I Agree With Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav, RSS spokesperson speaks to Abhinandan Sekhri on Ramjanmabhoomi, the unfair demonisation of the RSS by the media, RSS' relationship with VHP, the convenience of khaki shorts, Hindu-Muslim terrorists, liberal fascists & more…

Ram Madhav, RSS spokesperson speaks to Abhinandan Sekhri on Ramjanmabhoomi, the unfair demonisation of the RSS by the media, RSS’ relationship with VHP, the convenience of khaki shorts, Hindu-Muslim terrorists, liberal fascists & more…

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  • Alok Dubey

    wow you are excellent Abhinandan . The way you said “Dharma to earn money” of Gadkari !!!! LOL

    • JP

      The point Shekri missed was the Slokha mentions that “One has to earn money in righteous path, and distribute it to the unprivileged”. Ram Madhav did mention in his interview that it has to earn through righteous path. I too appreciate the way Abhinandan linked the question to Gadkari’s IT raids. However, it is not the responsibility of Ram Madhav to defend or incriminate Gadkari. These questions should be directed to Gadkari.

  • Suhail A

    The problem with RSS is that it’s a very non-judgmental organization.

    Amazing Loved it!

  • ravi ranjan

    “sangh shakti kaliyuge namah”…but page3 gang and sick+u+lar community never understand nationalism…jai shri ram

  • What is the problem with Khaki shorts for these mindless journos? RSS is not an elitist organization ..it’s doing grass root service and they’ll opt for what everyone in the society can adapt.

    • Leo

      hes not saying ITS WRONG to wear shorts, he just asking him normally and whts wrong wid tht?

  • This guy Ram Madhav, a Kannadiga, is an extremely affable,friendly,shy,and innocent, sweet guy! You Abhi, mischievous pappu, sweetly and cleverly pulled his leg as you did with Mohd.Ahmd, and that Hinduwing extremist character whose name I forget. You have now adopted the Laloo philosophy of fooing others by behaving like a fool yourself.However much you tried to trap him, he held his ground because he is a learned man,an intelligent man.

    • Krishna

      Correction he is from andhra pradesh, from west godavari district

  • so now u will interview hafiz syed also , coz u have started interviewing RSS terorist , Why give legitimacy to antination forces like RSS

    • Deepali Sharma

      really?? this is what happens when you speak with a conditioned mind successfully captured by pseudo sickulars

  • Liberal fundamentalist

    Really cheap shots, Sekhri. It really worked with Mohammad Ahmed SB, who fell into the trap pretty neatly; fell kinda flat with Ram Madhav, who took it all in his stride like a gentle giant.

    Goes on to show how deliberate and malicious the attempts of the “liberal-fascists” are to lump the Sangh with the Jamaats of the world. It’s tragic that the grand ideas of the Sangh are swept under a carpet of hyperbole and sensationalism by those running the rat race of who’s-more-secular-than-whom.

    • Which grand ideas of the Sangh are you referring to?

      • Liberal fundamentalist

        Of Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam, of a unified India, of a common civil code, of selfless service to the nation, integration of the tribals into the mainstream and social destratification.

        • Suppose the tribals wouldn’t like to be integrated into the ‘mainstream’? Who is to decide which one is the mainstream? It could be argued that the tribal way of life and belief is the original, unadulterated Hinduism.

          • John LeGrasse

            I am not implying my own concurrence with the Sangh’s idea of integration of tribals into the mainstream or otherwise. I am only responding to Anup Nair’s question on what the grand ideas of the Sangh are. So your question is wrongly directed at me.

    • Aparna

      Exactly! I found them highly distasteful! I think it was highly gracious of Mr.Ram to let it go and take it in his stride! I am glad I saw this interview though! It is generally said that RSS is intolerant, but if all rss members are like him, then yeah critics of RSS will have to bite the bullet.

  • Uma

    Abhinandan Sekhri….. Very Amateurish…….. Could have been a much more engaging interview…….

