Saluting Modi & His Last Mile

Why Narendra Modi is several steps ahead of others and more than fit to lead and show the way.

Narendra Modi

An open letter to Ms Naina, one of the students from Delhi Unviersity who had protested outside SRCC when Modi had come to speak to there.


Dr Milind Misra


Ms Naina

Delhi University 

March 16, 2013

Dear Naina,

Okay, so you politely rejected last week my gentle suggestion to organise an invitation to Narendra Modi to speak at your university. The reason you gave was that when he spoke nextdoor at the Shri Ram College of Commerce, some students had become violent on the street outside. The fundamental reason, which became apparent later in our conversation, was really your differences with Narendra Modi as a person, his thinking and his politics.

Permit me to make a renewed pitch.

I will do so by stating my own identification with Narendra Modi – the individual, the intellectual and the politician.

Before I start, however, let me highlight that I have now lived in the United States for over two decades. I came to the US before cellphones and the Internet – at a time when making a phone call to India was prohibitively high, and somewhat of a luxury personally. There were very few sources of news from India and India was not a topic discussed regularly in US newspapers or on US television.  As far as I was concerned, it was all rather stifling. But global news became rapidly accessible once the Internet took off shortly after you, Naina, were born. And what a breath of fresh air that was! Indeed, several years before the tragic communal riots in Gujarat – hungry for news and like a pup greeting a master come home – I was accessing almost 120 newspapers from around the globe, online and on a regular basis. More than half of these were Indian newspapers.

I quickly became aware that a newspaper has a preferred point of view.

I became aware that besides their frontend – reporters, anchors and editors -newspapers and television channels have an associated backend, too, which may comprise an often layered and sometimes inexplicable list of investors, patrons, backers, sponsors, stakeholders, advisors and interested parties.

(Here I grew up a little and realised that not everyone is a saint.)

I became aware, more gradually, that news can be manipulated and even manufactured.  I began to see through common psychological operations or Psy Ops.

Later, after the Gujarat riots, as television networks in India took advantage of better worldwide Internet connectivity and bandwidth, I became aware of the implications of the term “conflict entrepreneurship”.

Recently, I have become aware of sociolinguistics, pragmatics and social engineering. I struggle today to personally put all this in a meaningful overarching context but I am amazed how useful this pursuit is already beginning to appear.  Pieces are slowly falling into place. I am growing once again and realising that news is not my master. And what a breath of fresh air that is.

*           *           *

So why and how do I identify with Narendra Modi?

For an Indian-American like me it should be no surprise that I am reminded everyday of the Indian in that hyphenation.  By now, pleasantly.  I became comfortable being me once I found that I was spending precious energy in creating elaborate defenses during my initial assimilation within the American milieu. That felt truly liberating. And yet, something had been missing since.  Despite routine, healthy, warm, rigorous, substantial and productive interaction with other dazzlingly hyphenated Americans there still lingered this curious feeling of distance between them and me. We weren’t connecting at some elusive, but essential level. It resembled the last mile problem for cable networks.

My long search for an answer led me to the revealing expression – “difference anxiety”. It was coined recently by the pioneering Indian-American thinker, Rajiv Malhotra, who defines it as “the mental uneasiness caused by the perception of difference combined with a desire to diminish, conceal or eradicate it”. All this time I was unconsciously hiding behind the reductionist aphorism “we are all one”.  So were all the other hyphenations. Dialogue was informal and fun and perhaps that’s why we always chose to relegate discussion about sundry elephants in the room to a more appropriately somber future setting. Malhotra has prompted me to now firmly believe that we were all wrong to shy away from learning about our difference.

We’re not all the same.

Obvious as the above is, Malhotra’s advocacy of scrutinising, highlighting and understanding difference flies in the face of our contemporary habit of throwing a tentative blanket of oneness over our collective self – let’s call it The Blanket.Our fear of offending someone else forces us to take the easy way out and huddle hurriedly under The Blanket.  This does more harm than good.[1]

We’re not all the same.  Narendra Modi is also different.

Modi—the individual

The first prerequisite for getting over difference anxiety is to know all you can about your own identity and find your personal bearings. This is a difficult task.  It involves developing a deep understanding about your own social, economic, religious and linguistic frames of reference. It needs an active inquiring mind and great personal courage to peacefully resolve many of the confusions that this churning necessarily generates. A biographical documentary by India TV suggests that Narendra Modi possessed both those ingredients in abundance from an early age.

Several things stand out in that documentary.  By some standards, Narendra Modi comes from an ordinary home and had ordinary friends and schooling. By my standards, as a child he displayed extraordinary courage (played with river crocodiles), self-awareness (stayed silent when troubled), curiosity (was invariably found at the local library), originality (wrote, directed and acted in a play with a strong social message), and problem-solving (loved science and experimenting). All these sterling qualities were reflected in his strongly independent decision to leave home at the age of 17 in search of his identity.  Even more impressive was the way he went about assuaging his family members- particularly his mother – about his decision. Which suggests to me a strong-minded, yet deeply sensitive and inclusive nature.All those qualities impress and inspire me as an Indian-American, too, for they are exactly the ones I have had to develop myself to explore my own identity in a different land.

Naina, we are looking here at a truly extraordinary personality.Someone who was kept away from us by his political opponents and their pet Blanket Weavers[2] via a vicious, false and increasingly Weaver-embarrassing vilification campaign.

Narendra Modi is different.  Mainly, it is his thinking that sets him apart.

Modi—the intellectual

The other requirement for successfully resolving difference anxiety is to understand others.  This is an even more difficult task.  The difficulty arises from seeing beyond your own nose, conquering personal arrogance and developing intellectual honesty. These are the hard to find but necessary ingredients for developing a personal philosophy to help you overcome difference and navigate pitfalls and challenges thrown your way. Narendra Modi has given innumerable examples of his extremely well-developed personal philosophy. It has served him well and consistently prevented him from falling for traps that go against his convictions.

For example, the main grouse of the Blanket Weavers has been, “But, but, but!  He hasn’t apologised!” What this arrogant bunch is really upset about is, “How dare this different man defy our standards of propriety?” It betrays their difference anxiety. It calls attention to the stunted or totally lacking personal philosophies of the accusing Weavers. It also underscores the Weavers’ role as conflict entrepreneurs who have benefited professionally from their frequently comical anti-Modi stance. Comical because there simply is no comparison between a Narendra Modi and a Blanket Weaver – the original and the trite, the doer and the nag.

Narendra Modi must not be contrite about the actions of criminals.

I am unconvinced that Narendra Modi did not do enough to curb violence during the 2002 riots.  He went on television the first day itself and appealed for calm explicitly saying that violence is not the solution. This is Narendra Modi’s speech that was telecast on Feb 28, 2002—the very day that riots began.

He ordered curfew and gave shoot-at-sight orders in Godhra immediately after the burning of the karsevaks and deployed the army the very next day.  He requested his neighboring Congress-ruled states for critically needed police personnel but they refused!

(Watch the clip. At 4:30sec, Narendra Modi reveals that Digvijay Singh was one of the three Congress Chief Ministers who refused to help Gujarat upon receiving a faxed letter for help from Narendra Modi as soon as the riots began.)

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Supreme Court of India notes that the police did not discriminate against any community while trying to control the riots.[3]  Further, Narendra Modi has not been charged for any wrongdoing under any law.  He has been examined and exonerated by the SIT.  How shameless will the Blanket Weavers continue to be?

Most importantly, by not discriminating who the fruits of development should reach (the waters of the Narmada reach all Gujaratis as does the 24/7 electricity), he has created conditions necessary for communal harmony and real debate between communities to finally take off. It is clear that this will defeat the very purpose of The Blanket and force Blanket Weavers out of work.

