhen

    It is always a pleasure to get insight into the many aspects that Arvind highlights. Today the game of politics has become so dirty ( like a pig ) that anyway you jostle with it you are going to come back with a lot of dirt on you. Some of it is obvious to stick on Arvind as well , but over a period of time it can get washed away. Real dilemma for many to take this path is not about family time or occupation with personal aspects as Arvind discusses but the issue of dirt sticking on to them. Cleaning that up can take a lifetime and also a toll on the family. Arvind has carefully and intelligently manoeuvred thru these and hence may not have a toll on him. For others there is no assurance in the system hence the best way for most people is to keep quiet. The consequence is worst for any whistle blower who have lost their lives and family left stranded. This is especially when media is aware of the incident and also covers the same but there is no protection. Arvind should work out means to encourage many more to come in and also provide adequate protection to such people. May create a fund and ensure that any such cases will be fought and supported by the fund. People will be keen to contribute. If fear can be conquered this way or any other way , Arvind and the people will arrive into a new country sooner than the next republic day. All the best.

  • No issue media will follow just keep determined get good nums of seats in delhi, at least ppl are awaking if not media .

  • harjit

    Arvind she e hind


    Great. Keep it Arvind

  • what a innovative idea sir ji…

  • koorkhen

    Your view may be right but Arvind is getting into politics – 1st Standard. Don’t evaluate him for 10th Std. If in 1st Std he fails to deliver he will be thrown out.Those questions are good for a social crusader now he is in Politics and that is about power. He states he will go for people power and not for nominated power of any party. Wait and see.

    • This is a shame for newslaundry team that my comments were deleted. It is acting just like a paidmedia

      My hopes from Madhu Trehan and it’s team are shattered.

      • raj panchal

        each and every 1 of ur questions have been answered by arvind kejriwal himself. there is a massive amount of videos on youtube, you can surf through them and you will find your answers. let me remind you you are not the only person asking these questions, these questions have been asked to him by a lot of people and he has also asked all these questions to himself over a period of his lifetime. do not talk trash about newslaundry unnecessarily. Stick to facts and ask questions that you want him to answer and not the answers that you want to hear from him because he is not out here to satisfy your personal views about indian politics!!

      • kaviverma

        These are the most stupid set of oft repeated boring questions . You should have asked what AAP thinks on “chow mein , mobiles & jeans ” causing rapes that our politicians & media is busy with today . You are only making a big fool of your self by exposing your self as the servile political groupie of those who have put 640+ criminals as MPs. The first task of every honest Indian is to get criminality out of politics . All else will clean up on its own .

      • kaviverma

        What do you have to say on Ma Bharti being defied by scams & 640+ criminal MPs daily . You are all over the place batting for ” secularism , psuedo secularism , communalism , my scam is bigger than your scam , my riot bigger than your riot , you said this , I said that ” …while the scamming have make India the undisputed scam super power , the rapes have earned us global shame ? Any views .

      • kaviverma

        You keep posting this rubbish every where , wasting people’s time . Do not foul this place too. If you can’t be constructive , do not destroy & distract .

  • TheGlobeTrotter

    This is a clever promotion of Kejriwal/AAP with no hard questions. Clearly propagandized and moreover, when both the interviewer and the interviewee could speak English most of it was conducted in Hindi(which has never been the case before if interviewee could confabulate in English) to take it wider audience. When there could be so many good questions, his ‘public service’ is discussed to advocate him. This talk smells a lot of bias.

    • Girish

      I work closely with Arvind. Can you please post those “good questions” so that we can take it with him next time…I will tell Arvind to speak in Telugu next time so that less people understand what he says..thik he?

      • TheGlobeTrotter

        Its not about which language Arvind speaks, its about the PARTI PRIS on the part of interviewer. He conducted most of it in Hindi and why are you getting agitated man. If you work “closely” with Arvind then don’t you want to advance his cause? I’m sure you want to reach out to whole lot of people. Be open and accept that yes it was subtle but surely propitious. And why Telugu, ask him to speak in Mandarin if that serves your cause better. For good questions, I don’t need to list them for next time, just let Madhu interview him and you shall know.