  • Madhu

    About the Mantra on caste .The meaning of the Mantra is “So the mantra means that any ecosystem necessarily consists
    of 4 Varnas or properties or qualities or components – Brahmin,
    Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Brahmin means intellect and
    knowledge. Kshatriya means strength and valor. Vaishya means management,
    balance and stability. Shudra means rest of the qualities including

    – A smart system would utilize the 4 components in most optimized manner.
    So a successful society would have intellectuals or Brahmins as head,
    Warriors or Kshatriyas as protecting hands, Vaishyas or business
    managers as stability providers or bone marrow producers (femur or thigh
    bone is the strongest bone of body) and rest of population would be
    utilized to provide support and basic infrastructure for the society.

    A successful company would also organize itself accordingly.

    The Supreme also creates the universe in a manner that these 4 components are balanced.

    – As human beings, even we have all these 4 within us. But as they
    are Varnas (choice) we have option to increase or decrease their
    magnitude in various aspects of our lives. Note however that
    there is no binary choice of either having or rejecting a property. All
    the 4 must exist, only their proportions may vary.

    – Our brain represents the Brahmin which should be nurtured to extent
    possible. We should have strong arms to protect ourselves. A very
    healthy body and good blood circulation to ensure our longevity and
    powerful feet to be dynamic.

    – There is no human who does not have any of these components
    or properties within him. And there is no meaningful activity that can
    be performed in absence of all these 4. After all we are a complete
    being and not parts.

    So when we are even studying Vedas – we use the Brahmin to
    understand the essence, Kshatriya to ensure we can study peacefully and
    not be disturbed by every other mosquito or nuisance, Vaishya to manage
    the procurement of Vedic text and lamp, and Shudra to actually sit down,
    switch on the lamp and perform all manual tasks necessary to
    successfully complete the study. If even one of the Varnas is ignored,
    the task may not be successfully and sustainably completed.

    Buddhism focused only on Brahmin and hence perished in Afghantistan
    to attacks from West Asian looters. Wahabis got exclusively into warfare
    and made world a dangerous place. Hindus became too much of managers/
    Vaishyas or Jugaadbaaz and lost their strength and dignity. Pakistan
    made Shudras out of its population by neglecting education and training
    and is nearing a failed state due to dominance of barbarians.

    – In society, we, for sake of simplicity, call a person Brahmin,
    Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra based on his predominant profession. However this is only a simplistic approximation. In
    reality, each of us has a Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra within
    us or else we would not be able to even survive for a while.

    You can clearly see that with this very logical interpretation, the
    entire Varna system as well as the mantra becomes so comprehensible and
    easy to understand. Of course, with further introspection and analysis
    including study of language, we can derive even deeper meanings from
    this vastly intellectual mantra from one of the most wonderful Suktas of

    • Mango Man

      Beautiful! Thank you, my friend, for such a meaningful, informative, wonderful and brilliant exposition of the Vedic concept of Varnas! It is so sad that this simple yet profound idea has not only been forgotten by most Indians, but is even often actively disparaged and bad-mouthed by other vested interests (leftists and other assorted self-loathers) who don’t even have the basic understanding of these concepts! It is sad that this is what today’s Bharat has come to, where most Bharatiyas don’t even understand the real ancient wisdom and proud intellectual heritage of our civilization.

    • Deepali Sharma

      Thanks Madhu…

      • Madhu

        Don’t thank me,thank guys/gals from Agniveer(dot)com.They are doing tremendous job.Sekhris will get real picture of Sanathana Dharma there.

        • Deepali Sharma


    • SaatthamuthuBoy

      In addition, immediately afterwards, the upanishad goes on to say that the moon arose from the mind, the sun from eyes, from mouth/face, fire and indra, from breath vAyu (air), from nAbhI space, from the two legs the earth, from ears the different directions…. etc etc. Now do you want to interpret that one celestial body is more important than another, Mr. Sekhri? Ever heard of poetry?

  • Brilliant Abhinandan Sekhri!

  • Vivek

    Ravi Shastri at post match presentation – Sekhri was completely outplayed (& outwitted) in all departments of the game…. Ram Madhav is thinking bloke who knew what he is up against… Over a wide variety of allegations, more than the fair dose of provocations, over an hour of non-stop entertainment and in the end, it is only fair to say … the idea of Hindutva was the winner….