It requires oodles of courage, Naina, to maintain one’s integrity and sanity in the face of outright character assassination of the kind that the Blanket Weavers subjected Narendra Modi to for over a decade. Narendra Modi could well take them all to court. But I’m convinced he will not do so. That will go against his personal philosophy. He is a true educator.

Narendra Modi’s thinking is different.  It informs his approach to problem-solving.

Modi—the politician

The process of sincerely learning about yourself and others automatically imparts vision to your thinking. You begin to see all the different ways in which the last mile can be bridged. Your mind very naturally starts thinking in the solution space rather than groveling in the problem space. You are several steps ahead of others and become fit to lead and show the way.  As Narendra Modi is and does.

In yet another fantastic display of extempore public speaking, Narendra Modi told his largely awestruck audience at the recent India Today Conclave, “Our mindset is our biggest problem; why don’t we convert problems into opportunities?” To my jolly mind this evokes mirthful visions of how he has kept, over the same past decade, his favorite Blanket Weavers – some even Rhodes Scholars and Harvard/Columbia/Oxbridge attendees, I hear – leashed and ready to do his bidding.  As Mark Twain once said, “Let us be thankful for the fools; but for them the rest of us could not succeed”.

Narendra Modi is an enlightened politician. Nothing about him is petty. If he refuses to accept a skullcap in public, he is sending out a message against tokenism and appeasement. He is willing to take the brickbats for acting according to his convictions. Like he did for removing roadside temples that encroached upon and hindered development of public infrastructure. He educates as he goes along, is a true reformist because he leads by example, and is a powerhouse of ideas who thinks out of the box—constantly. He is a true integrator and is only called divisive by unimaginative Blanket Weavers.

Narendra Modi knows that time is limited.  He must do as much as he can in whatever time Gujaratis have given him to do it in. He has not let them down.  Beyond Gujarat he understands that India has a limited demographic dividend vis-à-vis the rest of the world and a current democratic dividend vis-à-vis China.  He tries to articulate his sense of urgency at every chance he gets – India must not lose this opportunity to bridge the last mile for its multitudes. He constantly shows us the way: Youth Power; Mother Power; P2G2; skill/scale/speed; minimum government; privatisation; decentralisation of power; technology to transparency; institutionalisation and policy-driven state to fewer corrupt decision makers; democracy cannot be restricted to elections – we must all become democrats in the true spirit; dream about doing something and not about becoming someone.

And the Blanket Weavers take him back to 2002.  At every chance they get.

*           *           *

Happily, Naina, there is a growing army of Angulimal-esque observers who also seem to have figured all this out in their own way and find themselves returning to personal sanity. More power to these recent connoisseurs of powerful cognitive dissonance for they are the upset ones who will now begin to expose The Blanket and its Weavers in all earnest. They understand the stakes. They know now that Narendra Modi has worked and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure last mile integration of every Indian. Watch for more and more commentators bringing out the truth behind the hateful campaign against Narendra Modi in the coming days. Let the fun begin.

We are not all the same. Narendra Modi is excitingly different.

So get busy inviting Shri Modi to your university! Ask him theoretical questions about political science, about inclusive and sustainable development, about the amazing Sabarmati riverfront project, about how he views history and geography, about the constitution and its implementation, about how to reorient the bureaucracy toward the electors and away from the elected, about the role of technology in bringing about transparency and reducing corruption, about challenges in policy-making for the future, and about The Blanket!  Is there anyone in India who can give better answers to these truly fascinating questions?  Sonia Gandhi?  Manmohan Singh?  Rahul Gandhi?  Sachin Pilot?  Jyotiraditya Scindia?  Jitin Prasada?  Milind Deora?  Akhilesh Yadav?  Insert First Name Famous Family Name?

*           *           *


[1] Worse, huddling under The Blanket has become our first reflex and that is a natural-debate smotherer. We see this all around us: Some of its symptoms are tokenism, appeasement, political correctness and an uncomfortable silence on so-called “sensitive” issues. In India, too.Malhotra has taken a highly original and thought provoking approach with his book being considered for discussions in social psychology classes in major universities. He claims that far from being isolationist or polarising, sincere uncompetitive examination of difference is “simply a way to learn from one another while serving as the basis for harmony and creative evolution”. In my view, it is a way to reaffirm our respect for each other while simultaneously rejecting the oppressive homogeneity forced upon us by Blanket Weavers, that is: a) by the naïve champions of false, brittle unity -those who largely see things in black and white; b) by the sly segregators enabling divide-and-rule under The Blanket; and c) by those I call “slyïve” irritants because they are both naïve and sly but are driven by narcissism and/or greed and thus commit more obvious mistakes publicly. I am hoping,Naina, that you and many of your friends will in due course get objective, unemotional and down-to-the-roots discussion of difference back in our public discourse. Only that will successfully create the much-needed breach in The Blanket. And what a breath of fresh air that will be!

[2] See Footnote 1 above for my classification of Blanket Weavers. Identifying Blanket Weavers is important so that honest debate can occur, but that is a subject for another letter. Briefly: I have found those of the likes of Madhu  Trehan and Abhinandan Sekhri to be the naïve champions – frequently missing crucial big and small pieces of the puzzle and wondering, “Sigh! Why can’t we all just get along?” The sly segregators – also the primary Weavers – are those like Ram Guha, Romila Thapar (the queen bee Marxist historian and cousin of a TV anchor with similar leanings), Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Teesta Setalvad, Arundhati Roy and The Hindu drones (such as N Ram,Siddharth Varadarajan, et al). Their loud anachronistic looms need to be systematically targeted and dismantled in honest public debates by all lovers of what India stands for: plurality and mutual respect. Then there are those mediocre enfants terribles of Indian TV debates – like the Rajdeeps, Barkhas, Arnabs, Sagarikas—the slyïve irritants who inform the naïve champions and aid the sly segregators, knowingly or unknowingly, for personal gratification alone.  Perhaps too slyïve for their own good as Radiagate has demonstrated.  Mercifully, what I allow on my TV screen is entirely in my hands. (As an exercise, Naina, what kind of Blanket Weavers do you suppose the Markandeya Katjus of India are? Naïve champions, sly segregators or slyïve irritants?)

[3] Supreme Court of India constituted Special Investigation Team’s report: “Report in Compliance to the Order dtd 12.09.2011 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the Complaint dtd 08.06.2006 of Smt. Jakia Nasim Ahesan Jafri”, Vol I, pp 216-217.

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  • G.T.Jadeja.

    I hope all our morons like Bekar Patel ,burkha, Rajdeep ,Guha Testa and others who even now keep on spitting venom against Modi day in and day out would read this thought provoking article and change their attitude for the betterment of India. But nay ,this will not happen ,because otherwise how r they going to be paid by the vested interests! What a wonderful writeup! My hats off to u.

  • Brilliant stuff . Author has not only written facts but also kept an emotional discourse going along with his article. I like his deep understanding of “Difference Anxiety” ….Now, is the time for Madhu Trehan to call Rajiv Malhotra on Newslaundry & have a detailed discussion on his book “being different” which is inspiring many intellectuals & serious thinkers.

  • Maybe next time you can participate in three months of gangrape and murder. But for that, you’d have to leave the US. Unless you want to try it over there. Give it a shot. See how that works out for you.