      • kaviverma

        If you notice Arvind , AAP and quite a few crore Indians have fully realized the corrupt & criminals have created an ecosphere of money , power , media , scams , loot , security , laws & judiciary to keep the honest out & them selves in . This is what we are striking at & there are no compromises to be made …else the 640 criminal MPs & thousands of others MLAs , corporators , panchayat members will have a reason to stay around . We want to change the stem where people unfit to get the lowest of the jobs , govern us , make laws for us . The option got you is either watch the corporate sponsored Modi-Rahul 2014 WWF , feel elated at every expert and every line … or join us .

        • Jay

          I also dont enjoyed this interview, may be worst among all, No hard questions like case anjali damaniya & mr. episode? what happen to the internal committee set up arvind for 3 months time line? & its outcome & effects? Nitin gadkari case which was flopped & not proven charge… also i feel AK is just creating hype of corruption for political benefit as like other parties…. “bacche ko bukhar hain, but question should be ‘kuo aur usko kaise sudhara jaye'” there could not be a single solution that i believe. Just blaming to all other will not serve cause but successes little bit benefit to AAP only… then problem will be there till they come to majority

          • kaviverma

            This interview is not for enjoyment , enjoy the Modi Vs. Rahul corporate financed political IPL till 2014 & then enjoy how they extract 1000x from them as scams in the name of your development . Enjoy paying bribes , teach your kids the same & boast about it among your friends , how you pay bribes & get your work done , share your devious expertise with who want it . When a corrupt criminal politician visits your area , garland him , fall at his feet , ask for favors , pay bribe ..look smart among your servile kind. But let others work to eradicate corruption & criminality from governance . Do not distract them from their work , as they know people like you are the hurdles that need to be crossed .

        • ram yadav

          Not crore. Crores are with Modi. Only a few andh bhakts are will air headed Kejri who defiled Lok janpal movement.

    • kaviverma

      You are right AAP & AK should not talk on why & how we have reached the stage of having an own page of scams on Wiki , the only country to do so , why we have elected more than enough criminals to beat all the mafias of Italy in numbers & the amount looted . What is that you want AAP to speak on ? Will it be RG or Modi ? Or will Nitish stay or go ? That is the job of prime time media , enjoy till the next big election results are out . We are now talking what will get 640+ criminal MPs out of parliament ?

    • kaviverma

      What is your opinion on the Modi Rahul corporate funded political IPL being promoted as the sole political concern of India today . Is the main stream media any different from DD today ? Is there any different content or its treatment today on new channels ? If you find it do let me know .

  • Shantylal

    Right to the point. All these issues were missed out.

  • kris

    He must now face the hard questions;questions that are uncomfortable,double-sworded that makes you shift in your chair from left to right.He must and also hope the he learns to face this kind of new music.He and his compatriots must now form opinions on all major issues that concern us but also issues which might or might not be important but still is crucial ,best of wishes.

  • News Laundry team has removed my earlier comments. This website is hence a hypocrisy when they interview other media channels on their paid news and corruption. Interview by Abhinandan Sekri – ‘friend’ of Kejriwal on face of it was doubtful.

    Though I cannot reconstruct the exact comments but below is importantly what I had written which was deleted by NewsLaundry team. I am writing these critical qs again here before you delete this comment for others to know the reality of this interview.

    This interview was fixed, with Arvind had prepared his answers and this was nothing more than a publicity platform for Arvind Kejriwal.

    Hard hitting questions expected from Newslaundry are as below.