  • phoney

    kudos, hope Madhavan watches it closely !

  • Roark

    I liked his statement….”a person who supports violence cannot be a hindu”….but when he said that women are not allowed in morning shakhas because they have to cook (the interviewer said this)….why din’t the interviewer ask him further about those women who go to job just like men..??

    Also if VHP, existing for past 60 years, was an arm made to work against untouchability….what ground level achievement does it has to justify this….??(because a common man knows nothing more than pravin togadia giving hate speeches)

    and a significant point…in all his interviews including this one….interviewer sound very condescending in his approach…trying to make a sarcastic remark against the interviewee…Mr Sekhri …I don’t know whether you do it deliberately…or you try to be humorous….or its a childhood habit……but in no way does it help the cause of the interview, how relevant the point maybe..instead it make you look like a fool….

    • Krishna

      VHP has done much more, it has trained thousands of OBC priests, made temple entry proclamations brought all swamis unto one platform and facilitated a statement from them denouncing untouchability, i have been part of many such programs, togadiya has to talk such language in order to stand up to the owaisis or raise the masses its ugly but ground level truth

    • Krishna

      women have their own separate wing called rashtra sevika samiti, who decide their own timings according to the convenience they have decided on certain time according to their convenience. They can and will change timing depending on their convenience. there is no rigid rule in this regard. men shakas also happen in the evening depend on the context and situation

      • Roark

        My emphasis was on the point that why can’t they conduct shakhas for men and women together in the morning…??…why these separate wings for men and women…??….If men and women can attend shakhas together than it can attract more people, especially married couples to attend it..also it will set up a good example as far as gender equality is concerned….

        • Krishna

          the situation you are talking is an Ideal condition, but you must understand that work goes on not among the highly educated and aware people, it is at the very grass roots. Gender equality and men women together is a concept that requires quite a maturity of participants. I think such a situation is not practical especially among the lowest rung of society. on the other hand student gatherings and other cultural gatherings are conducted with both women and men participating together

          • Roark

            disagree on two points..
            1) men and women attending shakhas together doesn’t need too much effort….don’t we have co ed schools where students attend school assemblies together..??…we just need a right initiative in this regard…
            2)I believe that people in lower rung need to be made more interactive with each other…they live in a more repressed society in comparison to people with upper level of society…and there should not be any issues in facilitating this….just a right approach can help..

          • laal

            For point 1 it cannot be done just the same way mixed cricket, football teams do not exists. Apart from the physical part, social issues taken up by men and women can also be different

          • JP

            RSS is a patriotic organization designed in the mold of Hindu Ashram style, but without sacred robes. Hence, they separated Men and Women shakhas. Apart from Shakha activities, both men and women work together in majority of RSS’s sister organizations.

        • arundhati rajpal

          They just might someday! One thought they’d never change the shorts, but they are.
          And why do you want women to be further bent down with more work. I mean,come on, dont we have enough on our plates already.

          • Roark

            attending shakha is not a work or baggage to do stuffs…its a matter of choice…i was referring to the point that women and men are not allowed to have shakhas together…

          • Krishna

            its not that, they are not allowed per say. its about how the society functions RSS does what people want as it is a people’s organization. when the time comes may be they will have it RSS is always open to suggestions from people.

    • Mango Man

      The problem is that your views and opinions about the RSS and VHP have been shaped by India’s leftist pseudo-liberal mainstream media establishment, that only ever portrays both these organizations are “no-good communal rabble-rousing fanatics” who are only ever indulging in majoritarianist politics (and against minorities), regressive views (such as regarding Valentine’s day), or raking up issues like temples, cows, etc. Needless to say, this is a completely false and jaundiced misrepresentation of these organizations and their social or cultural activities. The reason India’s Congress-controlled and pro-Left media has been doing this negative portrayal of RSS and VHP for decades is because these organizations represent the greatest threat to the Congress Establishment. Naturally, it makes sense to prevent them from becoming popular, which is accomplished by falsely making them appear illiberal and regressive to impressionable but factually ignorant young minds who naively consume the prejudices that the media puts forward.