    • nachiketa

      why dont we talk of the congress playing votebank politics in not stopping the recent Assam riots??? why do almost all the bangladeshi immigrants in all states have voter ids and ration cards except in gujrat?? Why does nobody stop the anti Dalit riots that happen in UP each time the SP is in power.. does any leader have such a strong case for development in india.. if so name one… why arent most congress leaders behind bars in the anti sikh riots of 1984.. all of them were out on the streets hunting for and killing sikhs.. why dont you take a stand for them? i live near Okhla in New delhi have you seen the conditions there?? congress has been in power for 3 terms here now but still the place is almost a slum?? why dont you try and find solutions and not try to question a man whos trying to make a difference

      • M.Teruaki

        Congress is responsible for many ills that we face today. It without doubt practices vote bank politics of the worst kind.But does the writer or those who have commented want us to believe that Modi is different. The entire political class practices opportunism and Modi is no different.I wonder why is it that nobody has challenged him on why he made a regionalist,divisive thug like Raj thackeray a state guest.was that not vote bank politics.or was it notice that he intends to practise the same brand in Gujarat.

        • Abhinav Sharma

          Wait, now ur questioning as to why he made a potential political ally who has democratic support his guest? Would u go out an vote for him and ensure BJP reaches 272 on its own? The double standards are yours. The important question is whether despite having Thackeray as his ally he is able to run a Govt without discrimination or violence. That is how u navigate ur way in a democracy. Not by untouchability. Already he has shown in Gujarat that despite being an RSS guy himself he has shown zero tolerance to the shenanigans of the likes of Babu Bajrangi and the crazy brigade. That is the sole reason u r seeing VHP ganging up against him with Congress in Gujarat and Togadia making controversial statements. He wants NaMo’s image to be tarnished as a radical. The politics of it is very deep my friend. You need to be NaMo to be able to deal with all the contradictions of realpolitik and yet deliver an environment of peach and harmony.

          • M.Teruaki

            I would not have anyone accuse me of double standards smacks as it does of either ignorance or propaganda of the worst kind.have already stated my feelings on congress and how it worries me.but so does modi as i do not see him as any is the likes of you who castigate congress for maintaining alliance with owaisi,a divisive crook . then you do not spout the undesirability of political untouchability. truth is that if not wholly you are judged partially by the company you keep.i am not from u.p. but mulayam is learning this to his peril having kept thugs in good humour.what you are advocatiing is the same logic that is being revoltingly promoted by mulayam. raj thackeray is a divisive crook through and through. he did not even hold any office for modi to plead protocol when he was invited.and i am somewhat bemused when you see him as someone with’democratic support’.plus your contention that because bjp cannot reach 272 on its own it is justifiable to teamup with thugs.exactly what congress and mulayam say.that itself establishes that modi is no different at all when it comes to opportunism. as far as togadia is concerned what prevents modi from putting him in jail the same way as owaisi for the hate speeches he makes every day.truth is that modi is just another indian politician-the sort that have no principles or morality.he would not hesitate to stoop to anything like others.on a personal note his diatribe against a scruplously impartial man like lyngdoh and his christian religion was deeply distasteful.that iteself would ensure that many from north east like myself although fed up with congress would think twice about voting for modi.

          • Abhinav Sharma

            I have never said I accuse Congress of aligning with Owaisi. When Modi has already, by his politics, sidelined the voices of the likes of Togadia in Gujarat which were prominent when the people had nothing to vote for except divisiveness. So why get so riled up about an Owaisi or a Togadia- the way to deal with people like it is to not make them a hero and put them in jail but to slowly kill their popular clout by giving people an alternative like Modi has done. In a coalition era, one does not have the freedom to choose allies as freely as u want them to. Elites cannot decide who should go to jail, who should not. The law should decide it. As far as ideology is concerned, again its the people at large who decide this in a democracy not elites. So endure Togadia and Owaisi for a bit longer – they are getting increasingly less important because the agenda has changed 🙂

          • Abhinav Sharma

            Easy to lecture from sidelines. For me I make a choice between what is available. I think Modi is a wonderful leader who will be able to give us an agenda which will male India better. You may not like the way he gets there, but I do since I understand there is no alternative way. So you vote for who u think can do it and I will vote for my candidate. Simple as that LOL.

          • M.Teruaki

            Sure you have the entitlement to vote whichever way you please as I do. But you do not have to dispense the courtesy by accusing someone who does not agree with you as having double standards. you have it seems admitted that you are for Modi not for any ideological reasons but because you find his opportunism that i mentioned (none of which has been contested) less offputting. and by the way it is modi supporters(mayby not you) who have reportedly castigated congress for aligning with owaisi-unexceptionable except that you have to apply the same logic to raj thackeray which they do not.

          • Abhinav Sharma

            Well since we are in a public forum and you expressed certain opinion about all the villains of India I was trying to point out certain things. Anyway my vote for Modi has nothing to do with “opportunism” – I am only in favor of extending the opportunities his vision has given Gujaratis to all of us Indians- infrastructure, electricity, and all the cutting edge stuff which can take all of us into 21st century. No one talks about it and executes it like he does. Raj Thackeray is not India’s main issue- issues of prosperity and increasing resources for Indians is. Anyway I am sorry if I sounded condescending to you 🙂

          • Abhinav Sharma

            I do not support Modi because of what Modi supporters think, I support Modi because of what he thinks, I don’t know why you are judging me or Modi by some of his supporters. That way no leader can be untainted because “some” supporters may have views that are disagreeable.

          • M.Teruaki

            You are mistaken-i am not judging you at all. you have all the entitlement to support modi and whoseover you wish.but yes as we have to be voting for or against modi,we have to inevitably judge him by the standards we follow.and it does not inspire me at least when i see him not just hobnobing but according a royal welcome to a known hate spewing divisive and arrogant thug who holds no official position.there was no reason for him to be conferred this honor except perhaps rank opportunism or support for what he stands for. neither of which appeals to me.sure a political party is not a group of friends but every ideologically driven party should have frontiers.unfortunately that is not the case in india-be it congress /bjp/sp/bsp or even communists etc etc etc. that is why i chose to remain aloof from all as i do not see any real difference between them. i am hopeful that within my lifetime we shall witness electoral reform where we can either exercise negative voting or have multiple preferences which i feel would be a better way of determining what people want-and i hope if not me then my 5 year old would benefit from that-not having to choose between congress and modi

          • Abhinav Sharma

            All right then till that time as you consider India fit enough for you to participate in its process of change we the voters will slowly get it ready for you using the despicable Narendra Modi.

          • Abhinav Sharma

            A political party is not a group of friends, therefore the argument of being known by the company u keep is erroneously applied just like analogies are applied unscientifically daily in a hurry to diagnose the problem.

        • Abhinav Sharma

          As far as whether he wants to practice the same in Gujarat, he has been all inclusive and has openly welcomed all the poor from every part of India to Gujarat. He also gave a speech recently celebrating Bihar diwas.

          • MB

            Because now he has all the support he needs, and he got that by the means of divisive politics. You cant change the Agenda when you want. And yes before you mention it, i criticize the Congress as much maybe even more for the state, because they have been doing this longer.

    • Abhinav Sharma

      Again peddling lies imported from the anti-Modi industry.

      • MB

        Why is everything against Modi a lie?

  • Konark Bisht

    Cult status of an individual often leads to disaster.

    • Abhinav Sharma

      Please define “cult” status. Obama? Reagan? Clinton? Thatcher? Churchill? Were these cult figures or not and if not please tell me how. If yes please enlighten this cult follower how that cult was good, and this is bad. Please do this or at least accept that ur language reflects media brainwash.

      • Konark Bisht

        I mean hero worshiping of powerful politican may be is dangerous. People treat them as their messiah and often neglects their negative points. Voices of critiques often get lost in hullabaloo of their supporters. Hitler also derived his power from the popularity he enjoyed. As far as the persons you mentioned they have their good and bad points.