    1. What is stand of AK on his ‘secularism’
    2. Why he took support of RSS and then later denied?
    3. Why he uses his supporters?
    4. What are his real views on Kashmir? Why Bhushan wants Kashmir to be removed from India?
    5. What happened to ‘Internal Lokpal’ on Anjali Damania and Bhushan?
    6. Why his July agitation was announced to hamper already announced Baba Ramdev’s August agitation of Ramlila Maidan?
    7. Why he plays same ‘secularism’ card, which is always played by Congress and Mulayam and likes
    8. Why has he not come clean on his accusations of Ford foundation funding?
    9. How come he was allowed till India Gate on Delhi Gangrape protest whilst Baba Ramdev was stopped for 5 hours and then later detained?
    10. Why Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and so many volunteers broke from him?
    11. How come he is paidmedia’s eye candy now but Anna is forgotten?
    12. Why is he always silent on important issues like Hyderabad curfew, Owaisi politics, Assam Bodo hindu exodus?
    13. Why is he considered a second stooge of Khangress and would he do same as what NCP and
    Prajarajyam do (cut anti congress votes to gain power and later become one with them)?

    NL team.. as soon as you remove this.. my team is going to put it many more times on Social Media Everywhere.

    • Rugved M

      All of these questions are answered by Mr Kejriwal himself on his blog, on IAC, AAP website and on various videos on YouTube. If you are still unconvinced about his answers, I have proof for two of the questions you asked. Visit this link for the Anjali Damania and Bhushan allegations: and visit this link for his foreign funding allegation: Secondly, the questions which you have asked were asked earlier by Digvijaya Singh whose main aim in asking these questions is to divert attention from real issues. Do you fall into his category or do you have something to be feared about like the corrupt MPs/MLAs/municipal corporators throughout our country? He may not be perfect but he definitely the best option we have got at present.

      • Well he is perfect!

      • The problem in India is andhbhakti.. A paranoia of ‘See no Evil’ is attached with anyone who talks against the common enemy.

        Why is he against Modi? Why he rants about secularism?
        Secularism in India today is only about Muslim minority vote pacification.. This word is a dhokha.. It means Anti-Hindu and Pro-Muslim.You will see Mulayam, Khangess, Maywati, DMK.. all playing for this pitch!

        What are the real achievements of Mr Kejriwal?

        There are absolutely no achievements… It is always a shoot and scoot strategy and research his timings.. AK is a projection of paidmedia. Who knew Arvind Kejriwal before media glorified and his brainwashed Anna Hazare (He is now separate is different thing)?

        Why Bhushan wants to give away Kashmir to pak?
        Did you check who had beaten up his accomplice Bhushan in his chambers? He was beaten up by real activists. paidmedia showed it otherwise. If you open your eyes.. Akhand Bharat has been divided since ages and you have been denied real history. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir.. all have slowly been culled off and are now a muslim majority area without any democracy and with sharia law.

        Who projected AK ?

        Paidmedia will never cover real activists like Late Rajiv Dixit, Baba Ramdev and Tajinder Bagga in good light. Understand that paidmedia is a propaganda and not a news!

      • केजरीवाल से सवाल पूछिए की प्रशांत भूषण ने , अफ़ज़ल की फाँसी की दया याचिका पे क्यों हस्ताक्षर किए ? ये देश भक्त हैं या देश द्रोही?

        • Nihal Virad!ya

          LOL .! तेरे को ” दिगविजय सिंग ” ( पिगविजय सिंग ) बोल दिया. I can understand your feeling but don’t kill yourself.

    • kaviverma

      You seem to have forgotten to ask why there are 640+ MPs criminals & crorepatati’s ? And why the country is in this big mess today . How it got there ? Why has the press forgotten all the scams since Gadkari was exposed ? Why has the press forgotten even Ruchika Gehrotra ? Why you are seeing Modi & Rahul daily ? What about the other 120 cr Indians ?

    • Insaan

      Vande Ma Bharati, are you there? Did you read what Rugved M and others have to say or ask you? You have appeared in various web incarnations and asked questions only to infect gullible readers with your deliberate skepticism. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

      • This webpage is not my FB account where I would check my wall daily 🙂

        I just checked the response of Rugved M and have replied above.

    • what’s your motive to be asking this questions and how come people like you don’t ask such question to corrupt politicians , you have a team ….I doubt if your running an agenda against arvind? and most of your relevant questions is answered adequately.

      • Ask corrupt politicians?? Where?
        Where are the ‘relevant’ queations answered adequately to the satisfaction?