      Entire books can be written about the “ground level achievements” of these organizations: charity work, orphanages, schools (both in cities and villages), social reform, nation-building through character-building, etc. The humongous social work done by the RSS and VHP easily outstrips that done by most other organizations (with greater foreign-funded budgets), and yet, the latter end up getting more credit.

      • Roark

        I was expecting this reply…..but my point was that no common man knows about it..it was the responsibility of the interviewer to bring it up in his interview..by putting up a question……every common man may not be interested in googling and digging information about every organisation…they believe in what is more prominent in public domain…at least this interview could have helped in hearing it right from the horse’s mouth..:)

        • Joe

          The problem with RSS is that they believe that Selfless Service is not meant for publicity.

        • Satyam Sharma

          Agree. When was the last time journalists spoke with RSS or VHP leaders regarding Ekal Vidyalayas, Seva Bharati, Vidya Bharati, Vanavasi Kalyan Ashrams, etc, that are touching the lives of crores and crores of ordinary or underprivileged Indians (children or adult) through social work on a massive scale.

          For some reason, the media only ever portrays them regarding temples, cows or trishuls. This is clear and blatant negative misinformation propaganda to make these nationalist organizations unpopular among the unaware common man so as to preserve the Congress and Left’s stranglehold on political power in India.

  • swaraj s w

    Sekhri, u were a good journalist! But the way Sekhri was answered was like he was outplayed.Credit to both, But i shall be non judgemental!!

  • koorkhen

    I agree with Ram Madhav ! ! ! . Indeed. As he said it is a point of view and as long as everyone has a view it is respected.Issue is about being Judgemental and that is the case pursued by the so called liberals or English Media. It suits them as it benefits them monetarily, nothing more. Some of the ideology RSS seems to have stood firm on – like educating the villages , social upliftment,respecting women ( not commoditising them), one country , not tolerating crime in any form are good for the society in general.Finally whether the Jamaat or RSS they have a massive following and that is the core problem for the liberals at large – who feel being critical is the only way to reduce the 2 organisation. All the best.

  • Smita

    Ram Madhav comes across as a much wiser person than the interviewer.

  • prabhat

    Execellent job by Ram madhav…first time i have heared whole thing about RSS but can Sekri had made himself fool he must be preared for that…Anyway Rammadhav is a very nice personality.

  • Ashwin

    Ram Madhav was brilliant. He was a close depiction of ideal Hindu philosophy stands for – ” remain calm at all times , engage through dialogue and intellect and allow others to express their opinion “. Kind of a reason why India has always allowed all religions to coexists for thousands of years. Like every organization RSS has its black, white and grey sides. And neither I want to defend their mistake or glorify their good deeds. But for sure I want to endorse Ram Madhav as fantastic interviewee and great conversationalist.
    Abhinandan’s strategy to “trap” his guests through sugar and honey clearly back fired, its good may be once, but when it becomes a habit it tends to get as annoying as left or right extremism. Also I think Abhinandan was trying to use Kejriwal’s theory, Congress and BJP are two sides of the same coin, to prove Hindu and Muslim religious organization are basically one bunch. Kind of true to an extent, but I don’t think there is a need to over do it and spent like 10 minutes on this – its a no brainer most religious groups are socially conservative but that doesnt mean they cant have differences. Mao and Stalin were also one communist bunch , but they did split right ?

    • Sir, two points 1. RSS is not a religious organization, it is open to people to from all religions 2. RSS is not socially conservative.

  • Deepali Sharma

    On one side you see the one who knows what he is doing and stays dedicated to the cause and reason, no matter how much you try dissuading him. And that’s the strength our Vedas have bestowed us with, clearly visible in Ram Madhav’s interview. On the other, the one who although is naive to the idea of Vedas and Scriptures, feels good about it, but doesn’t actually really understand the soul in it. The person who is trying to choose the enlightened path but somehow his reason creeps in, for he is still not a believer. A confused but trying to be different mind is what you can witness in Sekhri… Am sure the interview could have been better, but at least Mr. Madhav got a chance to be heard.
    We live in the age wherein we have an access to all the knowledge in the world. Rather than believing what others want us to believe, there is a need for us to dig deeper, find the source and form our own opinions. And on the same ground Mr. Anup Nair, I condemn your response to Liberal Fundamentalist, for you must research and find for yourself what exactly are the ideas being referred to here than believing what he/she writes.