    • What about cult status of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru? A leader is a person who is followed by others. Cult worship is bound to get created automatically if there is a strong leader.

      • Konark Bisht

        Ya but I have a problem when people particularly young consder NM to be some sort of saviour who will wipe out most problems facing India. More popular a politician is more powerful he becomes.. There are less checks and balances for a popular leader.

        • I too have some concern on that but let us understand how it is happening. The more Modi haters paint him as a demon, the more we have his followers trying to portray him as a super-hero.

          Also, since so many years, India has not produced a leader who can inspire and motivate. For example, just consider the government of today. One of the reason UPA won 2nd mandate in 2009 is because people thought that MMS had spine to confront left and other opposition on nuclear deal. But now you have to agree that The PM and UPA chairperson are silent on almost on each and every thing. It took MMS a full 1 week to come out with a statement on delhi rape case in December. In that too, he bungled by his “Theek hai”.

          It is not the action of Modi but rather the inaction of UPA which is creating his cult. Perception of people is that Modi would fill leadership vacuum..

          • MB

            Do consider AAP, even though its a smaller party, but if everyone thinks that all the time, none would be able to even become big. People might call it shoot and scoot but i believe they had to the courage to say the truth. check this out –>

  • manish

    How about some ‘send me flower TOO’ facts.

    (1) Modi is BJP’s version of Indira Gandhi!
    I was reading your article and was thinking WHAT IF YOU WROTE A ARTICLE ON INDIRA GANDHI before 1975.
    You could have been equally brilliant. Indira too had a great CV. BUT she wanted to be ‘absolute leader’ and thus compromised many institutions especially post of governors across the nation.

    This article is trying to show great credentials from early age ‘like God sent leader’. So apt and comparable with Indira Gandhi. (Barring ‘humble’ childhood).

    However, if you see some recent events, it is a carefully crafted image on the expense of Gujarat ex-chequer.

    (I will not dispute on his bring development to Gujarat. For one, it is a good agenda for culturally rich and entrepreneurial citizens of the state).

    I never doubt that Gujarat in terms of history, leaders it produced and smartest businessmen not just to the nation but to the world. It is in fact Modi who benefited from such a great state.

    (2) Modi’s Lokayukta is for everyone to see. I agree that Congress dirty tricks were on. However, Modi didn’t do any good for ‘the nation’ or for ‘the institution’.

    (3) Gujarat backlog of RTI queries is known to everyone. Since Modi is ‘absolute CM’ of the state, he does not want RTI or transparency to question him.

    (4) Dr Maya Kodani was NOT at the site per Gujarat investigation. However, cell phone was at the site. Narendra Modi didn’t do any good when coming to ‘deliver’ justice. If ‘there is no proof’ of him being involved, it is purely because of ‘absolute CM’ status, not because a FAIR probe was done at any point of time.

    Plz, plz don’t quote SC/HC. We have Jessica’s killer and Jail-birds Yadavs to quote.

    (5) He, if for a change, a great leader, I CHALLENGE him to force BJP to make political funding public RIGHT AWAY, RIGHT NOW.

    P.S. – A good article in terms of ‘structure’. A bad article in terms of being ‘unbiased’.

    P.S.2 – I am unbiased. I immensely respect Gujarat and its People. But NaMo. Nah man!

    P.S.3 – I am NOT a paid netizen.
    P.S.4 – Send me flowers but do please, please think about the arguments too. Democracy should be about ‘reasoning’ too.

    • Arun

      So please give us an alternate option to vote during the next general elections. Choose the same Congress (which has ruled India for half a decade and we still are ‘developing’) or choose the third front with likes of Mulayam, Mamta, Karunanidhi, Deve Gowda?

      Most of the public knows Narendra Modi or for that matter BJP isn’t certainly the best option, but the best of the current lot. That’s what matters. We need people who are truly patriotic and who could take the country forward atleast a few inches.

      • manish

        Dear mate, I understand your pain (as you echo my own).

        However, I have decided to refuse the big netas to treat me as a ‘voting animal’. I will do research on my own about the candidate background to best possible level and I will vote for the ‘candidate’, not the ‘party’ anymore.

        For now, AAP seems a better choice, if they stand for LS (not without my own research).
        Otherwise, I will vote for any independent.

        Let us not be ‘political voting machines’, if nothing else, I will not be FIT in the ‘predictions’ of corrupt parties.

        Friend, even if Modi comes to centre, BJP’s local workers are same. I won’t accept them.

        • Abhinav Sharma

          If u were as evolved as Modi instead of ‘refusing” to be treated as voting animal u would understand which ones treat u as voting animal and which one don’t. Actually u typify the cynic who will never use enough research or take the responsibility of making a choice. Certainly U cannot get away by saying that everyone is bad etc.

          • manish

            I do understand mate. and PROUDLY understand it.
            That is why BJP and CONGRESS are standing without cloths at the moment. 🙂

            And, I don’t say all are bad.
            AAM AADMI PARTY is ‘transparent’ one and my RESEARCHED CHOICE 🙂

          • Abhinav Sharma

            Manish, AAP has not held office and therefore not faced the many controversies and allegations that come with holding office – it cannot be compared with a party which holds office in several states. When U r criticising the others from the outside, you will always appear clean. When u get responsibility and when u expand that is when the ‘clean” image becomes questionable. U cannot remain blotless as a party if u have national presence. Allegations and cases pending against u become the norm with a large party in India. There are several complex reasons for it. We must learn to appreciate that despite these limitations, some people keep delivering for their people and therefore keep getting elected by them with super majorities election after election. Those people are not fools- they have experienced change in their lives so they have voted for them. That is the essence of democracy. Please respect that too as you brand everyone but AAP as hopeless and have no regard for their contributions to India.

          • Aaroosh

            @manish AAP has not faced controversies? What happened about internal

          • krishna v. shukla

            internal lokpal has already decided on mayank gandhi, waiting for complaints on Anjali Damania and the rest, please beat someone else to it and file a complaint with

          • AAP has good people in the party with all good intentions but it is a party at its infancy. The country is at crossroads and at this stage, it cannot provide best solution. We cannot have a party whose foreign policy is not yet developed.

            The party should start from small things like Municipal and State elections. That way it can mature, grow and improve on mistakes. Slowly and steadily, as it proves its metal, it could even set it eyes on the reigns of entire country .

            In no way I am doubting the credibility of AK and his team but he does not have administrative experience, How can I trust him to lead my country?

            BJP has so many other good leaders Jaitley, Swaraj whose metal we have seen already. For now, a team of this people will be better for India. AAP can help us by ensuring the accountability of central government.

          • MB

            Completely agree with you, seeing AAP as a major party at this time seems far, and i do agree that they are inexperienced people. But even if they can get a few seats, like some of the regional parties they can setup a few agendas for discussion and debate, and i believe they do have only a few agendas for now. That might be the ideal things for India right now

          • krishna v. shukla

            you are right Rohan, AAP is infact only asking for support from people in Delhi elections as the moment, since you find it a party with good people and good intentions, and also a party that is formed off a public movement, it should not fail for public apathy, please donate at

          • rohan

            I was very hopeful for the party and Arvind Kejriwal when I wrote the comment six months ago. But am completely disappointed the kind of rhetoric which he is showing.He is going the path of Mamta Bannerjee who proved herself to be lefter than the left parties.

            He wants common man to decide prices of petrol and electricity??? Come on but if that would be the case, then everybody would want it to be available free. In a country like ours, all these socialist policies have time and again proved to be extremely harmful.

