NL Interviews Jason Burke

Jason Burke, Guardian’s S Asia correspondent & Al Qaeda expert, speaks to Anuvab Pal about the term "war correspondent", his books, “pure Hinduism”, whether Pakistan knew Bin Laden was in Abbottabad, Taliban being “ISI assets”, the Indian government being like a monkey and more…

Jason Burke, Guardian’s South Asia correspondent & Al Qaeda expert, speaks to Anuvab Pal about the “detestful” term war correspondent, his books, “pure Hinduism”, whether Pakistan knew Bin Laden was in Abbottabad, Taliban being “ISI assets”, the Indian govt being like a monkey and more…

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  • nmkn

    Not to criticize but it seemed that the interviewer was taking his very first interview. Either he was in total awe of Mr. Burke or a little nervous. His whole body language was giving this impression.

  • Khinv

    He, the interviewer, looks in complete awe of Jason burke. Like it happens to many of the newslaundry talks another casualty of this conversation. Not a single question. Wonder whether the interviewer has really read anything of the author. Mr. Anubhav Pal thinks the confrontation between the Islamic fundamentalism ( sure jason Burke won’t say such a word) and the West is the most important thing of the Twenty First century. Well, no issues with that opinion. He did not even ask Burke how did this most important event occur, what will be it impacts upon international politics. Burke could have shared his experience with the local journalists and the various news productions. Lets not count the possibilities this interview had. An Indian journalist could have done much better job. (forgive my ignorance for asking what Anubhav Pal does? I even dont think I can google him after watching him like that.

  • Bharat Dangi

    Interviewer is a joker. Why he is laughing all the time ?

  • Leo

    i swear i will stop comin to this site and also stop telling ppl about it if i see another interview by Pal or Alpana Kishore. Tht was the main reason i stopped goin to Firstpost etc cuz they messed evethin up after gettin lil fame so plz dont go the same way. Madhu plz come bak or let Abhinandan Sekhri do this work.

  • avn

    the guy interviewing seems a joker to is an intense/serious discussion wherein jason is talking seriously on the subject and his experiences and this joker just doesnt seem to stop laughing about it.appreciate if he could see this vid himself and change or NL trains/teaches him or find a better one.this interview has some natl importance and this guy seem to have made a mockery of it.another media person with less interest in the importance of subject than enjoying company of his fav journalist.just shows the quality of folks we are associating in media today.

  • dissapointednlfan

    The entire seriousness of the issues that Burke was talking about is killed by what seems like a rookie..can’t they be trained to not be camera/personality conscious? He seems to have a “drawing room demeanor”. On the other hand, Burke is a terrific journalist. Mrs. Trehan should have done this interview, along with the one with Kejriwal as well.

  • Sachin

    It seems the interview is running in an auto pilot mode. No real questions whatsoever. Seems like a fanboy giggling at a superstar.

  • nk

    Mr. Pal needs serious training on – how not to ruin interviews.

  • Ram

    The interviewer and interviewee are both a joke.

  • Ram

    I can imagine Madhu Trehan giving the interviewer a tight slap after his giggly sissy performance.

  • Who owns news laundry??? How come the owner allows such a thing to be seen by the audience? Madhu have you seen it and approved? Or this fellow (Mr Pal) has invested a lot in this company??Seriously…ask him to stop laughing and giggling like a kid!! PLZ !!!

  • Dont mean to hurt him or anything…but very very dissatisfied!!!

  • sunil

    i skiped the interview after reading the comments. 0.25 he starts laughing….