  • Anirudha

    I learnt something vital from Mr. Ram Madhav. Thank You Sir. Truly non violence. As much as I like Abhinandan, it is clear to me now that he is still a prisoner of the same tribe, and lives in fear of letting go of the tribe. Better luck next time, Abhinandan.

  • Good interview.
    Sekhri was indeed doing his job as the format dictated him.
    Ram Madhav ji was brilliant.

    Two things did struck me.
    1. Sekhri did not only pronounce Bourgeois correct, but molded his accent as close as possible to original French. Which is a good thing.
    Even though he excused himself (we all know there is a pride in that admission of shame), but he couldn’t read few Sanskrit words.

    2. Sekhri’s insistence on khaki nicker reminded me of this old clip of Mahatma Gandhi’s interview:
    The guy came all the way US and all he could insist on, was what Gandhi is wearing?

    I am not trying to single out Sekhri, it is all of us.
    Yeah, Gora saab left and Brown saab replaced them.

  • saurabh

    I can not comment on this video because I also can not be “Judgmental”.

  • over done with “judgemental”, really seemed silly.

  • Parvatham Ramaswami

    Brilliant interview. Loved the way both Sekhri and Ram Madhav treated each other with respect despite having obviously contrary views. Glad someone noticed that Sekhri can pronounce French correctly but can’t read Sanskrit. Secular, independent India has managed in 65 years what a thousand years of foreign rule could not – alienate intelligent, articulate Indians from their heritage.

    • SaatthamuthuBoy

      Well, Macaulay was a visionary indeed 🙂
      As far as respect goes, on one hand it looked genuine and from the heart. On the other side, it looked sarcastic.

  • madhukar nikam

    Ram Madhav was pleasant in his talk! Abhinandan’s questioning pales as compared to the brilliant handling of
    some motivated(perhaps ideologically) questioning

  • Leo

    Soo many ppl r talking shit about Sekhri for his ointerview… some ppl have problem with his askin about RSS wearing shorts and some ppl just have problem with him asking any Q at all. WHAT THE F&CK????????? What is he suppose to do? Just sit there and worship him and keep on saying HOW GREAT RSS IS and HOW WHOLE WORLD SHOULD WORSHIP RSS?

    • JP

      I am with you. Sekhri has right to interview the way he wanted. People here are missing that the interview was much warmer when compared to Devil’s advocate.

      • Madhu

        I think most of those who commented against Sekhri don’t watch the Thapars,Barkhas,Arnabs,Rajdeeps,etc of Mainstream Media(MSM). Even if watched know their game plan.And I hope the day won’t come when we start comparing NL with MSM.NL is just above MSM but politically correct.That’s why its easy for people like me to easily deconstruct where Sekhri was wrong. For example Sekhri indicates RSS workers carries attacks regularly,what does he mean by that?Either he got his facts wrong or he is doing a shoddy journalism. If Sekhri considers himself a good and qualified journo then ask him to investigate further on this following link http://samvada.org/2013/news/rss-and-the-list-of-10-terrorists-release-by-congress-govt-an-analysis-by-kiran-ks/

        Till date as far as I know not a single active RSS worker was convicted for riots or waging war against country or killing a prominent person.Godse left RSS years ago before killing Gandhi.He even called RSS as cowards for not taking up the arms.
        Anyhow lets see whether Sekhri or NL will investigate on the link I have given.
        Or else the tag remains “They are just above MSM,politically correct and goody goody guys”.

  • ashish khushu

    good interviews

  • Mr Sekhri you are completely out of your league here ! Tons in there for you to learn how not to be judgmental.