            I am sorry, I cannot contribute to a party that wants India to go back to the days of 1970s.

          • krishna v. shukla

            No problems friend, honest and patriot indians are already driving AAP to certain victory in Delhi, fence-sitters would soon have to take a call too

          • raghu

            AAP….One more Left Centric party………….
            Enough of leftist ideologue ………….No solution to actual problems……..
            The ideology itself is so flawed …..

            Free power without power generation…
            Free food without cultivation
            Free Fuel without paying for it………..
            Free salary without working

            Well your leftist ideas are defeated in the current setup……

          • MB

            Who mentioned any of the above for AAP.. please check your facts..

          • rajesh

            manish Kejriwal: For everyone’s benefit, let me tell something about Arvind Kejriwal. He is a urban Naxal disguised as an activists. Just like his friends (some of them are in Sonia’s NAC). Aruna Roy, Sisodia, Prashant(whose heart bleeds for Kashmiri militants), Sandeep pandey, Vinayak Sen, Agnivesh; do you want more names? Whom are you fooling manish?

            Anna was a just a face to fool middle class urban people. Kiran Bedi too was fooled. Script was written by Prashant, Arvind, and Sisodia. Arvind took money from Jindal to derail Swami Ramdev’s movement. This is truth of Arvind. You can fool people once but not every time.

            AAP: is a Communist Party re-packaged. We have seen, how communists have destroyed Kerala and WB. Worst than physical damage, you guys destroy the mindset, the through process. You communists destroy the conscience of the human beings. You are wiped out from this world. But, you now try to come back wearing mask of social activists, environmentalists, Human rightist. Communists still hang on and control public’s mood by their control over Media. Media and Humanities(academics) are communist’s last citadel. Cracks are showing on the fort you hold.

          • Col S Kaul

            Rajesh, another party has coming up – Sainik Samaj Party (SSP), wherein some veterans of the Armed Forces, young and bright have decided to get into the round shaped building at New Delhi with votes in pockets and save the Nation from the enemy within.

          • MB

            From where we went where, i wont even want to go into a point by point rebuttle..But you should really read up a little more and apply your mind to it.. And Anna was with Arvind just a couple of days ago..

          • Nilesh

            Yes..Absolutely rajesh..No one can fool you coz your don’t have brain in the first place

          • AAM AADMI PARTY is ‘transparent’ one and my RESEARCHED CHOICE :)……………….Yes precisely that is why there internal Lokpal couldn,t come with a report on the alleged malpractices done by Mayank Gandhi and Anjali Damania ……..Do you call it transparent ?…..Indian democracy is under the stage of evolution and till date we have to chose best from the worst.With all my opposition to Modi as a person still i will opt for BJP , because for me governance is a top agenda then any other thing .India is in no position of any experiment as of now , because given a wrong govt in center again we are going to see USD @ 65 and all return gift inflation attached to it.

          • MB

            How do i believe Modi is transparent.. There is no Lokayukta appointed.. The new bill just dilluted the powers, IMHO, and there have to be multiple facets when choosing a govt, not just one.

          • krishna v. shukla

            sorry your lack of knowledge is affecting your judgement of AAP, the internal lokpal has already decided on the Mayank Gandhi case, based on the complaint presented to it. There has been no complaint filed against Anjali Damania, you are welcome to do the honors Anil Sharma

        • AAP. India would be insane to vite for AAP.

          • MB

            And why would that be?

        • raj

          You say, you won’t vote for ‘party’ anymore and immediately, you say, you vote for AAP party 😛 …

          • MB

            He did say he would do his own research on the candidate.. But he is somewhat right.. I do love the development in Modi and i might come around to the idea of voting him, but it is the BJP that scares me. Yes i am a secular or a pseudo-secular as the new term, i wont be voting for congress, but telling me that BJP is the real secular party wouldnt also be fair.

            I admit that Congress is far leniant towards communities, but so is BJP, its just different communities. So there lies my dillema. I wish BJP could drop the Hindutva chant and it will help me make my decision. Otherwise i might also have to go with a new party like AAP.

          • Ryan

            Does M in your name stand for Mohhmand?

          • MB

            Its not, but i wont mind being called by any name.
            Only if shakespeare was born in our country might never have said “Whats in the name”

    • What do you have for brains? 1. Jessica’s killer is in jail. The SC convicted Manu Sharma. Get your facts right.
      2. Comparing Yadav’s case with that of Modi is like comparing apples & oranges. Yadav was investigated by Congress controlled CBI, not SC monitored SIT & that gigantic difference you miss.
      3. Yadav is an ally of Congress which is in power at the center. So obviously Congress would go soft on him or use it to arm-twist & gain his support. Same cannot be said of Modi. Congress has no incentive in protecting Modi. In fact he is their biggest threat. So, to say Modi got away bcoz of Congress colluded with him is as far-fetched it gets.

    • manu

      IG was a stupid woman, who should never have been allowed to leave the kitchen.

      • And I doubt she was good in the kitchen…

        • raj

          haha 🙂 Good one.

    • Abhijit Joshi

      Dear Manish,
      Did you read the article properly ?? The writer has made a very simple point of “Difference Anxiety”. Ofcourse we all have a right to dis-agree but blind hatred for evryone who don’t agree to your views is what the Blanket weavers are famous for & in other words called Facist. On the other side we recently had the case of Sanjay Dutt sentenced for additional 3.5 years in jail & all the Blanket weavers were condemning it. Does the law requires approval from likes of such blanket weavers some of whome attended the Gulam Fai’s programs on Kashmir?? You have already declared thet you are unbiased, unpaid but then why don’t you see a simple fact that Maya Kodnani was arrested inspite of not being at the riot venue ?? Why this continuous urge to put yourself as holier than the Supereme Court of India & millions of proud hindus who accept the court’s decision even knowing well that their were 400 hindus killed too ?? You know what, its not common Indians but mostly Leftist, Congress agents & hindu haters hate NAMO for having guts to call spade a spade, You hate him because of his humble beggining, for his Hindu pride & because he challanges the status quo of power at Delhi. Just forget it dude Keep up your good work.

    • Col S Kaul

      Manish, Your comments are thought provoking. But I am personally not satisfied fully yet, hence I would like to continue my talk with you on the subject lest I become a biased person. Please give me ok at…

  • venkat

    Excellent stuff

  • nachiketa

    brilliantly written article. Modi is fast garnering a cult status but in for a nation in a limbo it is must. if we want to go forward Modi is the only option. Kejriwal might become one later.. but modi right now is way better than all and any competition. He has worked hard to deserve a chance (almost all others are inheritors) . congress couldnt stop or control riots all acroos the country and IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 1984 SIKH RIOTS,, each one of them and yet they demonize modi.. i’ll vote for modi for development and development only…

    • MB

      Why should i have to choose between 2 evils..

      • satyamsh

        Exactly — do NOT choose between 2 evils. That is precisely why you must choose neither Congress nor Kejriwal. Modi is the only option.

        • MB

          hahaa.. Thank god everyone votes themselves, seems like others are more than willing to vote for me.

      • Ryan

        you are ignorant and a fool, people like you will never change unless you suffer then i’ll like to see making such rediculous statements, you know only what you seen in media and that is not a truth, save your country

        • MB

          I live in Delhi, and my parents are PUnjabi’s and a lot of rioting happened in my area. I was too small, but i know damn well about it, so STFU on this issue.

  • BT

    “So get busy inviting Shri Modi to your university! Ask him theoretical questions about political science, about inclusive and sustainable development, about the amazing Sabarmati riverfront project,…” Hang on a minute. ASK Modi questions did you say? But he refuses to answer any questions. When people invite him, he simply wants to make grandiloquent speeches, and not take any questions. This has always been his pattern – whether it is with the media or at universities, or even places like Wharton where his appearance was scrapped. You can hero worship Mr. Modi if you like, but please desist from fiction, and at least fact check your own statements about him before making them.