    • kaviverma

      What is Feku & Pappus stand on Dawood’s properties in Mumbai ?

  • Rushikesh

    Bakwaas, generalizing, brazen leftist views, blanket allegations, self centered, unrealistic purist rhetoric. Interviewer good, Arvind was disappointing.

    • kaviverma

      Should have spoken more on how the 640+ criminal MPs survive , thrive & are the biggest rot in the system …and what we need to do to get them out .

    • ram yadav

      True.. brazen leftists view. We have one more nehru among us. He will take us down.

  • Skeptic

    Why is the video not available?

  • Manish

    Very hard to find people as honest and brave as Mr. Kejriwal. I really idealize and respect him. I am glad that he named Ravish Kumar of NDTV as I like him a lot as well.

  • Bhartiya

    Great Interview….Kejriwal tum aage badho hum tumhare saath hain.. !!

  • Skeptic

    Thank you,NL. Though I think that Kejriwal is at his best when the interviewer is aggressive and more hostile.

  • Amit

    we shall overcome…

  • vm

    Listening to AK speak, one gets a sense of a honest & patriotic person talking…not sure i can say that with this confidence about many others…

  • Anoop

    As always, Arvind comes up trumps with his clarity of thoughts and articulates his position well. I hope he manages to beat Sheila Dixit in Delhi Assembly elections and shows that corruption has no place in this society

  • kaviverma

    They are covering Dawood Benefit Satta IPL run by Sirni , Shukla , Jaitley , Modi , Anurag Thakur ..aren’t you happy ? Next season will be bigger success ..Dawood Ji …ka aashirwad hai ..

    • ram yadav

      You have proof or you just like shooting stuff from ass? I have proof that bhushan supported terrorists like he appealed for batla encounter and insulted shaheed Ashok chakra awardee Mohan chand sharma. He says kashmir should be given to separatists, he signed afzal guru’s clemency petition with hacks like Arundhati roy. I feel AK is one more secularist who do vote bank politics. Also AK removed bharat mata pic from place.

      • kaviverma

        NIA has made the statement quite a few times that IPL satta funds Dawood , Dawood is there with full protection of ISI & Kiyani sure you can figure out the rest …and why the media & cricket bosses don’t talk about it .

  • ram yadav

    Biggest chor in indian politics. panders to islamicsts like Imam bhukhari, says ishrat innocent, batla encounter fake and his party member says that he will give kashmir to pak. very nice chor he is.

  • nitin

    Sad state of Affairs Madhu..Abhinandan as a part of Team Anna interviewing Kejirwal is like Sibal interviewing Sonia..Should have done this yourself.

  • RajeevS

    I simply can not tolerate leftists EVEN IF they are honest. The leftist ideologies have created genocidal regimes as in erstwhile USSR, North Korea, Cuba and politically left China. The leftists suffer from disease called self-righteousness and for them the opposition is always wrong and fit to be eliminated. There is no place for these people in democracy. I’d prefer flawed democracy over leftist state any day.

  • Baba Kamdev

    AK rocks !!

  • ASK

    A very soft interview….A few questions for AK if I may submit…Can
    you ask him now??or has it been asked already!!!! I am a late comer to
    this team.
    (a) He joined a govt organization (IRS) post studies in
    1995. He would have studied a lot about our country and current
    political system for clearing his exams (civil services). Did he not
    then know that Indian politics is dirty?? What did he have in mind while
    putting up his request for higher studies using tax payers money. What
    revelation did he have suddenly that he now HAD to become the “freedom
    fighter” for INDIA????
    (b) What explanation does he have for
    involving himself in a NGO when he was a government servant. Dont tell
    me that he worked in the off working hours!!!!!????
    (c) Why is his
    wife still is services which is SO DIRTY and nothing can be done from
    within an organization?? she should join his party!!!!!!! Oh probably
    she is not so much of a nationalist….
    (d) Did he come across some
    cases of corruption in his minimal days in office??? can he attribute
    his anger to those which led him to such a massive movement????