  • Shrimati Secularism

    1. Sekhri: Drop the cheap shots!
    2. Ram: Your pride in the ramjanmabhoomi movt and the consequences of your organization’s acts have damaged the secular fabric of our nation. No amt. of polite talk can make up for the damage.Period.
    3. Happy to know that the RSS today rubbishes the caste system. I’m right,right?
    4. NewsLaundry: Keep these coming! 🙂

  • A real good interview by Ram Madhav but Abhinandan Sekhri likes to be sarcastic, tries to make fun and really makes stupid connections Gadkari and Gowalkar. Ram Madhav good answers to the stupid questions Sekhri. RSS shows its good nature and sikhri shows his Elitist stupidity

  • Upinthesky

    Abhinandan is the most needlessly self-admiring and failingly self-aggrandizing interviewer I have seen. Please get him off, it’s time he’s the subject of the Sab Ki Dhulai segment. Rule of interviewing: Your subject is the subject. You are not. Ask questions humbly and with genuine curiosity, regardless of your own poorly-veiled ideological background. I have seen this in every interview he has done. Abhinandan your self-righteous smirk on every issue does nothing to up your rating as an interviewer. Go write angsty blogs or something.

  • Varun

    Abhinandan Sekhri – Please grow up! Your questions are intelligent and well researched. A more serious and sincere approach, and a little more respect towards the esteemed guests on your show, will make the interviews meaningful.

    Based on your sessions with Subramanium Swamy, Ram Madhav, Mohammad Ahmed, etc., I am inclined to believe that you do not keep individuals with religious inclinations on a high pedestal. Maybe you think these religious preachers need to evolve. But you are missing the opportunity you get through these interactions to have open, candid, comfortable discussions with your guests – discussions they would typically not have on national television.

    Only my humble opinion.

  • YT

    Great job Abhinandan Sekhri. Delicately subtle with a grand PUNCH !

  • The more I am watching Abhinandan the more I feel that he is too novice and beginner to handle such serious interviews. I very much feel like some times he over do his “I know everything” smile. His bragging about being neutral and “non judgmental” again and again is way too much, and shows his desperation. At places I felt him deliberately showing off. I expect him coming with more homework in the interviews. Hope he evolves.

  • Aman

    Sekhri came across as a smug elitist quite reminiscent of those Che Guevara shirt sporting, wannabe commies roaming around various colleges in the 80’s. Wonder where all this jazz disappeared while interviewing Tavleen Singh.

  • Anupam

    I wish interviewer would have asked questions more on what RSS does and their concept of serving people of this country rather than the stupid and leg-pulling/childish questions. Interviewer needs to do some home work before taking serious issues and refrain himself from making baseless and random comments….. My first exposure to RSS and its damn impressive Mr. Ram Madhav the way you carried yourself throughout.

  • Anoop

    Ram Madhav seemed to be an extremely sane voice in the midst of loud mouthed & ill mannered politicians we see every evening in TV channels. Very articulate and & sensible in the face of some provocative and some very stupid questions.

    I think he is right when he says that RSS ideology has been demonised by the English Media – I am sure it is either for pecuniary reasons for some other benefits (awards like Padmas).

  • Sai Deepak B

    Extremely disappointed to see Ram Madhav chicken out and not take a stand on anything. Wasted an hour listening to his small talk.

  • Anand Purohit

    Read the complete text of the above interview here

    Spokesperson Ram MadhavJi interview with News Laundry

  • srinsriram

    Compared to the Madhu Kishwar interview, this was one was really good, maybe a tad over-emphasis on “non-judgmental”. Ram Madhav comes across as a really likable fellow.

  • RahulVenkat

    “You are asking the right question but at the wrong address” – this I think is the tightest slap you received and I must add it was well deserved 🙂 all you could do was flash a fake smile!

  • Anand Purohit

    Read the complete text of this interview of Shri Ram Madhav at News Laundry at

    RSS National Spokesperson Shri Ram Madhav’s interview to News Laundry

  • SaatthamuthuBoy

    Dude!! How many times will you say non-judgmental? Any motive? Please come clean 🙂

  • SaatthamuthuBoy

    Just because the name of the show is “I agree with”, you go on to say you hate communists!!?? Not fair, comrade 🙂

  • SaatthamuthuBoy

    Don’t worry Abhinandan bhayya, people may join at later ages just to inculcate the discipline!

  • SaatthamuthuBoy

    What was said about liberal fascists? Was it cut? Please give us non-“doctored” raw footage. AAP kyUn raw footage nahI dete hain?