    • Check out the Q & A session at the end.

    • Abhinav Sharma

      Er…. he does answer many questions like he did during the conclave. At SRCC he was only asked to give a speech- what shud he have told them – that I want people to ask me questions? Have u You tubed Narendra Modi and the amount of interviews he has given to hostile channels. He has also answered all 2002 related questions- most recent with Shahid Siddique. The video is on you – it is titled

      This Video is Living Proof that Narendra Modi gave Answers of All the Questions of 2002 riots Part-1

    • Did you by chance watch the video which author put? He was seated next to Digvijay Singh, Farqooq Abdullah and answering all the questions that were asked.

  • Excellent Read. Thanks Milind.

  • Bharat Dangi

    How you can assure me he wouldn’t kill muslims again ? Why he never spoken about Janlokpal ? Where he was hiding when there was Janlokpal Andolan ?
    Can he give me corruption free India ? Can he decentralize political power ? or will become dictator and will keep all ministries with him and eventually will become Hitler ?

    • Abhinav Sharma

      Well someone who has not killed Muslims will obviously not kill them in future. Modi has gone out his way to protect Muslims in Gujarat. In fact they are now looking up to his as their only protector in Gujarat. Whether u like it or not, media will never tell you this.

    • LakshmanPST

      He never killed Muslims. What do you mean by kill AGAIN..???

      He has spoken AGAINST Jan Lokpal… Aren’t you watching news???
      He said that Minimum-Government, Maximum-Governance is the key for a corruption-free state. We do not really need any new laws…

      [And the last two questions which you asked are related to the hype about him being Prime Minister…
      Did he EVER in ANY interview or speech say that he wants to become PM???
      Why are you even asking these questions, that too when the article is just talking about his personality and got nothing to do with his PM candidature???
      However, let us assume that he becomes PM for the time being…]

      He gave a corruption free Gujarat (atleast the least corrupted state in India)within 10 years. Who else can you expect to give corruption free India..??? The Italian Waitress, Amul Baby or MaunMohan???

      And did he keep all his ministries with himself and act like Hitler in Gujarat??? Why would he do that in Centre???

      • Bharat Dangi

        My party Aam Admi Party can give you corruption free India. Leave these fake people like Modi behind and try to make better India.

        • Yeah by letting people decide the price of commodities rather then the natural market?
          Perfect communist soup for disaster!

          • MB

            Or letting the companies charge as much as they want, specially for necessities. I dont mind the free market can charge me what they want for phones, cars etc. But for water and electricity? If tomorrow the govt decided to charge you a couple of hundred bucks for electricity per hour, what would you do, switch off all lights and take sanyas? Or at least follow a policy, you have no idea how these prices are decided today, if you believe India is a free market

        • LakshmanPST

          LOL… Aam Aadmi Party??? Seriously??? One guy in your party supports Terrorists and blames Intelligence Bureau for arresting them… Other guy wants to give away Kashmir to Pakistan…
          And talking about Krazywal… I have a suggestion for you… Go and read a bit about the funding sources of his NGO… You will understand why he selectively targets specific politicians and movements… He is Church-funded agent…

          Modi is the ONLY original person currently who can give any hope to this country…

    • Please read what Madhu Kishwar has to say about Modi and Muslims…you will be surprised.

  • R.M

    Raj dharma Speech of Atal Bihari Vajpayee which is misrepresented all the time.

    • Bharat Dangi

      See how cheap Modi looks in this. Vajpayee telling him some great things and he is smiling like an idiot and saying ‘sab hum bhi to wahi kar rahe hai’.

      • Yogesh Jain

        Atal Behari is not a dumbo to agree without it being truth. Why u r going on face? That way Barkha, Rajdeep, etc. should definitely be consigned to other world.

  • Kaaka Halwaai

    Brilliant. You have articulated in one article what pundits have not been able to do in many years. Kudos.

  • RVenkatanarayanan

    This is perhaps the most persuasive essay I have read on what Narendra Modi has stoically faced over the years and how the a pack of Hindu and Modi haters in India and abroad have spent enormous energy to discredit him both in the eye of the Indian and the foreigner. One may not agree with all that the eloquent and sincere essayist says in his article. But how can any educated person who is not a bigot refuse to allow an opportunity to interrogate Modi and know his side of the story and know his mind? In what way the horrible affliction going by different names such as Teesta Setalvad or Arundhati Roy in India and Angana Chatterjee etc in the US, is different from the Islamic fanatic who considers that the only way to deal with those who differ from him is to butcher him? A thing that strikes me as a very welcome feature in Narendra Modi is his courage of conscience and conviction and action-orientation, qualities that are so direly needed in the political and administrative leadership of India for some decades now.

  • Very well written

  • Online, i must say, Modi is a Hit , oh sorry a block buster instead, offline these days Modi brings TRP,s for English Media,so he is visible on TV too much off late But .How long this “Campaign” sustains and could be converted in to a solid Vote base i have to see it.Because pragmatically BJP with or without Modi would not be able to win over 160-180 seats, and we need minimum 272 .Given a miracle, since anything is possible in Indian Politics ,Modi would be a PM of some kind of collision arrangement ,how long he would be able to deliver his Gujarat Model where he virtually has a free hand in taking or executing his “Gujarat Development model “…..There is no doubt that these days Modi is a darling of urban middle class ,mainly English speaking/knowing, but India is 75% rural and how Modi,s gospel would be bought by village folks that will decide the destiny of 2014 .As of now ,for me , Modi moment has not arrived .He has to wait like his mentor good old Mr. Advani.I hope unlike Mr. Advani, Modi.,s wait does not become eternal 🙂

  • rajesh

    Taking a phrase from Rajiv Malhotra’s Book, Being Different

    “Reversing the Gaze”

    To all those Pseudos and PaidMedia, who keep on asking questions to Modi. Llets ask the same question to NehruGandhi Dynasty. Then see their answers.

  • LakshmanPST

    This is what Sandeepweb once wrote in one of his articles… One of the best lines I have ever read…

    “Gujarati middle class Hindus are prosperous because—and apart from their entrepreneurial spirit—they have steadfastly adhered to millennia-old Hindu values of thrift, hard work, strong family ties, trust, a sense of community as a binding force, and religious traditions that help constantly reinforce these values. Thus, no matter what government ruled Gujarat after Independence, Gujaratis as a class of people thrived not just in India but wherever they went in the world. This success was despite the successive Congress governments who sought to and split Gujarati society along caste and communal lines. However, what Narendra Modi did was to tap into these values, articulate them forcefully, and to make Gujaratis realize that these were things meant to be proud of. His articulation was caste and community neutral—when was the last time you heard Narendra Modi seek electoral mandate on caste lines?Modi supporters across the nation—and across the world—support him not because he belongs to X or Y caste in Gujarat. His articulation didn’t remain merely on paper or on the dais: they emerged in the form of a complete, positive transformation of the face of Gujarat in pretty much every sphere of human activity.”


  • Beautifully structured and written! Such a pleasure to read…thank you!
    Opposition to Narendra Modi is the done thing with the blanket weavers…unfortunately they influence a section of the society that is lazy to seek for themselves. And then there are those who think they know everything better…they are at the other end of the spectrum…they seek so much information that they see holes in everything. I heard at my village that everyone around had heard of Modi and his work and they wanted him to influence their representatives. At least the rural folk in some areas can discern a genuine leader. It is the so-called urban, educated, Indian that defiantly looks the other way. If the likes of Naina can be convinced, it would help them understand our country better. If not, then, unfortunately, it is more their loss than Modi’s! And so, what of India? Well, Bharat will get what she deserves…are we up to it?

