Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!

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  • BhootNaath

    pretty much on the dot, except in my opinion manu joseph is safely in the red corner! after all he won The Hindu’s best fiction award, no?

    March 27,3013
    I stay in a middle class colony of Delhi .My neighbours are a mix of different faiths. I am not a pseudo –secularist like the Congresswala. But, I follow the hindu way of life with respects for other faiths.
    My co-operative housing society’s management is usually inactive. It is never co-operative.Come Holi, it turns pro-active. It is usually so,when it comes to spending from Society’s funds. I urged them not to celebrate the occasion from out of society’s funds which was a public fund and its utilisation on religious celebrations was inappropriate . Earlier, the demand for constructing a temple in the complex was given up only after the matter was reported to Delhi Police. There were secret murmurs of protest from the majority community. I was targeted as I did not join their ‘Mutual Admiration Club!
    If you do not learn from history, the same is repeated. The same happened on the HOLI day. My protests turned more vehement as similar gestures were not shown during the celebration of Christmas and the Eid. The Management remained unconvinced, unconcerned and insensitive. The majority’s view prevailed in the ‘Number Game’. Celebrations started with fervour. The famous ‘Silsila’s “Rang Barse” song was on the air like the ‘National Song’ for HOLI ; males dancing with their neighbours’ wives, leaving others flirting furtively.
    The tagline is : “Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai “. Does this give a licence to enjoy as you wish?

    A K SAXENA (A retired civil servant)

  • Paroma_Das

    Dear Birbal, Thanks for such a fresh idea which is also topical on the occasion of Holi. However, I could not understand why the white splash at the centre has NOT been labelled or Madhu Purnima Kishwar figures in ALL the other four groups! With regards,

    • I had the same question. Does that mean Madhu Kishwar is everything and , err. Manu Joseph is everything??

      • hardcorenews

        no it simply means Manu joseph has no particular ideological stand creeping into his journalistic pursuits while Madhu Kishwar has a multiple-personality disorder 😀

  • Rohit

    Why did you club bechara Manu with justice Ornob and Jaggi-who-sold-his-soul-to-you-know-who

    • Rohit

      Also Madhu Kishwar belongs to only one group you know which one 😛

  • NeelNector

    I think Ravish shd have been included in castiest

  • Pruthvi

    Ashuthosh , sagarika and vinod mehta belong in the sh!t colour. They have no ideology as far as I know.

  • Tanmay Singal

    Haha… I could easily imagine a bigger poster with many more people.