NL Interviews Rashna Imhasly-Gandhy

Rashna Imhasly-Gandhy speaks to Madhu Trehan about reading human behaviour through archetypes, why Sita is the real hero of the Ramayana, the feminine consciousness & the collective unconscious and more...

Rashna Imhasly-Gandhy speaks to Madhu Trehan about reading human behaviour through archetypes, why Sita is the real hero of the Ramayana, the feminine consciousness & the collective unconscious and more…

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  • Anand Ranganathan

    I am terribly sorry but I would like to respectfully disagree with Dr. Gandhy, on many counts but especially on her remarks and advice to the woman who came to her and told her that she had been raped by a politician. (26:00 onwards)

    Dr. Gandhy says she left it on the woman the decision of whether to go to the police or not, by broaching issues such as “will you be able to handle it?” “What about your family, your children?” “If you do take it up, then you must take it up for every woman who has been raped” (My quotes). Furthermore, she told her to forget about it, and went on to more or less blame her for it as she did not listen to her “inner voice” that should have warned her of the impending rape.

    May I now say that I don’t just respectfully disagree with her, I am aghast.

    I am not sure as I am not a lawyer, but the only mechanism by which the Dr Gandhy can escape criminal culpability here is through doctor-patient confidentiality, much like a priest’s confession conundrum. Otherwise, at least in my book, not reporting a rape, especially when the raped woman has narrated the horrific crime not under duress, is a criminal offence. And patient-doctor confidentiality doesn’t apply here as the doctor herself has narrated the incident.

    Secondly, she advises suffering women to be like Sita – in other words take the injustice with dignity. “Raise your children so that they may one day slowly change things and help the oppressor realize his crimes/injustices” (My quotes again from roughly what I heard the doctor say).

    Since when did dignity mean compromise? If at all one must look for a female role model from mythology, let it be Durga.

    A little words here about Madhu if I may – knowing her I am certain she’ll take it in the right spirit.

    Soon after the doctor told Madhu about the fact that she blamed the raped woman for not listening to her inner voice, that, in her opinion would have saved her from rape, Madhu asked the doctor a pertinent question: “The lady who got on the bus three months ago also didn’t listen to her inner voice, that probably cautioned her not to climb onto the bus in which five monsters were waiting for her. Was it her fault that she got raped?” (My quotes again).

    But I’m afraid Madhu wasn’t riled enough by the preposterous logic of doctor Gandhy – if she had been, she would not have spared her.

    Twenty years ago the same Madhu had interviewed Memom – the interview that I watched recently on HT. She was relentless and she didn’t spare him and she asked the most difficult of questions and what’s more based her subsequent
    questions on his unsatisfactory answers. It was a sight to behold, and I dare say I haven’t seen an interview of that quality on Indian television ever.

    That same madhu was needed here, I’m afraid.

    I do hope Dr. Gandhy, if she get to read this comment, takes it in the right spirit of debate and reflects upon it. It is not meant to be disparaging in any way.

  • Chandra Sharma

    Why divide society into artificial classes and gender etc. Bad Incidents getting generalized and class, gender, region, language wars are opened by vested interests. Have we forgotten to connect with what is common among us and instead focusing on what is uncommon on outside and divide and open war fronts? Generalize the good, role model behavior and not bad behaviors of individuals. Why punish others for folly of one? Why punish Vibhishan for the follies of Ravan?

  • Ponkh Stuff

    Ram (The Raja Rama)’s example is for the politician on how personal gratification is below the public.
    Sita took the decision of leaving Raja Ram not the Ram the husband.
    Cross the “rekha”: was to keep the raghu vansh’s riti of not rejecting or giving alms to the Brahman.
    I agree with Anand (below) to take example of Durga or Kali and not keep saying Sitaji the victim!!

  • New-Age Woman

    Sorry doc, you’re putting the onus on women to take things gracefully when their body is being violated. We’ve run out of patience.Sorry! Our men are not sensitive enough to see the beauty in us. Yes, we all know that collective conscience is the need of the hour but I bet no self-respecting woman watching this video right now will do as you say. And no, Sita might’ve been a fine example of grace but a disastrous one at teaching men how they should respect their women . You’ve got your examples horrendously wrong! Dear men, find the woman in you!!


    The original & ‘Only’ RAMAYANA has been written by the absolute enlightened Sage Valmiki & it does not has Agni-pariksha of Sita which is a later day corruption(presumably some corrupt version called Adhyatma Ramayan) & worst, the dhobi fiasco BS & Luv-Kush story is from a chapter(Uttarakanda) of Tulsidas Ramcharitramanas.
    now this Tulsidas has supposedly been visited(hallucination) by Hanuman & then He got Ram-Sita-Laxman to give him ‘DARSHAN’. WHAT THE HELL DID HE SMOKE, EVEN I WANNA DRAG OF IT.
    Ramcharitramanas would mean – The Character assessment of Ram. Now it’s left upto your wise counsel whether this Tulsidas guy had even the IQ to assess Ram or did he distort the beautiful Ramayana into a despicable version of a Character Assasination of Ram, called the Ramcharitramanas.


    The psycho-therapist is herself a victim of her kinky theory ‘learned helpness syndrome’ of her acquired second-hand stuff & convoluted interpretation of Sita’s character.

    Her father-in-law rape analysis is the proof of her own ‘learned helpness syndrome’ – But, in the politician rape case, she has exposed her shallowness – Is rape limited to being a physical violation or is it even remotely considered as a ‘Psychic’ violation by these ‘therapists’ aka self-styled degree holder new-age Gurus.

    Gosh, Whenever I come across any of these psychoanalaysts(they invariably see the world thru their anal-eyes) or therapists, I badly wanna tell them all – Go consult a Psychiatrists & enroll for a De-Tox programme.

  • Japleen Pasricha

    I went to Rashna Gandhy’s new book launch ‘The Emerging Feminine’ at Max Mueller Bhawan. I don’t if anyone from here was there. If yes, I would like to have opinions on yesterday’s event.

    I didn’t approve of everything she said, but didn’t take it very seriously.

    Now I found this video of hers on Newslaundry, interestingly interviewed by Madhu who was also the moderator yesterday. I find this video utterly disturbing. I am surprised why and how Madhu did not react to those. Rashna very clearly makes a distinction between feminine women and feminists whom she images as always raging, and trying to be like men or be on the masculine side. She also says women shouldn’t lose their dignities, listen to the inner self, etc etc. She disapproves of the raging female and reinforces the fact that it is women who are supposed to take the responsibility of changing women.
    I’m quite aghast at this and glad that I didn’t buy the book yesterday. Would like to know what others think.