  • shaktifabian

    finally a doer in the public domain narendra modi is one of the few people in todays public life who has a clear vision and road map to a bright and prosperous india unlike 3rd rate casteist like nitesh kumar who only know how to appease some castes and communities for their vested interest only the pseudo english channels and some newspapers and of course swaminathan aiyer are impressed by nitees kumar the rest of us are unable to comprehend his ever invisible development the poor miserable biharis are still pouring out of bihar in search of employement in front of lalloo,s sewage water nitesh,s pond may appear clean thatis not saying much

  • raj

    Please read this article of Madhu Purnima. This is long story of 9 pages. True inside story of Muslim leaders, who once big big opponent of Narendra Modi and file suit in International court of justice, and now big fan and supporter of Narendra Modi after learning fact about him. I bet, any Modi opponent will change after reading this story. Must read!!!

  • Ram

    In the biography of Narandra Modi It mentioned that he made a pilgrimage to Kailash and Manasasrover. Some one please give the date when he made this trip.From the biography it appears that he undertook this trip in the 70s . This is not possible as pilgrimage to kailash was stopped by the Chinese in 1962 and was opened only in 1981.

    • satyamsh

      Modi has already mentioned in a January 2012 speech that he undertook the Kailash-Mansarovar yatra when it started in the early 1980s. Please at least google before embarrassing yourself on public forums.

  • DAS

    Brilliantly written, incisve & without ideological distortions. Very refreshing read. Please keep it up Milind! We really need clutter breaking thinkers like you who can see clearly and accurately interpret the organized war of the self seeking and self appointed “Blanket” brigade paralyzing India’s growth. I hope “blanket” becomes their own nemesis! Best of luck to you

  • Milind Great Article.

    But you forgot to add one point which is that It was the Congress Workers who burnt the Godhra Train.

    Here are names of those Congress Workers:

    Mehmud Hussain Kalota – Congress District Minority Cell

    Salim Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh – Panchmahal Youth Congress

    Farroukh Bhana – Secretary of District Congress Committee

    Haji Bilal, Abdul Rehman Abdul Majid Ghantia – Congress Worker

    Congress has deliberately targeted Modi because He simply don’t bend into their ideology.

    Congress is the most communal mindset party in the history of India.

    Right from 1947 there has been numerous riots but they have buried it by propagating and spreading fake rumors about 2002 riots.

    Do like it if you think Congress needs to be thrown out of this country to have a Peaceful and Prosperous Nation

    • Ratan

      Congress will sink if they project that joker Rahul Ganhdi as their PM Candidate.

      Congress is always about Muslim appeasement only and leave the rest of the minorities as they are dancing on Money coming from Saudi Arabia.
      People needs to open their eyes and kick congress in next election

  • ram

    can ant one give the date of Shri Modi’s pilgrimage to Kailash

    • satyamsh

      Modi has already mentioned in a January 2012 speech that he undertook the Kailash-Mansarovar yatra when it started in the early 1980s. Please at least google before asking trivial questions on public forums.

  • Borrowed intellect

    Brilliant article, beautifully written. Author manages to convey the thoughts by presenting facts that are well researched rather than trying to merely push an ideology down one’s throat. I think he connects well with the mind of a thinking Indian , NRI or otherwise.

  • Thanks for a great analysis, something journalists seem to be incapable of. You’ve just exhibited why a scientific mind is a superior mind.

  • Thank You, NL, for carrying this piece.

    My thinking changed after reading Rajiv Malhotra too. I think all Indians must read that book. “Being different”

  • TMM

    Please invite NaMo and let him explain why :

    The Human Development Index for Gujarat, in 2008, was 0.527, and it is ranked only 10th among the major states.

    How come in the period 2001-2010, Gujarat averaged a growth of 8.68 per cent, ranks it well below Uttarakhand (11.81 per cent) and Haryana (8.95 per cent). In fact, the change in the rate of growth from the pre-Modi era to the Modi era was merely 8.01 per cent to 8.68 per cent, when, during this period, the change in rate of growth in Bihar and Odisha was 4.32 per cent and 4.71 per cent, respectively.

    During 2001-04, industrial growth for Gujarat was 3.95 per cent, rising to a more creditable 12.65 per cent between 2005-9. During these two periods, industrial growth for Odisha was 6.4 per cent and 17.65 per cent; 8.10 per cent and 13.3 per cent for Chhattisgarh; and 18.84 per cent and 11.63 per cent in Uttarakhand.

    During 2006-10, Gujarat signed MoUs worth Rs 5.35 lakh crore, supposedly with a potential for 6.47 lakh new jobs. However, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu with MoUs promising investments of Rs 4.20 lakh crore and Rs 1.63 lakh crore, respectively, and promising about 8.63 lakh and 13.09 lakh jobs each, are well ahead of Gujarat in terms of promised job creation.

    In the reduction of poverty, Gujarat has achieved a decline of 65.87 per cent since 1977, which, while commendable, only places it sixth, well below Goa, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Even now, after so much of “good
    governance” particularly under Keshubhai Patel, Suresh Mehta and Modi as chief ministers, Gujarat still has 14.07 per cent living below the poverty line placing it only fourth from the top!

    While Gujarat has the highest per capita spending on roads and irrigation, it ranks only sixth in per capita spending on health and education. The consequences of such priorities can be seen in the Human Development Indices.

    In terms of reduction of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), Gujarat has achieved a reduction of 17.94 per cent, which is 11th in terms of rank, leaving it with an IMR of 64 which places it seventh. Gujarat doesn’t do too well in terms of life expectancy with the average longevity being 62.15 years, which puts it in eighth place, below even Bihar’s 62.85 years.

    • karamchand

      You are carrying on the paid media’s tradition of lying and spinning. Others should take a look at the method behind the above poster’s hitjob on Gujarat:

    • Gujrat seems to be among the top 5-6 states in almost all the rankings you have listed.
      I am sure it is going to be higher in some other (like being #1 in private industrial investments, milk procurement, agricultural growth).

  • Wow! What an article! Thanks Milind.

  • indianrj

    Very well said Mr. Mishra. Narendra Modi is a true Bharatiya, thinks above religion, caste and everything else. He has given a new definition of Secularism but so called pseudo-secularists are continuously throwing venom through their big mouths, fearing to get isolated if Modi comes to power. The more these people try to round him, the more they make fun of themselves. A very important thing has to made cleared. In TV debates, some political opportunists keep crying “secularist-secularist”. The anchor must make clear the difference between secularism and opportunism.

  • marakazhutha

    The reason why these people are scared of Modi is that Modi is the “no-nonsense” man who has the greatest leadership trait in our country now. Modi works in view the long term goal of “what this step I take can lead to a better India”. He is in-corruptible as even wikileaks cable data has proven that. All other politicians are still stuck in the thoughts of “mera kya” and later “mujhe kya”.

  • Dr. Rajendra L. Banerjee

    Thank you very much, dear author, for your candid presentation of facts about Narendra Modi. But I am afraid all of it will fall on deaf ears. Today in India, independent logical thinking is a very rare commodity. The perpetual circulation of falsehood and misrepresentation of facts by Indian media and a distorted interpretation of the term “secularism” is so omni present that the people has lost the power of logical thinking. This is most pronounced in our Bengali intellectual society. There were always a large section of Bengali intellectuals whose independent logical thinking was next to none. 34 years of misrule by leftists of Bengal has almost killed that instinctive quest for truth Bengalies has almost been destroyed.

  • johnywalker

    Good one….Excellent article!!!!

  • shashank

    For all the talk about examining differences, the article appears written by a fan rather than an objective analysis of Shri Narendra Modi. I find the author has not bothered to discuss or examine any of the claims of complicity by Mr. Modi’s administration in the riots and what that shows/means for his leadership, there was no mention of his personal conduct or his personal life especially regarding his wife or the way he runs his administration as a one man show in a democratic setup or the corporates like adanis who seem to be too close to him.

    Anyways, the article/letter was quite entertaining in its projected objectivity while over shadowed by bias. I have nothing against Mr.Modi, he has been cleared by the SIT , gujaratis want him as their CM and he has many fans in the indian middle class , by all accounts he is highly influential and must surely possess a strong personality.

  • Srikanth G N

    YOu could discuss Modi playing with crocodiles in the river but
    you failed to discuss how he grew attending those RSS meetings 🙂

    • jj

      If you are unable to see beyond your contrived view of the RSS, you should probably go to a shakha… may be even join one…

    • ThinkFreer

      What’s wrong with going in RSS? As far as I’ve seen, they mostly do social work. Even though BJP is derived from them, RSS just plays it’s ideological role and stays away from direct politics. Just like the Indian community made up of a vast variety, RSS has had many associates and branches. They don’t necessarily agree with each other on every matter.

  • Vivek

    Excellent write up. The best write up on Narendra Modi ji I have ever come across. Being truthful, courageous, transparent and compassionate is Modi. He is not an ordinary person. He is the one who can take the pessimistic India into a soulful development. Without forgetting real values of truth, compassion and honesty. Let him roar. Let us roar with him. Let us together build our Bharath into Sresht Bharath which it once was. At the same time, we all have to know that now the tactics of the Blankets will be shedding crocodile tears for Modi or as if they support him and indirectly lead people into false allegations. I have seen Sheela Bhatt of rediff supporting Modi ji’s efforts in Uttarakhand strategy. Let us roar as we are truthful, genuine, honest, kind and transparent.

  • Deepak

    truly !! People like Naina really need to open come out of their ignorant thinking capped up by the italian daughter and her cronies and her chamchas.
    Modi is one strong individual whose leadership has yielded results. a leader before leading has to be a strong individual and NaMo has done both extraordinarily.
    # Congress was behind the babri masjid demolition ,it was congress govt power in centre.
    # Congress lives only in the past, not the present. It still lives in 2002 i guess. Though Modi was proved innocent he is being targetted again and again
    # Thirdly the youth have to realize the truth, they are falsely being influenced by the congress and sonia behenji
    They call modi communal without even knowing him or what the word means. A man who has so much of appeal and acceptance among the minorities in Gujarat, how can he be polarized or communal
    Grow up Modi haters. Come up with some points that sensible people would accept

    Still if Modi doesnt win 2014 LS, i conclude that people of India are not yet ready for development and that they are the most ignorant in the world who dont know the difference between a leader, and a guy who has just come out of his family name ( Precisely he is called Rahul Baba!! Baba indeed.. )

  • Vish

    Yes. Let us stand up for truth and roar. When Lion looks into the mirror and finds that it was Lion and not and till now the sheeps were cunningly ruling everything will shine.

    Subramaniam Swamy’s appeal in Delhi court regarding The Hindu Editor

    Lets stand and affirm. Let us march ahead with truth. Modi is brave, truthful, honest. He is doing a great service as a CM (Chief Minister) now. He did great service to the nation as CM before (Common Man). the position and titles may change. Within our capacity we can change. Let us all do what we can do for the society, for the nation, for Modi. We do it because Modi stands for truth, courage and kindness.

    Let us do it. The whole world will benefit. Our Sanatan Dharma is the real secularism. We were taught to ignore it. We were taught by so called rulers and powerful media to disrespect it. We were made to think that it is anti-developmental. Mis-interpretations of scriptures and our values gained attention. For others the wrong understanding of destiny led to becoming lazy.

    Let us do it. Let us bring up many Modis. As Modi said, it is the development of institutions and systems that have to be corrected and built. One person or other doesn’t matter.

    We know, however, one person, a brave leader, is required to change the ugly system into a dynamic people oriented one. To build the proper institution leadership is essential. Modi is the hope. Modi is the opportunity. Modification is what Bharat Mata is yearning for. We son of Bharat can work hand in hand to maker her proud.

  • Kashinath Vaishampayan

    Thanks a Zillion Milind. This is an excellent piece of sensible analytical writing that nails the grave ills caused by The Blanket and Blanket Weavers. I also appreciate your coinage – slyïve that effortlessly combines sly & naïve to great effect. Keep up the good work please.

  • madhukar nikam

    persuasive and sensibly put !

  • Ryan

    True patriots, please stop watching NDTV, CNN-IBN, IBN7 not becuase they are anti modi/bjp and sell out to congress, but in a democracy such horrible partial media is not acceptable, they brainwash you, influance your decision. Media can not be parital to any political party their job is to report truth, This is very dangerous scenario it’s treason. most of them are owned by congress or foregen investor. Please stop watching them if you love your country, if you stop watching them they will be vanished.

    • Namopm

      Spoken like shree swamy39 of twitter frame… what a twit

  • krishna v. shukla

    For people on this forum baiting AAP in the cross-fire, do remember AAP in its 1 year of existence has done more damage to credibility and image of congress than BJP in its entire lifetime, even if you excuse the number of time BJP is found hand in hand with Congress on issues like Janlokpal, RTI on political parties, and criminals in Parliament. These are principles where AAP would never compromise, whereas for other parties these are avoidable issues.

    • krishna v. shukla

      Additionally i dont think these things changing with Narendra Modi’s leadership, as is evident from his track record of transparency in Gujarat.

      • Namopm

        Government is shrouded in transparency in gujarat… you know what i mean

  • Anjali

    Nice read…that’s your mail I’d, really!

  • Ravikiran Kallimath
  • Confused

    I have immense respect for NL and by posting for and against aritcles about Namo in 2 days you lived up to the standards. Both the articles provided compelling arguments for and against Modi. After reading both, I am more willing to believe the Modi bashers than Modi supporters.
    Thanks again for helping us understand our choices.

  • DuracellBunny

    I have no idea how this ended up on my facebook wall today, but I’m glad. This easily has to be one of the most logical article that calls for an open discussion on the problem that India has become.

  • RajeevS

    I don’t have patience to go thru this blog but to me it looks like a infomercial. I also like Modi but I don’t want to worship him. This mai-baap culture has to go after 67 years.

  • vikas kukreja

    This is one of the best article I have ever read on Narendra Modi. Milind, you have so precisely described why narendra modi is different so categorically. To discover Narendra Modi, its important to understand ourselves, what we lack and why we hate him precisely for having all those attributes. This Blanket Weavers have used all their might against him but have not and will never be able to defeat him precisely for the qualities he has. This article has a lot to learn from, how to read everything from an open mind and acknowledge positive attributes of this genius. A bow to you bro!

  • Asoka

    Since Dr. Milind has been in the USA for over 20 years, how much does he know about the India, a motherland that he ran away from ?? Since he has done research onnails,opposoms,fish etc it might have been better if he had talked about them instead of Modi–unless he thinks the latter has some connection with his subject of research..

  • Mayur Panghaal

    The truth

  • Extensive and well informed write up on Mr Modi. It reveals different facets of his personality. What I like most in this election is that someone is coming on the basis of merit and competence unlike dynastry or temple. It reminds of the election of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri 50 years back-